Volume 11, 03-Special Issue

Application of Single Pattern String Matching Algorithm in Text Mining for Detecting Skills in Resumes

S. Muthamil Selvan, Anirudh Bansal, Sayon Bhattacharyya and Param Saluja

Pages: 1660-1666

Augmentation of NavIC-11 with BeiDou-3 over Indian Region

Sudershan Reddy Kotla, Sameeha Fahmeen, Quddusa Sultana and D. Krishna Reddy

Pages: 1667-1673

A Neural based Visual Processing System for Automatic Detection and Recognition of Road Signs from Live Video Feeds

Gangadhara Rao Kommu, E. Manish and D. Sanjeev Kumar

Pages: 1674-1682

MBOA based Pilot Optimization in Channel Estimation for MIMO OFDM System

M. Vijayalakshmi and Dr.K. Ramalinga Reddy

Pages: 1683-1697

Smart Analysis of Breast Cancer Detection Using Machine Learning Algorithms

K. Nagaiah, Dr.K. Manjunatha Chari and Dr.T.V. Rajinikanth

Pages: 1698-1703

Blockchain Technology Disruptions Reshaping the Market

Ashok Chopra and Venkat Sankaran

Pages: 1704-1710

Un-normalized Hypergraph P-Laplacian based Semi-supervised Learning Methods

Loc Hoang Tran, Linh Hoang Tran, An Mai and Tuan Tran

Pages: 1711-1720

Mathematical Modeling of Smart Irrigation System

Hesham Alhumyani, Sultan Alshamrani, Saleh Omran and Quadri Waseem

Pages: 1721-1733

Enhanced Bibliographic Data Retrieval and Visualization Using Query Optimization and Spectral Centrality Measure

Chitra A.P Ramasamy and Maslina Zolkepli

Pages: 1734-1742

Empirical Analysis of K-means, Fuzzy C-means and Particle Swarm Optimization for Data Clustering

B.M. Ahamed Shafeeq and Zahid Ahmed Ansari

Pages: 1743-1748

Intelligent Optimization Systems for Steam Boiler Maintenance: Real Case Study

N.F.A. Fuzi and Firas Basim Ismail

Pages: 1749-1755

Multilevel Edge Detection Using an Improved Particle Swarm Optimization

Khaled Beddakhe and Mohamed Tahar Kimour

Pages: 1756-1765

Performance Comparison of MPICH and MPI4py on Raspberry Pi-3B Beowulf Cluster

Saad Wazir, Ataul Aziz Ikram, Hamza Ali Imran, Hanif Ullah, Ahmed Jamal Ikram and Maryam Ehsan

Pages: 1766-1774

Current Biometric Systems for Attendance Taking based on Hand Modalities

Seng Chun Hoo and Haidi Ibrahim

Pages: 1775-1780

Features from Electroencephalogram (EEG) for Signal Analysis

Chi Qin Lai, Haidi Ibrahim, Mohd Zaid Abdullah, Jafri Malin Abdullah, Shahrel Azmin Suandi and Azlinda Azman

Pages: 1781-1787

Offline Handwritten Flowchart Recognition based on Faster-RCNN

Hung-Chun Chiu, Lijie Wen, Huaqing Wang, Leilei Lin and Jianmin Wang

Pages: 1788-1798

A Performance Study of Dimensionality Reduction Techniques for Telecommunication Customer Retention

J. Vijaya, E. Ajith Jubilson and Ravi Sankar Sangam

Pages: 1799-1804

A Novel Deep Learning Framework Approach for Waste Segregation

Rahul Nijhawan, Amit Kumar Singh and Akash Gangwar

Pages: 1805-1811

Risk Mitigation Model for Cyber Threat: A Case Study Approach

Joshi Sujata and Pandey Roshan

Pages: 1812-1822

IoT-Enabled Service Management System for Smart Dining Environment

Harrish Murugesan, N. Revathy and Senthil Kumar Mathi

Pages: 1823-1828

Opinion Mining On Product Data Using Modified SVM

Jawahar Gawade and Latha Parthiban

Pages: 1829-1837

Extractive Text Summarization for Single and Multiple Documents Using Lexical Chains

Varsha Pandit and Nidhi Mishra

Pages: 1838-1845

Design and Implementation of Solar Power Management System for Real Time Data Logging and Intelligent Load Management

Shruti Tiwari and Dr.R.N. Patel

Pages: 1846-1854

A Novel Ada Boost Approach to Detect Out the Magnitude of Trash

Muskan Chaudhary, Pranshu Agarwal and Rahul Nijhawan

Pages: 1855-1860

SONET DCS Self Healing Network Control Architecture Implementation by Survivable Fiber Optic Networks

K.V.S.S.S.S. Sairam, Chandra Singh, D.K. Shreekantha, Sai Vamsi, Kanduri Annapurna and Kanduri Sarveswara Rao

Pages: 1861-1865

A Novel Approach to Optimize Area and Power Parameters of 64QAM for Radio Communication

Usha Sm and H.B. Mahesh

Pages: 1866-1873

A Survey on Security Aspects of Machine Type Communications in Long Term Evolution Networks

K. Krishna Jyothi and Dr. Shilpa Chaudhari

Pages: 1874-1888

Survey of Security Approaches in Internet of Things Solution Architectures for Communication Layer

G. Kalyani and Dr. Shilpa Chaudhari

Pages: 1889-1907

An Optimized Modelling of PSO to Enhance WSN Clustering Operations in a Multi-cast Routing Environment

G. Nandini and J. Anitha

Pages: 1908-1918

A Simplified MAC Protocol for Energy Efficiency in Wireless Sensor Network

K. Anitha and S. Usha

Pages: 1919-1927