Volume 11, 04-Special Issue

Matlab/Simulink Simulations based Modified Sepic DC to DC Converter for Renewable Energy Applications

G. Sureshkumaar, Nithiyananthan Kannan, Sunil Thomas and S. Prabhakar Karthikeyan

Pages: 285-295

Deep Neural Networks for Affinity Prediction of Spinocerebellar Ataxia Using Protein Structures

P.R. Asha and M.S. Vijaya

Pages: 296-306

Building an Efficient of Feature Selection Using Greedy Search Method for HNIDS in Cloud Computing

T. Nathiya and G. Suseendran

Pages: 307-316

Analytical Approach for Air Pollution Emitted from Line Source with Mesoscle Wind and Chemical Reaction

C. Bhaskar, K. Lakshminarayanachari and C. Pandurangappa

Pages: 317-322

A Study on Security Issues in the Area of Cloud Computing

R. Mangalagowri and Dr. Revathi Venkataraman

Pages: 323-331

Enhanced Root Cause Analysis Using Rule based Aspect Extraction and RNN (RAER)

Blessy Selvam, Dr.S. Ravimaran and Dr. Sheba Selvam

Pages: 332-338

Effective Forecast of CKD Database Using Imputation Based Feature Priority Assigning Algorithm

S. Dilli Arasu and Dr.R. Thirumalaiselvi

Pages: 339-348

Breast Cancer Image Enhancement with the Aid of Optimum Wavelet based Image Enhancement (OWBIE) Using Social Spider Optimization (SSO)

R. Suresh, A. Nagaraja Rao and B. Eswara Reddy

Pages: 349-364

Study on the Properties of Refractory Concrete with Recycled Aggregates

B. Kavitha, Diana Alice Sugunan, S. Swathini and M. Ashokpandiyan

Pages: 365-371

Recognition of Bangla Script Characters – A Comparative Study

M. Karthigaiselvi and T. Kathirvalavakumar

Pages: 372-379

Rough Set based Approach for Automated Token Formation in Real-Time Record De-duplication

Vaishali C. Wangikar, Dr. Sachin N. Deshmukh and Dr. Sunil G. Bhirud

Pages: 380-390

E-commerce and its Impact on Manufacturing and Business Operations with Special Reference to Selected Silk Industries of India

Vyshna S Kurup and Dr.S. Sri Ranjini

Pages: 391-398

A Gentle Review on Medical Image Processing

Sarita, Ankur Sharma, Saurabh Mukherjee and Tanupriya Choudhury

Pages: 399-404

Hybrid Method for Sarcasm Target Identification to Assist the Sentiment Analysis Systems

Savita B. Borole

Pages: 405-411

Optimized Resource Utilization Algorithm for Fi-Wi Communication Networks

Dr. Aparna Atul Junnarkar

Pages: 412-418

Energy Optimization Algorithm for Future Wireless Communications

Dr. Aparna Atul Junnarkar

Pages: 419-427

SMART-TCP: A Novel TCP Variant for IoT Enabled Smart City

Amol P. Pande and Dr.S.R. Devane

Pages: 428-439

Developing an Effective Module to Enforce Total Quality Control in High Rise Buildings

A.R. Arjunkrishna, Dr.V. Thamilarasu and J. Rajprasad

Pages: 440-448

Unmanned Risk and Hazard Management System Using IOT

Arivukkarasan Raja and Dr. Pavithra Senthilkumar

Pages: 449-457

Improved Cooperative End-To-End Traffic Redundancy Elimination Using Self-Adaptive Prediction Model to Reduce the Cost of Cloud Bandwidth

R. Rathi and Dr.L. Rama Parvathy

Pages: 458-465

AFM-SVM Technique for Clinical Decision Making

R. Subhashini and Dr.M.K. Jeyakumar

Pages: 466-473

A Study on Post Retirement Feasibility, Opportunities and Challenges towards Enterprise Establishment

B. Kruthika and Dr. Ravi Kumar

Pages: 474-481

Interactive Knowledge Discovery Using Agent based Cultural Algorithm for Thyroid Classification

M. Deepika and Dr.K. Kalaiselvi

Pages: 482-488

Analysis of Different Clustering Algorithms on Management Zones in Precision Agriculture

C.B. Krishna Priya and Dr.S. Venkateswari

Pages: 489-494

Performance of Wind Generation System by Employing PMSG and DFIG with HCS based ANFIS Controller

R. Pavan Kumar Naidu and S. Meikandasivam

Pages: 495-508

Simulation of Power System Stability Evaluation of PV Technology with Fuzzy Synchronous Power Controllers under Expanding Penetration

M. Ramasekhara Reddy and B. Lavanya

Pages: 509-523

Comparative Study on Agile Scrum Over Traditional Waterfall Lifecycle Projects

Balaji Thoppae Ramamoorthy and Dr.P. Mayilvahanan

Pages: 524-529

Communication Schemes for Downlink Networks

D. Prabhu, G. Divya and Rituparna Desai

Pages: 530-535

Performance of FPGA HEVC with Advanced Video Coding

Anand Kumar and Dr.M. Janakirani

Pages: 536-546

Color-texture based Feature Modeling for Content-based Video Retrieval

V.G. Ranjith*, M.K. Jeyakumar and S. Palanikumar

Pages: 547-556