Volume 11, 04-Special Issue

A Study on Comparative Analysis of Risk and Return of Selected Stocks with Special Reference to CNX Bank Nifty

Shehana Santhosh and K.G. Rajani

Pages: 2339-2345

Bama’s Karukku: An Epitome of Self-Efficacy

Bela C Baby and Dr.N. Sreelakshmi

Pages: 2346-2354

Literary Hodgepodge: An Account of Miscellaneous Representations of Food in Selected Works

U. Greeshma and Dr.N. Sreelakshmi

Pages: 2355-2363

A Comparative Study of Dyadic Pairs in the Game of Chess and Macbeth: A Structuralist Analysis

T.P. Swetha and Dr.P.P. Vijayalakshmi

Pages: 2364-2368

Factor Analysis of Attitude of Students’ Towards Entrepreneurs

Salu Mohan and Dr.K.K. Anoop

Pages: 2369-2375

A Survey on Assistive Aid for Elderly Dementia Patients

R.V. Aishwarya, N. Showme, Alla Sailesh and M. Meenakshi Sivapriya

Pages: 2376-2380

1-10 GHZ Couple Line Band Pass Filter Design

G. Gaswin Kastro and M.C. John Wiselin

Pages: 2391-2402

Weather Data and Its Future Selection Using Principal Component Regression Technique

S.B. Pooja and R.V. Siva Balan

Pages: 2403-2408

Design of Wide Band Pass Filters

G. Gaswin Kastro and M.C. John Wiselin

Pages: 2409-2417

Market Basket Analysis Using Apriori Algorithm on Departmental Store Point of Sales Data

Dr.A. Mansurali and V. Harish

Pages: 2418-2431

Enresdowedness of Trees with Diameter Four

Dr.P. Sumathi and R. Esther Felicia

Pages: 2432-2439

Optimal Localization and Sizing of Facts Devices with the Aid of FFA-GSA

G. Arunkumar and Dr.N. Devarajan

Pages: 2440-2450

Automatic Speaker Recognition from Speech Signal Using Principal Component Analysis and Artificial Neural Network

Kharibam Jilenkumari Devi and Khelchandra Thongam

Pages: 2451-2464

Node Placement Strategy for Flying Ad-Hoc Network based on Efficient Intelligent Packet Broadcasting Protocol and Markov Model

B. Mahalakshmi and Dr.A. Nithya

Pages: 2469-2480

Improved Parallel Interference Cancellation Scheme in MC-CDMA under Frequency Selective AWGN Channel

L. Lakshmi Prasanna Kumar, K.E. Srinivasa Murthy and M.N. Giri Prasad

Pages: 2481-2489

Sentiment Analysis Over High Dimensional Data Sets Using Advanced Data Engineering Techniques

S. Rajeswari and T. Pavan Kumar

Pages: 2490-2494

A Note on Iβ*g Closed Sets

K. Prabhavathi, R. Senthilkumar, I. Athal and M. Karthivel

Pages: 2495-2502

Citrus Fruit Data Feature Vector Mining Using Enhanced Gabor Wavelet (EGW) With Feature Vector Correlogram (FVC) Algorithm

V. Kavitha and Dr.M. Renuka Devi

Pages: 2503-2509

Prioritization of Candidate Gene Associated with Diseases Improved by Random Walker on Optimized Trustworthy Heterogeneous Network

Dr.M. Renuka Devi and J. Maria Shyla

Pages: 2510-2516

Mathematical Study of Plant-Herbivore-Carnivore System with Holling Type-II Functional Responses

S. Hariprasad, M.A.S. Srinivas and N. Phani Kumar

Pages: 2517-2536

Explore the Determinants of Mobile Phone Consumption Pattern of University Students

Dr. Makarand Upadhyaya and Dr. Vijayesh Kumar

Pages: 2537-2542

A Novel Deep Learning Approach for Detection of Glaucoma

Law Kumar Singh, Dr. Pooja and Dr. Hitendra Garg

Pages: 2543-2554

A Novel DSSR Protocol with DYDOG Mechanism Integrated with Two-Fish Algorithm in MANET

Rajat and Prof. (Dr.) Naveen Hemrajani

Pages: 2555-2563

An Adaptive System for Network Security based on the Human Immune System Concepts

Juniorika Lyngdoh and Hemanta Kumar Kalita

Pages: 2564-2572

Synthesis of 2D and 3D NoC Mesh Router Architecture in HDL Environment

Dr. Ambuj Kumar Agarwal and Dr. Arpit Jain

Pages: 2573-2581

Stress in the Workplace: Women Academics in the University of Bahrain

Dr. Asma Ayari

Pages: 2582-2586

Presence or Absence of TB Classification, Case Control Study and Analysing the Positive Association with Air Pollution

S. Jeya and Dr.L. Sankari

Pages: 2587-2593

Applications of Neural Networks by Implementing New Methodology for Error Deduction

V. Brindha

Pages: 2594-2598

Grid Computing Using Job Scheduling Algorithm

S. Selvaragini

Pages: 2599-2606

Study on Security in Social Cyber Crime Methodologies

V. Brindha

Pages: 2607-2611