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Volume 11, 05-Special Issue

A Taxonomy of Frustration Factors in UXD Practice: Experiences from a UXD Community of Practice

Azham Hussain,Emmanuel O.C. Mkpojiogu,Idyawati Hussein

Pages: 1479-1486

An Industry Based Examination of a UX Community of Practice using On-Site Interviews: Profile, Knowledge, Practice, Motivations and Constraints

Emmanuel O.C. Mkpojiogu,Idyawati Hussein,Azham Hussain

Pages: 1487-1495

A Focus Group Assessment of Participants’ UX Knowledge and their Motivations for Participating in a UXD Community of Practice

Idyawati Hussein,Emmanuel O.C. Mkpojiogu,Azham Hussain,

Pages: 1496-1499

UXD Community of Practice: An Interventionist Participatory Action Research Bridging the Gap between Industry and Academics

Azham Hussain,Emmanuel O.C. Mkpojiogu,Idyawati Hussein

Pages: 1500-1505

Social Media as a Tool for Extending Academic Teaching & Learning or Influence of Social Media in Students Academic Performance

Neha Malik,Dr. Gyandendra Nath Tiwari

Pages: 1506-1511

Extolling Native Traditions and Contextualizing Environmental Politics in Buchi Emecheta’s Works

A. Karthika Unnithan,Dr. M.G. Priya

Pages: 1512-1519

Predicting Cyber Crime Patterns using Knowledge Based System and Data Mining Techniques

K.Chitra Lekha,S. Prakasam

Pages: 1520-1529

Performance Assessment of Fuzzy-Two Degree of Freedom-PID Controller Tuned with Grasshopper Optimization Algorithm for AGC Incorporating Non-Conventional Sources

Debasis Tripathy,N. B. Dev Choudhury,Binod Kumar Sahu

Pages: 1530-1542

Improving the Efficiency of Attracting Foreign Investment and International Borrowing

Abdurakhmanov Kalandar Khodzhaevich,Abdullaeva Shahlo Rustamovna,Zokirova Nodira Kalandarovna,Abdurakhmanov Olim Kalandarovich,Aliyev Ulugbek Mannonovich

Pages: 1543-1554

Homomorphic Encryption Techniques for Securing Data in Cloud Computing using Block Level

Aishwarya V. Patil,Sandeep B. Vanjale

Pages: 1555-1560

Improving Efficiency of Test Case Prioritization Approach with Rate of Fault Detection

Amruta Magdum,S. D. Joshi,A. K. Kadam,Aditya Sarda

Pages: 1561-1565

Efficient Algorithm TKO with TKU for Mining Top- K Item Set

Ashwini Kurhade,J. Naveenkumar,A. K. Kadam

Pages: 1566-1570

Novel Approach for Efficient Choice of Test Case Prioritization Technique

Pritee Hulule,S. D Joshi,A. K. Kadam,Aditya Sarda

Pages: 1571-1574

IOT Based Healthcare System for Data Security in Cloud

Snehal G. Mohite,S. H. Patil

Pages: 1575-1579

Psychological Disorder Recognition from Social Network Data using Machine Learning

Amar K. Jagdale,S.B.Vanjale

Pages: 1580-1585

Image Privacy Protection with Hidden Copyright using Steganography Homomorphic Encryption and CBIR on Cloud

Swapnali R. Pawar,D.M.Thakore

Pages: 1586-1596

Identification of Barriers for Quality Management Implementation in Automotive Sector

Nilmani Sahu,K Sridhar,Dinesh Dubey

Pages: 1597-1604

Health and Safety Management Practices in High-rise Building Projects in Pakistan – A Systematic Literature Review

Fahad Ali Gul,Mohd Suhaimi Mohd Danuri,Othman Mohamed,Mohd Nasrun Mohd Nawi

Pages: 1605-1627

Entrepreneurial Orientation and Educational Levels in Malaysian Indian Ethnic Entrepreneurs

Selvan Perumal,Abdul Rahim Othman,Mathivannan Jaganathan

Pages: 1628-1633

Competency Mapping – A Tool to measure Employee Performance for Gen – Y

Kamjula Neelima,Koppula Narendar

Pages: 1634-1639

Citation based Review of Related Literature on Asset Pricing Models and Time-Varying Beta

Divya Verma,Deeksha Arora

Pages: 1640-1650

Hindi Grammar Checker Using Pattern Matching Approach

Misha Mittal,Sanjeev Kumar Sharma,Ashwani sethi

Pages: 1651-1655

Breast Cancer Analysis using Distributed Incremental Closeness Factor Algorithm (HDInsight4CFBA) with Microsoft Azure HDInsight Clusters

Rahul Raghvendra Joshi,Dr. Preeti Mulay, Muskaan Manocha, Kush Dhannawat, Rachel Mendes

Pages: 1656-1665

Test Data Compression Techniques - A Survey

S.Anandhi,R.Neela,M.Janaki Rani

Pages: 1666-1679

To locate the precise programming cost estimation utilizing Differential Assessment calculation

Shaik.AleemBasha, Dr.R.P.Singh

Pages: 1680-1685

Identifying and Constructing an Indoor Location-Based Service Platform

P.Phanindra Kumar Reddy, R.P.Singh

Pages: 1686-1692

Mathematical Model of a Competitive Species Pair of Semi-Monod Type and Its Stability Analysis

G. Anusha,C. Balarama Krishna,S. Vishwa Prasad Rao

Pages: 1693-1698

Significance and Challenges of Non- Motorized Transport (NMT) Modes (Rickshaws) in Passenger Transportation in Kolkata City

Anushil Tiwari,Dr. Rashmi Sharma,Dr. S. K. Roy

Pages: 1699-1707

To Physical Statement of aControllability Problem

Nail TalgatovichValishin

Pages: 1708-1713

Recreating the Self: The Vision of Existentialism in Arun Joshi and Sudha Murty’s Novels

K. A. Vilasini,Dr. X. John Paul

Pages: 1714-1721