Volume 11, 04-Special Issue

Real Time Implementation and Comparative Analysis of Dahlin’s Controller for Spherical Tank System Using PLC

Dr.M. Balaji and T. Gowtham

Pages: 557-564

Robust Reaching Law for Chattering Mitigation in Sliding Mode Controlled DC-DC Buck Converter

K.B. Siddesh, Dr. Basavaraja Banakara and R. Shivarudraswamy

Pages: 565-573

Energy Efficient Smart Power Strip

G. Arun Joshi, K. Vibha, D. Shriram and S. Chandrukash

Pages: 574-580

Analysis of Super-Lift LUO Dc-Dc Converter Using Fuzzy Logic Controller

K. Vibha and N. Chellammal

Pages: 581-591

An Analytical Research on Robotics and Wireless Sensors for Disaster Management

Savya Sachi and Dr.A. Senthil

Pages: 592-606

Hierarchical Classifier for Breast Cancer Diagnosis

Dr.M. Kavitha and R. Jai Ganesh

Pages: 607-611

Design of Modified Multifunctional Patch Antenna with U-Slots for Wireless Applications

S. Anitha and Dr.M. Kavitha

Pages: 612-617

An Analysis of Customer Lifetime and Design of an Early Prediction of Customer Churn Using Decision Tree Approach with HMM Classifier (CUDA)

R. Manivannan and Dr.R. Saminathan

Pages: 618-628

Real Time Multi Factor Secure Routing For Precise Authentication Using AB-ECC

S. Nagavalli and Dr.G. Ramachandran

Pages: 629-633

A Light weight Intrusion Detection System for Mobile Ad hoc Network

N. Ravi and Dr.G. Ramachandran

Pages: 634-640

Data Security in Cloud Environment Using Efficient Security Block based Encryption Algorithm

Saidhbi Sheik and Thirupathi Rao Komati

Pages: 641-647

Growth of Small Scale Industry and its Impact on Rural Economy in Salem District

Dr.M. Suryakumar and R. Venkatesh

Pages: 648-653

An Analytical Timeout Interval based Buffer Allocation Using Dynamic Adaptive Routers for QOS in Network

Dr.K. Saravanan and Dr.V. Arun

Pages: 654-661

Permeability Studies on E-waste Cement Concrete with Metakaolin Admixture

Dr.H. Sudarsana Rao, Dr. Vaishali G. Ghorpade and K. Naganna

Pages: 662-668

Strength and Durability Properties of Geopolymer Concrete Using Recycled Aggregates and QSD Under Acidic Environment

T. Ahalya, H. Sudharshan Rao and Vaishali G. Ghorpade

Pages: 669-676

Lung Cancer Detection on Computed Tomography Images Using Digital Image Processing Techniques

Maruthi Rohit Ayyagari and Gulshan Kumar

Pages: 677-689

An Enhanced Character Centric Approach for Text Spotting Using Deep Learning Techniques

Srikanth Bhyrapuneni, P. Swaminathan and R. Anandan

Pages: 690-699

QSAR Studies on Pyridazinopyridinone Derivatives against P38 Mitogen-Activated Protein Kinase

Radha Mahendran, Nagasoundarya Rajendran, Suganya Jeyabasker and Vardhini Viswanathan

Pages: 700-707

Insights of in Silico Screening of Phytoconstituents Identified from Methanol Leaf Extract of Orthosiphonaristatus by GC-MS Analysis for its Cancer Activity

Mahendran Radha and Jeyabaskar Suganya

Pages: 708-720

Quantitative Structure Activity Relationship Studies on Anisomeles Derived Compounds Targeting Tuberculosis

Mahendran Radha, Naga Soundarya. Rajendran and Jeyabasker Suganya

Pages: 721-731

Can Mindfulness Influence the Efficacy of Job Performance: An Empirical Study with Special Reference to Selected Private Hospitals in Mysore

Vidya D Avadhani and Dr.S. Ranjith Kumar

Pages: 732-737

Effectiveness of Information and Communication Technologies on the Learning Outcomes of Management Graduates in Public and Private Sector Institutes

Dr.G. Kiran, Dr. Nila Chotai, Dr. Muthu Gopalakrishna and Dr. Pradeep

Pages: 738-743

Automatic Classification of Cervical Cancer Using Support Vector Machine

R. Rajpriya and Dr.M.S. Saravanan

Pages: 744-752

Using Machine Learning Techniques for Predicting and Diagnosing of Dyslexia in School Age Children

H. Selvi and M.S. Saravanan

Pages: 753-760

Modelling of Static Frequency Converter with Reduced Harmonics in Gas Turbine Power Plant

Malini.T, Dr.S.Rajasekaran and Dr. G.Radhakrishnan

Pages: 761-769

Power Quality Enhancement using Soft Computing based IPFC Controller

Dr. G.Radhakrishnan and Dr.S.Rajasekaran

Pages: 770-776

Power Factor Correction in BLDC Motor based on High Gain Interleaved CUK Converter

T. Bhavatharini, G. Mahalakshmi and D. Maladhi

Pages: 777-785

Automatic Toll Collection System Using Arduino

D. Maladhi, G. Mahalakshmi and T. Bhavatharini

Pages: 786-791

A Novel System for Biometric Recognition based on Modification of Fuzzy Inference and Gradient Decent

Abdulkareem Merhej Radhi

Pages: 792-798

A Comparative Study on Access Controls and its Characteristics

E.V.N. Jyothi and Dr.V. Purna Chandra Rao

Pages: 799-803