Volume 11, 04-Special Issue

Importance of Talent Management and Its Role in Employee Retention

Dr. Jyoti Munde

Pages: 2045-2048

Data Encryption Standard Algorithm Using Java Remote Method Invocation & OpenMP

Lakshay Nanda, Keshika Tank and V. Santhi

Pages: 2049-2056

Load Balancing Methodologies in Cloud Computing: A Systematic Review

Jaimeel Shah and Dr. Chirag Patel

Pages: 2057-2067

Current Taxonomy of Trust based Secure Routing in MANETs

Charu Wahi, Vandana Bhattacharjee and Shampa Chakraverty

Pages: 2068-2084

Design and Implementation of a Smart System for Multiple Applications

Madhu Jain and Shambhavi Misra

Pages: 2085-2094

Automatic Generation Control of Autonomous Hybrid Power System Using 2DOFPID Controller

V.S.R. Pavan Kumar. Neeli and Dr.U. Salma

Pages: 2095-2106

Drone Control Using EEG Signal

Revanth Chowdary Ganga, P. Vijayakumar, Pratyush Badrinath, Ankit Raj Singh and Mohit Singh

Pages: 2107-2113

An Exploratory Study of Factors Affecting Information Technology Adoption with Respect to Supply Chain Management in North India

Roshan Preet Kaur and Dr. Ankit Garg

Pages: 2114-2128

Prediction of Autism Spectrum Disorder Using Pheromone Updated Firefly Optimized Support Vector Machine

M. Premasundari and C. Yamini

Pages: 2129-2136

Redefining Business Management through Artificial Intelligence

Princy Agarwal

Pages: 2137-2140

IoT based Wireless Data Printing Using Raspberry Pi

Dr.P.A. Harsha Vardhini, M. Ravinder, P. Srikanth Reddy and M. Supraja

Pages: 2141-2145

A Study on Impact of National and Global Events on Performance of Indian Mutual Fund: Pre and Post Event Analysis

Sushil Kumar Gupta and Dr. Amit Kumar Sinha

Pages: 2146-2156

Science Education as Driving Transformations to Sustainable and Safe Future

Jipsy Chopra and Prof. Alka Muddgal

Pages: 2157-2161

Accounting Education for the Implementation of IFRS in India-An Empirical Study

Shivani Kampani and Prof. M.L. Vadera

Pages: 2162-2166

A Case Study of Supply Chain with Third Party Logistics and a Centralized Supply Chain for a Domestic Pump Supply Chain

T.V.S.R.K. Prasad, Kolla Srinivas and C. Srinivas

Pages: 2167-2172

Artificial Intelligence in Fashion Commerce: A Disruptive Advantage to Predict Customer Needs

Vaishali Raj and Richa Gupta

Pages: 2173-2179

A Comprehensive Survey of Deceitful Conclusion and Counteractive Action in Multimodal Datasets Utilizing Data Mining and Machine Learning

M. Arivukarasi and Dr.A. Antonidoss

Pages: 2180-2186

ACPT- An Intelligent Methodology for Disease Diagnosis

B. Buvaneswari and Dr.T. Kalpalatha Reddy

Pages: 2187-2194

Representation Cryptography for Grayscale Reflection Using Latin Square

Dr.A. Udhaya Kumar, Dr.A. Ambeth Raja and D. Karthik

Pages: 2195-2201

Agricultural Waste Biodiesel Potential and Physicochemical Properties in Extracted Seeds Oil

Asaad Abbas Khalaf, Shakinaz Desa and Syarul Nataqain Binti Baharum

Pages: 2202-2213

Diagnosis of Tuberculosis Using Legendre Moment Invariants

K. Durga Prasad and M.B.R. Murthy

Pages: 2219-2226

Need for the Acquisition of Soft Skills for Enhanced Leadership trough English Fantasy Literature in the Digital Era

Dr.V. Vijayalakshmi and Dr.S. Patchainayagi

Pages: 2255-2262

An Analytical Study on Banking Liquidity in India – Private and Public Sector Banks

Dr. Makarand Upadhyaya

Pages: 2275-2281

Relationship between Financial Engineering and Financial Performance in Iraq Commercial Banks

Iman Muayad Merie Al_Khero, Sharul Effendy Bin Janudin and Azam Abdelhakeem Khalid Ahmed

Pages: 2282-2290

Spirituality and Mindfulness: A Tool for Well-Being

D. Sangeetha and J. Reeves Wesley

Pages: 2291-2294

War as an Endorsement of Power: An Analysis of the Predicaments of Palestinians in Gaza Writes Back, Short Stories from Young Writers in Gaza, Palestine, by Refaat Alareer

Anna Roshni Jose and K. Devi

Pages: 2306-2310

Optimized Stack Automated Encoder for Tongue Diabetic Classification

E. Srividhya and Dr.A. Muthukumaravel

Pages: 2311-2320

Security Support for Iot Device Using Pentration Testing Tools

N. Kanya, N. Sharmila and S. Geetha

Pages: 2321-2326

Implementation of Moisture & Temperature Sensor in Green Farm Using Cloud Environment

Dr.T. Vimala, S. Samundeswari and J. Ann Roseela

Pages: 2327-2332

A Geography of Trauma: Trauma Theory Applied in Prafulla Roy’s “Father”

Reenu Roy and Dr.B. Meera

Pages: 2333-2338