Volume 11, 04-Special Issue

Tunable Method of PID Controller for Cascade Control System

R. Angel Sujitha, L.R. Swathika and V. Vijayan

Pages: 1263-1267

Performance Analysis of Balancing Load Using ACO Technique in Cloud Environment

Gopika Dharmarajan, Santosh Anand and Somnath Sinha

Pages: 1268-1273

Secured Energy Aware Cloudlet Provisioning in Mobile Cloud Environment

S. Shobana, T.K.G. Ganapathy Subramanian, N. Radhika, S. Prashanth and C. Sundareswaran

Pages: 1274-1279

Automatic Control of Active and Reactive Power for Stand-alone Solar Micro-grid

Jeevanigi Jayateertha, Akaash Balaji, P.V. Manitha and K. Deepa

Pages: 1280-1291

Comparison of Classification and Regression Algorithms for Evaluating the Performance of Electric Grid Stability

G.S. Keerthanna, S. Abishek, V. Annapoorani, N. Chandan Singh and Dr.N. Radhika

Pages: 1292-1296

Criminal Liability Imposedupon Juvenile Offenders under the Vietnamese Criminal Legislation

Bui Ngoc Ha and Phong Ward

Pages: 1297-1307

Dynamic Modeling of Business Process Performance

Keivan Moghtaderizadeh, Amalina Binti Abdullah and Lailawati Mohd Salleh

Pages: 1308-1316

Empowering Agriculture in India Using Internet of Things

S.N.G.S. Karthik, Rajasekaran Rajkumar and Jolly Masih

Pages: 1317-1322

Developing a Multiple Face Detection Attendance System Using KNN Algorithm and a Comparative Analysis against PDA & LDA Algorithms

Nalluri Rahul, Gokul Chowdary Garipati, Samparasriharsha and Rajasekaran Rajkumar

Pages: 1323-1329

A Performance Study of Naïve Bayes Classifier on High Dimensional Dataset

Priya Mohan and P. Ilango

Pages: 1330-1338

Self-Help Group Participation and Empowerment of Women

Dr.M. Rajarajeswari

Pages: 1339-1344

A Study on Technical Applicability of Student and Faculty Using Smart Class Room - An Empirical Analysis

Dr.M. Raja Rajeswari

Pages: 1345-1350

A Study on Customer Preference towards Online Cab Booking Facility with Special Reference to Coimbatore City

Dr.S.M. Yamuna and R. Shiji

Pages: 1351-1353

Endurance through Aspiration: A Study of Refugee Crisis in Atka Reid and Hana Schofield’s Goodbye Sarajevo

R. Preethi and Dr. Narasingaram Jayashree

Pages: 1354-1357

Enhancing Web Page Prediction by Using Modified K-Means Clustering Method

E.J. Thomson Fredrik and Jothish Chembath

Pages: 1358-1363

Trust Detection and Prevention Framework to Eliminate the Black Hole Nodes in Manets

Sibomana Fabrice and E.J. Thomson Fredrik

Pages: 1364-1373

Avoidance of Gray Hole Attacks in Manet Using Behavioral Trust-based Detection and Prevention Framework

Sibomana Fabrice and E.J. Thomson Fredrik

Pages: 1374-1381

Network Lifetime Enhancement Using Energy Aware Sink and Node Relocation Min Hop Method for Wireless Sensor Network

Deepak V. Biradar and Dr.K.R. Nataraj

Pages: 1382-1399

The Pulsatile Flow of Eyring-powell Nanofluid with Hall Effect through a Porous Medium

M. Jannath Begam and M. Deivanayaki

Pages: 1400-1406

Mobile Banking Technology Adoption Model: Revisiting the TAM Approach

Dr.G. Suresh, Prof. M.P. Sunil and Dr. Akanksha Khanna

Pages: 1407-1415

Opportunities and Challenges of Rooftop Gardening Among House Hold Women in Salem District

Dr.J. Senthil Velmurugan, Dr.M. Suryakumar and S.V. Rajkamal

Pages: 1416-1420

Optimized Classification System for Structured Data

B. Suchitra and Dr.S. Duraisamy

Pages: 1421-1435

Porter's Five Forces Model: Gives You A Competitive Advantage

Dr. Yogesh Hole, Snehal Pawar and Dr. Mahesh P. Bhaskar

Pages: 1436-1448

Augmentation of Distillate Yield and Transient Analysis of Pyramid Wick Type Solar Still

A. Prakash and R. Jayaprakash

Pages: 1449-1458

Robust Deduplication on Cloud Storage with Grasshopper Optimization-based Secure Framework

P. Selvi and Dr.D. Shanmuga Priyaa

Pages: 1459-1468

Dynamic Reconfiguration- The Promising Technique for High Performance Computing

P.M. Bangare and M.B. Mali

Pages: 1469-1479

Dynamic Reconfiguration- The Promising Technique for High Performance Computing

P.M. Bangare and M.B. Mali

Pages: 1469-1479

Causes and Implication of Seasonality in Tourism

Ahmad Alshuqaiqi and Dr. Shida Irwana Omar

Pages: 1480-1486

Optimal Variables Identification and Statistical Mining Approach for Healthcare Data

B.V. Chowdary and Dr.Y. Radhika

Pages: 1487-1495

Prediction of Cropping Type Using Data Mining Algorithms based on Different Soil Parameters

Rapaka Sriharsha, Mounish Rayudu Chennupati, Sriram Malladi, Rajasekaran Rajkumar and Jolly Masih

Pages: 1496-1502