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Volume 11, 05-Special Issue

Variance Feature Based Rice Diseases Prediction Model Using NARX Recurrent Network and KNN

Toran Verma,Sipi Dubey

Pages: 2253-2264

Analysis of Interacting Semi-elliptical Cracks in Plate and Thick Walled Cylinders for Linear Elastic and Elastic Plastic Regime Using FEM

Yugal Kishor Sahu,Dr. Shubrata Nagpal

Pages: 2265-2280

Reducing number of switches in multi level inverter using diode clamped & H-Bridge inverters

Dr. T V V Pavan Kumar,Mrs M Soujanya

Pages: 2281-2288

Image Compression Using Wavelet Transform and Orthogonal Matching Pursuit

Ch.gangadhar,Md. Habibulla

Pages: 2289-2292

Boosting of Urban Sound Classification using Preprocessing Techniques

Afshan Kaleem,Dr.I.Santi Prabha

Pages: 2293-2304

Innovating the Different Trends and aggregating the retweet count from the live Twitter Streams

J Jayakrishna, D.T.V. Dharmajee Rao

Pages: 2305-2313

The 3D Face Recognition Models with Advance Development Study for Various Concepts

K. Rajakumari and Dr.C. Nalini

Pages: 2314-2319

Fuzzy based Smart Greenhouse Hydroponic Control System Using IOT and Cloud Technology

S. Kannan and Dr.S. Thiru Nirai Senthil

Pages: 2320-2327

Comparative Analysis of Data Insecurity in Cloud

S. Gomathi Shakthi

Pages: 2328-2332

Weight Matrix-Based Representation of Sub-Optimum Disturbance Cancellation Filters For Passive Radars

*VenuDunde, Koteswara Rao NV

Pages: 2333-2345

A Novel Segmentation and Compression Scheme for Dynamic MRI Imaging

*Gireesh H R, Rangaiah

Pages: 2346-2355

Medical Image Compression And Region Of Interest Extraction Using Deep Learning Methods

B. P. Santosh Kumara, Dr. K. Venkata Ramanaiaha,

Pages: 2356-2367

Implementation of Novel Floating Point Adder for High Speed DSP Applications

Dr. R. Prakash Rao, B. Indira Priyadarshini, N.A.S. Keerthi, K. Praveen,

Pages: 2368-2373

Deep Learning Methods For Retinal Blood Vessel Extraction


Pages: 2374-2381

.NET-based Custom UI Component for the Improvement of the MES Software Development Efficiency

Sang-Hyock Park, Koo-Rack Park, Jae-Woong Kim, Dong-Hyun Kim

Pages: 2382-2389

A Case of School Teachers Training Program Using new ICT technologies Based on Gamification and DigilogTeaching-learning Methods

Yujin Jung , Namje Park

Pages: 2390-2396

A Device Control Method based on Worker's Device Usage History

Shin-Hyeong Choi , Hyung-JinMun

Pages: 2397-2402

A Study on Cyber Security Framework by Life Cycle for Safety System based on Information and Communication Technology

InkyungKim , Namje Park

Pages: 2403-2410

A Study on Intention to Use Block chain-based Securities Lending System - Focusing on parallel multiple mediating effects -

Byoung-Tae Kwon, Yen-yooYou, Seokkee Lee

Pages: 2411-2419

A study on multi-protocol conversion algorithm and edge gateway based on IIoT platform

Woo-Won Jeong, Min-Sung Kim

Pages: 2420-2425

A Study on Super Resolution Method using Encoder-Decoder with Residual Learning

DongWoo Lee , SangHun Lee , HyunHo Han

Pages: 2426-2433

A Study on the Correlation between Code Review and Computer Programming Interest

Jae-Yong Lee

Pages: 2434-2438

A Study on the Improvement Performance of Object Segmentation using Group Normalization method

GeunTaeKim, Yeonghun Lee,HyungHwa Ko,Kyounghak Lee

Pages: 2439-2445

A Study on the Need of Applying Smart City technological Elements in Urban Regeneration in Residential Areas

Ju-Sung Kim,Jong-Jin Kim, Cho Chang Shin

Pages: 2446-2456

Access Management Mechanism through Blockchain-based Role Based Access Control

Jinsu Kim , Namje Park

Pages: 2457-2463

An Analysis of Stress in Trees with a UAV Platform with Lightweight Multispectral Sensors


Pages: 2464-2470

An Integrated Control System for Crime PreventionUsing Image Pattern Analysis

ChangbaeNoh, WonshikNa

Pages: 2471-2476

Analysis of Data Encryption/Decryption Vulnerability in U-Healthcare Environment

Young-Jin Kang, Ki-Hwan Kim,Hoon Jae Lee,YoungSil Lee

Pages: 2478-2483

Analysis of Optimum Sites for CCTV Installation Using Spatial Information Data

Jeongwon Lee, Choong Ho Lee

Pages: 2484-2488