Volume 11, 04-Special Issue

A Study on Block based Provable Data Possession in Distributed Cloud Servers Using Cloud

B. Rajani and Dr.V. Purna Chandra Rao

Pages: 804-807

Heart Disease Prediction Using Optimal Name Recognition based on Deep Learning Models and Whale Optimization Algorithms

U. Latha and T. Velmurugan

Pages: 808-816

Probabilistic Optimal Cell Selection for Seamless Handover in LTE/LTE-A Networks (POCS-HO)

D. Somashekhara Reddy and Dr. Chandrasekhar

Pages: 817-829

Random Walk Segmentation Algorithm for MRI of Brain

Koushik Chakraborty, Dr. Arunava De and Dr. Sudhir Kumar Sharma

Pages: 830-835

Combined Feature Extraction Technique for Text Detection and Extraction from Natural Scene Images Using Deep-convolutional Neural Network

Ramgoapl Segu and Dr.K. Suresh

Pages: 836-846

Performance Analysis of Classification Algorithm using Normalization Techniques for Cancer Datasets

S. Selvam and Dr.P. Mayilvahanan

Pages: 847-854

Secure and Flexible Access Control for IoT Data to Reduce the Bandwidth Cost of Attribute Retrieval

K. Rameshwaraiah, Srinivasa Babu Kasturi and C. Swathi

Pages: 855-859

Cloud Data Sharing by Implementing Semantically Secure and Efficient Key-Aggregate Cryptosystem

Srinivasa Babu Kasturi, K. Rameshwaraiah and N. Sindhu

Pages: 860-864

Band Wise Performance Evaluation for Hyper Spectral Face Recognition

Siddharth B. Dabhade, Nagsen S. Bansod, Yogesh S. Rode, M.M. Kazi, Prapti D. Deshmuk and K.V. Kale

Pages: 865-871

A Detailed Survey on Research Challenges in Vehicular IoT

R.E. Vinodhini, Dr.S.V.M.G. Bavithiraja and K. Vimalkumar

Pages: 872-881

Region of Interest Extraction Using Objectiveness Measure and Fuzzy Logic Thresholding

J. Maheswarreddy and Dr.S.A.K. Jilani

Pages: 882-892

Traffic Control Framework in Networks

Sibi Amaran, A.P. Madhu Karthiek, B. Vamshi Kumar, P. John Paul and R.S. Preyanka Lakshme

Pages: 893-899

Energy Conservation in Wireless Sensor Networks Using Data Aggregation Protocols – A survey

Sibi Amaran, Dr.R. Madhanmohan and Dr.P. Sudhakar

Pages: 900-904

A Associative Detection of Fault in Wireless Sensor Networks

M. Arul Prakash, Sibi Amaran, P. John Paul, R.S. Preyanka Lakshme and A. Pavithra

Pages: 905-911

A Survey on MapReduce Techniques and Incomplete Big Data

Abhijith Shankar and D. Viji

Pages: 912-916

Survey on Prediction and Analysis of Train Delay

D. Viji, Ujjwal Kumar Singh and Armaan Singh Sandhu

Pages: 917-920

Survey on Challenges and Future Scope Internet of Things in Indian Agriculture Sector

R. Aarthi and D. Sivakumar

Pages: 921-928

A Survey on Privacy Preserving Data Publishing Technique

D. Viji, Ankit Raj and Abhishek Pawar

Pages: 929-934

Survey on Data-Analytic-based Adaptive Solar Energy Forecasting

P. Saranya, Raghav Rathi and Surabhi Agrawal

Pages: 935-939

Fuzzy Approach for Real Time Big Data Clustering Algorithms

M. Blessa Binolin Pepsi, E.M. Fathima Bushra, R. Ramalakshmi and S. Gomathi

Pages: 940-950

Solving Generalized Assignment Problems Using Hybrid Ant Breeding Algorithm

S. Kalaiarasi and P. Sriramya

Pages: 951-956

Design and Modeling of a Nanomechanical Pressure Sensor Using Silicon Photonic Crystal

Pallavi S. Jadhav, Kusuma Salanke, Anindita Mukherjee, B.K. Vinay and H. Chetan

Pages: 957-962

Detection of High Accuracy Classifier and Most Influencing Offloading Parameters for Mobile Cloud Applications

V. Suganya and Dr.M. Kannan

Pages: 963-972

Usage of 64 BIT Hardware Arbitrary Number Generator for Various FPGA based Applications

G. Aravind Koushik and Dr.B. Doss

Pages: 973-980

Encryption Techniques and Reliable Mechanism for Security Issues in Cloud Computing Models

B. Aishwarya and P. Sriramya

Pages: 981-992

Design and Conversion of Voltage from 0.5v to 1.8v and -1.8v Level Shifter

G. Venkata Raja and Sri. M. Devendra

Pages: 993-1001

Impact of Service Quality Dimensions on Customer Satisfaction in Retail Banking

P. Panjami, L. Lakshmi and Dr.K.K. Anoop

Pages: 1002-1008

Emotion based Face Image Clustering Using Deep Learning

S. Haseena, K.V. Subha Lakshmi, S. Mahesh Gowri and P. Sujitha

Pages: 1009-1026

Implementation of Machine Learning To Predict Tennis Game Outcome

P. Subashini, Jay Kapadia, Narahari Niranjan and Aishwary Dubey

Pages: 1027-1033

A Survey on Data Mining Techniques Used for Credit Card Fraud Detection

D. Viji, Sarvagya Mani Triapthi and Vinay Asawa

Pages: 1034-1038