Volume 11, Issue 2

Effective Image Fusion Technique based on Local Correlation Modeling in Wavelet Domain for Satellite Image Fusion

Garladinne Ravikanth, K.V.N. Sunitha and B. Eswara Reddy

Pages: 1-5

A Randomized Approach for Data Embedding in Audio Steganography

R. Vijaya Arjunan and Arunaav Alok

Pages: 6-13

Optimal Operation of Real Power Generators in an Integrated Power Systems with Grey-Wolf tuned-SVC for Voltage Profile Improvement

M. Rambabu, Dr.G.V. Nagesh Kumar and S. Siva Nagaraju

Pages: 14-31

Discovering Trendy Topics and Their Influence Patterns Relating Users of Social Media

D. Suneetha and M. Shashi

Pages: 32-40

Investigation on Performance of Parabolic Trough Collector (PTC) with Smooth Receiver Used for Preheating the Fuel Oil at Different Mass Flow Rates

Mohammed Saad Abbas, Azwan Bin Sapit, Hyder H. Balla and Ali Mohammed Hayder

Pages: 41-54

Impact of Selected Investment Avenues on GDP

Parmeshwari and Dr.P.V. Vijay Kumar Reddy

Pages: 55-59

SSAWS: Secure Scrambling and Adaptive Wavelet based Blind Image Steganography

Siddalingesh Bandi and H.S. Manjunatha Reddy

Pages: 60-72

Necessitate and Effective Usage of Artificial Intelligence (AI) Routingly Testing for Web Application

Ramakrishnan M Ramanathaiah

Pages: 73-87

Computational Analysis and Detection of Diabetic Maculopathy in Retinal Images

Joshua Thomas and Angel Viji

Pages: 88-98

Greatest Maximum Cost Method for Maximization Transportation Problems

T. Geetha and N. Anandhi

Pages: 99-108

Solvability and Controller Action on Local Pitchfork Bifurcation of Reduced Order Two-dimensional Differential-algebraic System

Radhi Ali Zaboon and Mohammed Kadhim Mohsin Almamoori

Pages: 109-121

Solve Storekeeper’s Control Problem Using Variational Technique

Ameera N. Alkiffai and Noor N. Otaiwi

Pages: 122-124

Effective Bandwidth Allotment Scheme Using Enhanced AQM Technique

R. Pallavi, S.N. Raghavendra and Shivaprakash Ranga

Pages: 125-130

Security to Cloud Computing and Big Data Analytics

Anitha Patil

Pages: 131-144

A Blend Ensemble Classifier for Sentiment Decision Making in Indian Railways Tweets

Rakesh Kumar Donthi and Md. Tanwir Uddin Haider

Pages: 145-162

Alzaki Transformation of Linear Equation without Subject to any Initial Conditions

Athraa Neamah ALbukhuttar and

Pages: 163-167

Magnified Translation Fuzzy Ideals of KUS-Algebras

Dr. Areej Tawfeeq Hameed, Ahllam A. Aalfatlawi and Dr. Ahmed Hamza Abed

Pages: 168-181

Cloud Point Extraction Combined with Onium Technique for Separation and Determination Nickel (II) and Ascorbic Acid

Fatima A. Wannas and Dr. Shawket K. Jawad

Pages: 182-191

On the K- Metro Domination Number of Square Paths 𝑷𝒏𝟐

S. Lakshminarayana and M. Vishukumar

Pages: 192-198

Preparation, Chemical Investigation of Organic Ligands from Isatin

Rajaa Abdul Ameer Ghafil, Nadia Hussein Obaid, Manar Ghyath Almosawy and Dr. Nagham Mahmood Aljamali*

Pages: 199-209

Impact of Block Chain Technology Adoption on Financial Markets

Parmeshwari and Dr. Vijay Kumar Reddy

Pages: 210-214

An Effective Domain Specific Record Ranking Method Via Exploring User Behavior

Ashok Kumar, Manish Mahajan, Dheerendra Singh and Komal Kumar Bhatia

Pages: 215-221

Evaluating Reliable Node in Wireless Sensor Network Using ERLEN Model

M.S. Nidhya, Dr.A. Kannagi and Dr.R. Chinnaiyan

Pages: 222-228

Solvability and Controller Action on Transcritical Bifurcation of Reduced Order Two-dimensional Differential-algebraic System

Radhi Ali Zaboon and Mohammed Kadhim Mohsin Almamoori

Pages: 229-240

Improvement of Voltage Stability of Distributed Generation by Using SVC and STATCOM through Reactive Power Compensation

Dipesh Kumar Sharma and Dr.S.P. Shukla

Pages: 241-248

Radio Frequency Network Designing for Earlier and 4G Mobile Communications Generation Systems by Exploitation Prediction Software

Reshma Begum. Shaik and Dr.G. Sasikala

Pages: 249-267

EBAFS-ETCs: Enhanced Bat Algorithm based Feature Selection and Ensemble Three Classifiers (ETCs) to Predict Student’s Academic Performance

C. John Paul and Dr.R. Santhi

Pages: 268-280

Gait Recognition and Classification Using Random Forest Algorithm

M. Hema, K. Babulu and N. Balaji

Pages: 281-289

Branchless Banking, Third-Party Funds, and Profitability Evidence Reference to Banking Sector in Indonesia

Ketut Tanti Kustina, Gusti Ayu Agung Omika Dewi, Gine Das Prena and Wayan Suryasa

Pages: 290-299

Unwanted Messages Filtering Methods from OSN – A Study

R. Balamurugan

Pages: 300-304