Volume 11, 04-Special Issue

A Study on E-learning as an Aid to Develop Vocabulary of the Tertiary Level Learners

Dr.S.V. Karthiga

Pages: 1777-1780

A Novel Approach for Association Mining Based on Matrix Factorization and Deep Neural Network

Harvendra Kumar and Dr. Rakesh Kumar Yadav

Pages: 1781-1787

Stimulating the Adaption of Social Media Application for the Implementation of Green Library Technology for Environmental Sustainability: Aspects and Factors

Tengku Adil Tengku Izhar, Mohd Shamsul Mohd Shoid, Mohammad Fazli Baharuddin and Mazwani Ayu Mazlan

Pages: 1788-1794

Cultural and Societal Beliefs and Taboos in Saudi Arabia

Sawsan Alfaleh

Pages: 1795-1800

Acts of Direct Speech in Communication between Saudi Arabian Family

Sawsan Alfaleh

Pages: 1801-1807

Design and Realization of Autonomous Cars Using Deep Q Learning

Danish Ahmad Khan, Sameena Naaz and Farheen Siddiqui

Pages: 1808-1813

Allocation of Transmission Losses with the Optimal Place MENT of TCSC Using Grasshopper Optimization Algorithm in Deregulated Power System

P. Jyoshna and Dr.Ch. Chengaiah

Pages: 1814-1823

Influence of Advertising for Purchase of Online Products on Youth in India

Chetana Balakrishna Maddodi, Dasharathraj K Shetty, Balakrishna S Maddodi and Namesh Malarout

Pages: 1824-1833

Speech Enhancement using Discrete Wavelet Transform and Nonlocal Means Estimation

V. Sagar Reddy and Dr.K. Bikshalu

Pages: 1834-1840

Telecom Customer Churn Analysis

Megha T Rao, Ancie Nanditha Machado and C.B. Chandrakala

Pages: 1841-1847

Structural and Modal Analysis of Simulation System for Dynamic Optimization of Mechanical Structures

Arkadu. Vamsi Krishna and Dr. Yedula. Hariprasada Reddy

Pages: 1848-1852

Design of Sub-Array for UHF Spaced Antenna Wind Profiler Radar

Elluru Jayapal and S. Varadarajan

Pages: 1853-1859

Study of Behavior of Optimal Replacement Model for a Block of Air Conditioners Using Markov Chains Considering the Influence of Inflation

Y. Hariprasada Reddy and C. Nadhamuni Reddy

Pages: 1860-1871

Bidirectional DC-DC Converter for an On Board EV Battery Charger with V2H Application

Vibhav Khedekar, Dr. Laxman Rao S. Paragond and Prakash Kulkarni

Pages: 1872-1878

Design and Simulation of Single Phase Inverter for Standalone Active and Reactive Load

Vandana Muratti and Dr. Laxman Rao S. Paragond

Pages: 1879-1887

A Study of the Influence of Mental Strategies Adopted by the Pupils of Elementary Grades for Solving Arithmetic Operations on their Mathematics Achievement

Heena Dawar and Dr. Seema Agnihotri

Pages: 1888-1893

Anemia Screening in Pregnant Women by Using Vect Neighbour Classification Algorithm

M.D. Dithy and Dr.V. Krishna Priya

Pages: 1894-1905

Detection of Cumulonimbus Clouds Using Frequency and Spatial Methods on NOAA Data

B. Ravi Kumar and B. Anuradha

Pages: 1906-1911

Changing Media Ecology and Indian Social Media

Dr. Meenakshi and Ravia Gupta

Pages: 1912-1922

Energy Management of an Electric Vehicle by Hybrid Energy Storage System with Novel Control Strategy

Jiten K Chavda and Dr. Varsha A Shah

Pages: 1923-1943

Expenditure on Higher Education and Economic Growth in Haryana: A Granger Causality Analysis

Dr. Harsh Gandhar and Dr. Vandana Saini

Pages: 1944-1950

Women Entrepreneurs & Work Life Balance: Intrinsic Challenges of Family Support, Stress and Health

Dr. Priti Verma, Dr. Abhinav Chaturvedi and Dr. Nidhi Arora

Pages: 1951-1958

Heterogeneous Clastic Beach Sediments Behaviour - a Comparative Study of Kaup and Malpe Beach System: a Marine Environment of Udyavarariver Basin, West Coast of India

Balakrishna S Maddodi, H.N. Udayashankara and N. Niveditha

Pages: 1959-1969

Hindi Grammar Checker Using Pattern Matching Approach

Misha Mittal, Sanjeev Kumar Sharma and Ashwani Sethi

Pages: 1970-1975

Low Power Silicon-On-Insulator Heterojunction Tunneling Transistor Architectures Analysis at Device Level

B.V.V. Satyanarayana and M. Durga Prakash

Pages: 1976-1982

Experimental Studies of Adaptive Control to Stabilize the Automatic Unmanned Mini Quad Rotor Helicopter Position

Jalu A. Prakosa and Victor B. Vtorov

Pages: 1983-1994

The H-infinity Robust Control for Optimization on Low Water Flow Application

Jalu A. Prakosa and Anastasiia D. Stotckaia

Pages: 1995-2006

Performance and Comparative Analysis with Incremental Neurons of ANN Hidden Layer Model on Cancer Data Set

Dr.T. Pandu Ranga Vital, Dr. Gorti Satyanarayana Murty and Dr.K. Yogeswara Rao

Pages: 2007-2023

Statistical and Supervised Machine Learning Analysis on Clinical Uddanam Nephrology Dataset

Dr.T. Pandu Ranga Vital, L.V. Satyanarayana, T. Chalapathi Rao and B. Kameswara Rao

Pages: 2024-2039

Structural Analysis of a Fibre Reinforced Flexible Deep Beam

Joan Mary Jojo and A. Nayana

Pages: 2040-2044