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Volume 11, 05-Special Issue

Compressive and Tensile Strength Studies on E-Waste Cement Concrete with Silica Fume

P.Sudhakar,Vaishali G Ghorpade,H.Sudarsana Rao

Pages: 1722-1730

Ecological and Biological Features of Quickbeam (Sorbus Aucuparia L.) in the Context of an Urbanized Environment

Raya Salikhovna Zaripova,Mileyusha Hasanovna Ahmetova,Petr Anatolyevich Kuzmin

Pages: 1731-1734

Solar Powered Products with Cultural References in the Design Language

Dr. Tarek Ismail Mohamed, Andreas Sicklinger

Pages: 1735-1743

Syllable Identification for Hindi Language Speech Synthesis

DamodarMagdum,Dr. Maloji Suman,Tejaswini Patil

Pages: 1744-1748

International Education: Interplay of Global Strategy and Sustainable Development

Eureeka,Haishang Wu

Pages: 1749-1756

Grapheme to Phoneme Conversion Rules for Hindi

Tejaswini Patil,DamodarMagdum,Dr. Maloji Suman

Pages: 1757-1761

Physico-Chemical Characterization, Structuration and Morphology of Photo-Active Heterojunction (P3ht-Pcbm) Used in Organic Photovoltaic Cells

S.Hamham,Y. Naimi

Pages: 1762-1771

Cloud-Based Remote Healthcare System Environment

Biswajit Nayak,Sanjay Kumar Padhi,Prasant Kumar Pattnaik

Pages: 1772-1780

Alternative Modeling of Surrender Risk in Life Insurance Using the Fuzzy Logic

Karima Lamsaddak,Driss Mentagui

Pages: 1781-1791

An Empirical Study Among Customers and Employees on Green Banking Practices in India

Sruthi Sankaran,Namita Rajput

Pages: 1792-1807

Importance of Training on Emergency Management in the New Generation Retail Outlets of Kerala

R. Roshan,D. Kinslin

Pages: 1808-1814

Impact of High Vocational Education Revitalizationon the Quality of Information Technology

Gunawan Budi Santoso,Akhmad Nuriyanis,Sri Tutie Rahayu,Yayat Ruhiat

Pages: 1815-1820

Analysis of Self-Acceptance andInterpersonal Competency in Maritime Students

NuritaWidianti,Sri TutieRahayu,Gunawan Budi Santoso,YayatRuhiyat

Pages: 1821-1826

An Enhanced Approach to detect Alzheimer Disease in patients based on Spectral Domain Optical Coherence Tomography

P. S. Ramesh,S. Arivalagan,P. Sudhakar

Pages: 1827-1836

City Parks for Future Generation: Millennial References for Visiting City Parks

Zuber Angkasa,Iskandarr

Pages: 1837-1848

Design of Community-Based Regional Language Dictionary Platforms in Indonesia with the Autocomplete Method

AditiyaHermawan,Yusuf Kurnia,Riki,Benny Daniawan,Linda Septarina

Pages: 1849-1857

Development of Stemming Algorithm for Rejang Language Stemmer Based on Rejang Language Morphology

SastyaHendri Wibowo,BusonoSoerowirdjo,Ernastuti,AvinantaTariga

Pages: 1858-1870

Dijkstra Algorithm Application to Determine the Evacuation Routes Simulation Earthquake and Tsunami in the CityBengkulu Based on GIS

YuliaDarmi,BusonoSoerowirdjo,EryPrasetyo Wibowo,Ernastuti

Pages: 1871-1887

How to Build Digital Library in University

AndriWinata,Zuriana,Herlina,KetutArtaye,Mardiana,KurniaMuludi,Anuar Sanusi

Pages: 1888-1897

Improving Capacity Thermoelectric Generator Using Current Booster Circuit

CekmasCekdin,Zainuddin Nawawi,Muhammad Faizal

Pages: 1898-1902

To Locate the Precise Programming Cost Estimation Utilizing Differential Assessment Calculation


Pages: 1903-1910

Identifying and Constructing an Indoor Location-Based Service Platform

P Phanindra Kumar Reddy,R.P.Singh,

Pages: 1911-1915

City Population as a Subject of Urban Ecosystem’s Development

Alina Vladimirovna Makhiyanova,Olga LvovnaPanchenko,Elmira ShamselbayanovnaAkhmetova,DaniyaKalimullovnaShigapova,DaniiarFagimovichSadretdinov,

Pages: 1916-1923

Trends of the Scientific Research for Postgraduate Students at the IslamicUniversity of Gaza

Dawoud D. Helles,Dr. Mahmoud O. Jalambo

Pages: 1924-1935

Impact of Digital Marketing in Tourism in Oman

Roland Getaruelas

Pages: 1936-1945

Dynamics of Organizational Change: Determination of The Interest of Maritime Education Power

Sri TutieRahayu,NuritaWidianti,ArioHendartono,YayatRuhiat

Pages: 1946-1949

Teachers’ Perceptions About the ICT Role in History Teaching and Learning

Bahtije Gerbeshi Zylfiu,Myrvete Dreshaj-Baliu

Pages: 1950-1957

Antecedents of Post Purchase Consumer Dissatisfaction in Household White Goods

Vikas Uppal,Amit Mittal

Pages: 1958-1966

Wind and Seismic Analysis of High Rise Building with and Without Steel Jacks Using SAP 2000

Tumpera SivaRam,Vaishali G Ghorpade,H.Sudarsana Rao

Pages: 1967-1977

Import Safety of the Russian Insurance Market in the Fuel and Energy Sector Risk Insurance Segment

Denis GrigorevichPerepelitsa,Irina Petrovna Khominich,Natalia FedorovnaChelukhina,Oksana Vladimirovna Savvina,Elmira AhmetshaevnaAsyaeva

Pages: 1978-1986