Volume 11, 04-Special Issue

An Efficient Energy Management System for Smart Homes Using IoT and Big Data

B. Ravisagar and Sri. Dr.D.R. Srinivas

Pages: 1039-1050

Pose Invariant Face Classification Using CNN

S. Haseena, R. Nishanthini, I. Suvetha and U. Pavithra

Pages: 1051-1063

A Newest Data Set Analysis for Remote Sensing Applications

S. Vijayalakshmi and Golda Dilip

Pages: 1064-1067

A Blockchain based Property Registry System

Arun Kumar, Divisha Chaturvedi, Nikhil Gabbeta, Priyanka Das and M. Varun Reddy

Pages: 1068-1077

Robot Octopurs Using Ardunio

P. Subashini, Dharmin Sodwadia, Sushmita Ghosh, P. Eswar Akash and Rishikesh Kumar

Pages: 1078-1083

Survey on Energy Management through Smart Grid System

Ankesh Kr. Singh, P. Saranya and Amit Redhu

Pages: 1084-1087

Prediction of Rail Wheel Deformity Using Rail Asset Monitoring and Predictive Maintenance

R. Angeline, S.S. Narayanan, Paruchuri Yaswanth, Ponna Darshan and P. Yasvanth

Pages: 1088-1092

Predicting Methodology for Driver Distraction in IVIS Using ANN

G. Abinaya, A. Venkata Sai Krishna, P. Bala Saravan Teja, Kandula Venkata Sai Harsha and M. Sai Ajay

Pages: 1093-1098

Chhattisgarhi Hindi Machine Translation System Using Rule based Approach

Vikas Pandey, Dr.M.V. Padmavati and Dr. Ramesh Kumar

Pages: 1099-1108

Image Classification Using Object Attention Model

Dr.S. Vanitha Sivagami and N. Muthupriya

Pages: 1109-1118

Adoption of Mobile Learning Apps among Students: An Empirical Research

S. Anjali, V.G. Avinash and Dr.K.K. Anoop

Pages: 1119-1122

Predicting Court Rulings with SVM and NL

P. Subashini, Satyajeet Sarfare, M. Vaibhav and P. Abhijith

Pages: 1123-1129

Developing A Conventional Ensemble Model with Weighted Vote for Diabetes Prediction

S. Sathurthi and Dr.K. Saruladha

Pages: 1130-1137

Non-verbal Cues Detection from Depth Video with Patterns of Oriented Motion Flow–An Indispensable Tool for Guilt Investigation

K. Sathish, Rishma, Dolly Shah, Shagun Goyal and Prahitya Mahavi

Pages: 1138-1144

Cyber Security: Reducing Data Tampering Using Distributed Blockchain

P. Adlene Ebenezer, Chandan Acharya, Anish Bhattacharyya, Aditya Singh and Piyush Ojha

Pages: 1145-1152

Database Security Using Enhanced Triple 3DES Model with 168 Key Bits

J. Gowthamy, YSK. Prithvi, K. Rahul and A. Mohit

Pages: 1153-1157

Horizontal Scattered Matrix (HSM) based Indexing for Video Retrieval System

Michael Dinesh Simon and A.R. Kavitha

Pages: 1158-1171

Mapping Ethical Writing Guidelines to Plagiarism Detection Heuristics

Shikha Pandey and Dr. Arpana Rawal

Pages: 1172-1177

Various Jamming Attacks and Jamming Methodology: A Survey

S. Pushpa Latha and Dr.R. Sabitha

Pages: 1178-1183

Emotion Prediction Using Semantic Analysis Neural Network

V. Arun, R. Vineeth and Ch. Prudhvi

Pages: 1184-1191

Image Contrast Enhancement Using Particle Swarm Optimization

Eldho Paul, R. Anand, P. Vivek Karthick, M.E. Paramasivam and P.M. Dinesh

Pages: 1192-1196

Woven Fabric Defect Detection Techniques -A Review

C. Rajalakshmi, P.M. Dinesh, K. Manju, T. Shanthi, P. Vivek Karthik and Eldho Paul

Pages: 1197-1204

Modified Unsymmetric Trimmed RMS Filter for Removing High Density Impulse Noise

S. Sasi Devi, T. Shanthi and Eldho Paul

Pages: 1205-1210

Implementation of De-interleaver in WIMAX Using FPGA

K. Jeevitha, Prof. K. Manju and Prof. S. Vijayashaarathi

Pages: 1211-1217

Design and Implementation of Fundamental Calculation Method by Using Cordic Algorithm

A.R. Santhosh, K. Saranya and T. Prema Kumari

Pages: 1218-1221

Band Limited Noise Cancellation Using Adaptive Filters

G. Praveena, R. Anand and S. Sree Southry

Pages: 1222-1228

Sense-Amplifier-based Flip-flop for Low-voltage Operation

V. Kavithanjali, Dr.N. Sasirekha and Prof. V. Meenakshi

Pages: 1229-1235

Smart Waste Management Using Cloud Computing

L. Monica Ezhilarasi, Dr.M. Dhanasu and Dr.K. Anguraj

Pages: 1236-1244

A Novel Optimized Cluster based Trust Model in a Wireless Sensor Network with Gsteb Routing Protocol

C. Usha Devi, Dr. Samuel Manoharan and Dr.V. Padma Thilagam

Pages: 1245-1255

A Survey of Recent Techniques for Detection of Spam Profiles in Online Social Networks

R. Krithiga and Dr.E. Ilavarasan

Pages: 1256-1262