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Volume 11, 05-Special Issue

Analysis of Job Satisfaction Dimensions among Librarians in Surabaya City

Koko Srimulyo,Revianti Megananda

Pages: 1270-1275

Intellectual Capital, Financial Performance, and Value of Company

Muhammad Madyan, Hudan Raushan Fikir

Pages: 1276-1284

Institutional Ownership and January Effect

Muhammad Madyan,Allan Rizky Arianto,

Pages: 1285-1292

Intellectual Capital Disclosure Level and Industry-Adjusted Earnings-Price Ratio of Indonesian Public Companies

Muhammad Madyan,Dinnar Novianty Dwi

Pages: 1293-1301

Complete Family and Teenager’s Well-Being

Nurul Hartini

Pages: 1302-1307

Good Characters Learning among Children Aged between Three Years and Six Years Old based on Clean and Healthy Life Behavior

Nurul Hartini

Pages: 1308-1312

Analysis of Quality Dimension of E-Theses Repository Services Toward Electronic User Satisfaction: Explanative Study of E-Servqual Influence at Library Centre of UIN Maulana Malik Ibrahim Malang

Rahmatul Apriyanti,Koko Srimulyo

Pages: 1313-1320

The Effect of Ownership Structure on Corporate Social Responsibility Disclosure

Soegeng Soetedjo,Sabina Ananda Amu

Pages: 1321-1328

The Effect of Corporate Reputation Towards Firm’s Financial Performance: An Indonesia Perspective

Salsabiilaa Faadlilah Putri Herlambang,Mohammad Nasih

Pages: 1329-1334

Financing Problem Completion Based on Article 40 Jo Article 55 Law Number 21 of Year 2008 Concerning Sharia Banking

Abd. Shomad,Sudirman

Pages: 1335-1340

Stress Acculturation of Indonesian Workers in terms of Self-Esteem and Coping Strategy

Nurul Hartini,Trisha Safira,

Pages: 1341-1345

Influence of Proprietary Cost, Agency Cost and Financing Incentive Toward Differences of Earning Growth Segment (Empirical Study on State Owned Enterprises Listed on Indonesia Stock Exchange between 2009 and 2015)

Iswajuni,Yadi Arudiskara

Pages: 1346-1351

Analysis of the Content of Cadmium (Cd) in seawater, E. Acoroides Seagrass and Mullet Fish in Ambon Bay

Razia Latuconsina,Anwar Daud,Ruslan

Pages: 1352-1357

Identification of Intestinal Nematode Eggs on Basil and Cucumber at Lalapan Food Seller, UNHAS Workshop

Fairuzy Bahar,Makmur Selomo,Erniwati Ibrahim

Pages: 1358-1362

Behavior using the Personal Protective Equipment of the Craftsmen of Mandar Teak Furniture in East Banggae Sub-District Majene Regency

Bambang,Ridwan M. Thaha,Syamsiar S Russeng

Pages: 1363-1367

Analysis of Chlorpyrifos Residues in Green Mustards with and without Washing and Cooking in Jenetallasa Village, Renbia District, Jeneponto Regency 2017

Adheliah Rezky Ananda S,Hasnawati Amqam,Muh.Fajaruddin Natsir

Pages: 1368-1371

Relationship between Work Characteristics and Light Intensity toward Visual Fatigue among Tailors in Informal Sector at KelurahanSudiang, Makassar City

Muhammad Sabri,Muhammad Furqaan Naiem,Awaludddin

Pages: 1372-1377

Analysis of Chlorpyrifos Residues in Tomatoes with and without Washing in Jenetallasa Village, Rumbia District, Jeneponto District

Putri Resky Novianti,Ruslan,Hasnawati Amqam

Pages: 1378-1381

Noble Values Practice among Primary School Pupils based on Demographic Factors

Mohamad Khairi Haji Othman,Asmawati Suhid,Mohd. Zailani Mohd Yusoff,Mohd Nasrun Mohd Nawi

Pages: 1382-1389

Elements in Developing the Psychosocial Training Manual (PsyCoT-M) for Volunteers in Malaysia Context

Siti Rozaina Kamsani,Noor Azniza Ishak,Jamaludin Mustaffa,Nabisah Ibrahim

Pages: 1390-1396

Literature Review of Corporate Social Responsibility Disclosure

Khalik Pratama,Hasrita Lubis,Ikbar Pratama,SitiNur Fatihah Samsuddin,Arifa Pratami

Pages: 1397-1403

Identifying Safety Management System (SMS) Components in Aviation Industry: Key Initial Findings from Aviation Experts

Azlina Mohd Ali,Nor Aida Abdul Rahman,Bahtiar Mohamad,Md Fauzi Ahmad

Pages: 1404-1408

Perceived Training Needs of Science Teachers in Fostering HOTS among Lower Secondary Students in Peninsular Malaysia

NurulhudaAbd Rahman,Ong Eng Tek,Nor’ain Mohd Tajudin,Paramesvary a/p Perumal,Khuan Wai Bing

Pages: 1409-1419

Healthcare Information Exchange (HIE) Using Hyperledger Fabric Blockchain

A. Murugan,Tushar Chechare,B. Muriganantham,S. Ganesh Kumar,

Pages: 1420-1424

A Study of the Non-Performing Assets (NPA) of Banks under Prompt Corrective Action Framework in India


Pages: 1425-1436

Thermal Investigation of Paraffin Wax for Low-Temperature Application

V. Karthikeya,Chatchai Sirisamphanwong,Sukruedee Sukchai

Pages: 1437-1443

A Test Method for PV Modules Effected from Flooding on PV Power Plant in Thailand

N. Ketjoy,N. Sitthiphol,K. Sriprapha,C. Sirisamphanwong

Pages: 1444-1455

Development of Thermal Storage System Combined with Paraffin Pre-Heating Unit for Industrial Applications

Sukruedee Sukchai,Yodthong Mensin,Wikarn Wansungnern,S. M. Santhi Rekha,V. Karthikeyan

Pages: 1456-1463

Green Energy Generation from Heat Source using Seebeck Effect and Simulation using Proteus Software


Pages: 1464-1470

Review and Comparison of Principles, Guidelines, and Standards of Large-scale Distributed Grid based Photovoltaic Generation Systems

Rahul G. Suryavanshi,Irana Korachagaon

Pages: 1471-1478