Volume 11, 03-Special Issue

H-slotted Frequency Reconfigurable Two-element Array Antenna for Cognitive Radio Applications

E.S. Lakshmi and Dr.P. Jothilakshmi

Pages: 1405-1411

Feature Selection based Data Classification Model for Financial Crisis Prediction

S. Anand Christy, Dr.R. Arunkumar and Dr.S. Mohan

Pages: 1412-1420

Design of Low Power Sequential Circuits Using Pulsed Latches at Different Temperature Variations

M. Lalitha Meghana and Sri K. Raju

Pages: 1421-1430

Consumer Internet of Things Security: Smart Door Lock System

J. Gowthamy, Rishabh Saxena, Kumar Abhishek and V. Devi Subadra

Pages: 1431-1439

Euler Group and Graph Labeling

V. Maheswari, G. Swaminathan, K. Srinivasan and V. Balaji

Pages: 1440-1445

Scalable and Secure Auditing in Cloud

R.J. Poovaraghan, Sharoon Maria, Desu Raja Sekhar Gupta, Bompalli Sai Prasad and Usha Mukkala

Pages: 1446-1449

Image Classification Using Convolution Recurrent Neural Network Algorithm

M. Prabu, Akarsh Singh, Prityanshu Singh, Akshay Pathak and Himanshu Tharad

Pages: 1450-1455

Prevention of Transmission Collision in Distributed Mobile Networks

M. Prabu, Harshit Jain, Sumit Paul, Nikunj Gangrade and Harshal Gangrade

Pages: 1456-1465

Securing Files in Cloud

P. Nithin Bharadwaj, P.A. Sree Harsha, P. Sai Teja Reddy and J. Gowthamy

Pages: 1466-1470

Quotient Remainder Labeled Graph

V. Maheswari, S. Rekha and V. Balaji

Pages: 1471-1479

Building Fast Secured Remote Connections by VPNs

S. Grout, Bodduluri Gowtham, Ravish Ranjan, M. Saiteja and P. Harinath

Pages: 1480-1490

Disease Prediction, Drugs Suggestion and Physician Recommendation System Using Supervised Machine Learning

V. Gireesh, S. Vimal and A.S. Jeyakrishna

Pages: 1491-1512

ROBO Guides Interacting with Smart Boards Using Speech-to-text Conversion

J. Gowthamy, Eshita Das, P. Divya and Aditya Belani

Pages: 1513-1519

Secure Cashier Free Smart Stores

P. Saranya, C.V. Krishna Rao and B.R.S. Suprajeeth

Pages: 1520-1524

Detection of Harmful Bacteria in Water Using PhC Sensors and Analysis of the Quality Factor

Kusuma S Salanke, Anindita Mukherjee, Pallavi S Jadhav, S. Suganya, H. Chetan and B.K. Vinay

Pages: 1525-1532

Survey on Hierarchical Structures of Recommendation Systems

R. Lavanya, Sugandh Pasricha and Sai Bhavana

Pages: 1533-1538

Hardware Implementation of Particle Swarm Optimization based Solar MPPT Using PIC Microcontroller

J. Jeffine Bene, E. Malarvizhi and A. Sivasubramanian

Pages: 1539-1545

Electrical Equivalent Circuit Modeling of PEM Fuel Cell by Electrochemical Impedance Spectroscopy

S. Jenita and S. Ajayan

Pages: 1546-1555

Detection of Lane, Vehicles for Lane Change and Pedestrian Using Computer Vision

V. Sahaya Sakila, Ankur Ankit, Alok Kumar and Rajesh Borate

Pages: 1556-1573

Performance Analysis of Linear Grid Stability Using Classifiers and Advanced Ensemble Techniques

S.A. Shreyas, S. Abishek and Dr.N. Radhika

Pages: 1574-1579

A Systematic Survey on Blockchain for IoT Security

R. Lavanya, Anugrah Singhal and Shreyas Gupta

Pages: 1580-1583

Survey on Air Characteristics Evaluation and Prediction

P. Saranya, Shubham Surana and Sachin Mittal

Pages: 1584-1589

Analyzing the Video Consumption Pattern of Indian Consumer Using Big Data

M. Avinaash and Dr.R. Jayam

Pages: 1590-1598

In-depth Analysis on Online Job Postings in Indian Labour Market Using Web Scrapping Technology

P. Ruby Merlin and R. Jayam

Pages: 1599-1604

Lean Implementation in Pressure Die Casting at MSME [MOC Dies and Moulds]

A. Bhaskar, R. Aadithya Narayanan, Deeksha Sampath and G. Kaushik

Pages: 1605-1608

Design of Conditional Boosting Flip flop in Nano meter Technology

Y. Sandeep and Dr.S. Govindarajulu

Pages: 1609-1616

Assessment of the Cloud Intrusion Detection System: A Survey

Meble Varghese and Dr.M. Victor Jose

Pages: 1617-1635

Characterization of Al6061 Reinforced Al2o3 Hybrid Metal Matrix Composites with Variable Squeeze Pressure

L. Natrayan, M. Senthil Kumar and Mukesh Chaudhari

Pages: 1636-1642

Design of ZN Controller for Coupled Tank System

Seshu Kumar Chegu, Dr.T.S. Murugesh and Dr.V. Rajeswari

Pages: 1643-1650

Analysis of DDS Using Reversible Logic and CORDIC Algorithm

I. Sumanth Kumar Reddy and Sri T. Thammi Reddy

Pages: 1651-1659