Volume 11, 04-Special Issue

A Forensic Speaker Recognition System for the Arabic Language

Nassren N. Abd Alwahed and Dr. Talib M. Jawad

Pages: 1-7

Parents’ Perspectives of Special Education Services for Students with Significant Support Needs in Intermediate School

Effat Shugdar

Pages: 8-17

Design of Led Street Lighting Using Arduino

V. Meenakshi*, J. Femila Roseline and M.L. Bharathi

Pages: 18-22

Comparison of Sentiment Analysis on Various Twitter #Tags Using Machine Learning and Deep Learning Techniques

CH. Rayala Vinod Kumar, D. Lalitha Bhaskari and P. Srinivasa Rao

Pages: 23-31

Analysis of Feature Extraction Methods for Text Clustering with Traditional and Deep Learning Approaches

D. Hemavathi, H. Srimathi and Simbarashe Herbert Chaputsira

Pages: 32-40

Dependability & Quality of Supply Chain Performance

S. Jacob Pratabaraj, S. Annie Christal Melinda and Baby Sam Saamuel

Pages: 41-51

Design of E-shaped and Circular Array Antenna to Improve the Performance for WLAN and WiMax Network

Poonam Ghanghas, Geeta Nijhawan and Shruti Vashist

Pages: 52-59

Emotional Value of Money Being E-Wallet with Evidence from Mysuru City, Karnataka

M.B. Harshitha and Dr. Ramapilla Mahesh

Pages: 60-66

Neural Network and Spiht Coding-based Progressive Image Transmission & Reconstruction for Telemedicine Applications

H.K. Ravikiran and Dr. Paramesha

Pages: 67-77

Buffer Node Selection and Buffer Management Protocol for Multicast Streaming In MANET

Kavitha Subramaniam and Latha Tamilselvan

Pages: 78-89

Ant Colony Optimization (ACO) based Routing and Wavelength Allocation (RWA) Algorithm for Protection Switching in WDM Networks

T. Ravi Prakash Rao and V. Malleswara Rao

Pages: 90-101

Comparison of Skin Lesion Segmentation Methods

S. Binu Sathiya and Dr.S.S. Kumar

Pages: 102-111

A Revised RLS Algorithm for Low Frequency Electromechanical Oscillation

K. Ezhil Vignesh, Stephy Akkara and T. Jarin

Pages: 112-122

Development of Class E2 Power Converter Using Power Amplifier

S. Muthukumar, M.C. John Wiselin and K. Suresh Kumar

Pages: 123-127

Semantic Mining Using Knowledge Ontology Approach to Convert Web Pages and Text Data into Structured Data

Sreenivasulu Bolla and R. Anandan

Pages: 128-134

Mobile Brands and Kano’s Model: An Innovative Approach

Dr. Satish Kumar, Yashvi Mundhra, Aditya Shaw and Prof. Namrata Nanda

Pages: 135-143

Impact of NPA on Profit Efficiency of Indian Commercial Banks

Dr. Sangita Dutta Gupta, M. Lakshna, G. Shankar and Dr. Siddharth Misra

Pages: 144-156

HAP- A Novel Web based Searching Mechanism for Personalized Learning Material

Maganti Venkatesh and Dr.S. Sathyalakshmi

Pages: 157-167

Work Commitment and Job Satisfaction: A Leader's Way

Dr. Shaji Kurian, K. Vijay, P. Rohitha Reddy and Prof. Namrata Nanda

Pages: 168-176

Measuring Performance Efficiency of Direct Vs Regular Plans of Mutual Funds in India: A DEA Approach

Dr. Charmi Shah, M. Aadalarasu, Priya Saraiwala, Abhilasha Mansata and Dr. Siddharth Misra

Pages: 177-189

NIM And Profitability: A Risk Assessment On Indian Banks

Dr. Rajendra Kumar Sinha, Sourodeep Pathak, Arnab Bhattacharyya, Shubhajit Chakraborty and Dr. Siddharth Misra

Pages: 190-201

Crime Pattern Matching based on Process Execution Context – An Evidence Acquisition Technique

Asha Joseph and K. John Singh

Pages: 202-211

Task based Load Assignment Technique for Creating Even Fault Tolerant Virtual Machines in Cloud Computing

Umesh Dwivedi and Dr. Harsh Dev

Pages: 212-223

Enactment of Phonetic Algorithms on Twitter Dataset

Monika Arora, Vineet Kansal and Abhishek Swaroop

Pages: 224-235

Retinal Abnormalities in Prodromal Stage Detection of Alzheimer’s Disease: A Review

Nishi S. Das* and S. Palanikumar

Pages: 236-244

Color-Texture based Feature Modeling for Content based Image Retrieval

V.G. Ranjith, M.K. Jeyakumar and S. Palanikumar

Pages: 245-254

Automatic Nucleus Level Breast Cancer Detection System

T. Gopalakrishnan, J. Rajeesh and S. Palanikumar

Pages: 255-266

Spinal Canal Abnormalities in Early Stage Detection of Scoliosis Disease: A Review

Gayathry S Warrier and K.S. Angel Viji

Pages: 267-275

Analysis of Trace Back Techniques in Cyber Crime

Yuvaraj and Dr.S. Venkatanarayanan

Pages: 276-279

Analysis of Cybercrime as the Object of a Criminal Investigation

Yuvaraj and Dr.S. Venkatanarayanan

Pages: 280-284