Volume 11, 03-Special Issue

Service Quality of Healthcare Industry- A Gap Analysis of Private Hospitals

Dr. Fezeena Khadir and M.S. Sujaya

Pages: 1192-1197

Coordinated Two-echelon Inventory Model for Optimal Cycle Time and Inventory Decisions in a Cubic Price Dependent Demand Rate under Credit Period

Seelam Krugon and Dega Nagaraju

Pages: 1198-1205

Analysis of Economic Structural Change Indonesia after the Reformation ERA

Sugiartiningsih and Nur Surayya Mohd Saudi

Pages: 1206-1210

International Conference on Family Business & Entrepreneurship 2018 the Influence of Internet Usage on Batik Trusmi SMES Performance Moderated by Innovation Creativity

Tita Borshalina and Obsatar Sinaga

Pages: 1211-1218

Anticipation in the Future Development of Trusmi Batik SMES at Cirebon Regency

Trusmi Batik SMES at Cirebon Regency Tita Borshalina

Pages: 1219-1223

Sustainability of Favor in Culinary Business Community of Bandung Society: Critical Discourse Analysis

C.N. Tubagus, Rizal Ramdan and Saadah

Pages: 1224-1230

The Influence of Budget Participation on Budgetary Slack with Organizational Commitment as a Moderator Variable (A Study on Performance Sustainability of SOES Bandung)

Veronica Christina and Sandi Akbar

Pages: 1231-1236

Comparative Analysis of Quality of Services for VOIP Services in Wimax 802.16e Network Using Scheduling Service Best Effort (BE) And Unsolicited Grant Service (UGS)

Viddi Mardiansyah and Nanda Namira Tiarninda

Pages: 1237-1243

Comprehensive Analysis of Peak to Average Power Ratio in OFDM Using Different Modulation Techniques

K. Krishna Kishore and Dr.P. Rajesh Kumar

Pages: 1244-1251

Detection of Interstitial Lung Diseases from CT Scan Image

D.V.N. Sukanya, Giribabu Kande and B. Prabhakar Rao

Pages: 1252-1260

Eye Point Center Localization through Distance Vector Fields and Improved Grid based Measure of Eye Field Rotation

G. Sumathy and J. Arokia Renjith

Pages: 1261-1266

An Ensembled SVM Meetei Mayek Handwritten Character Recognition System with Robust Features

Chingakham Neeta Devi, Debaprasad Das, Haobam Mamata Devi and Khwairakpam Chaoba Singh

Pages: 1267-1273

A Study on Customer Adoption and Usage Level of Credit Cards with Special Reference to Kochi City

B. Athira, Riya Thomas and K.R. Shabu

Pages: 1274-1278

A Study on Influence of Kudumbashree on Women Empowerment and Poverty Reduction

Keerthy Jayakumar, N.P. Keerthy and Dr.A.S. Ambily

Pages: 1279-1286

Organizational Justice is Important in Every OrganizationWhy?

P. Annakili and Dr.R. Jayam

Pages: 1287-1290

CSR as a Game Changer towards Sustainability in India

Abhirami Anil, Adithya S Nair, Alisha Charuvila and K. Arun

Pages: 1295-1300

Human Resource Accounting and Valuation Practices in R and D Institutions

Vijaya Mani, M. Kavitha and K. Sampath Kumar

Pages: 1301-1309

Design of Hardware Trojan Detection Architecture in Digital Circuits

R. Haritha and S. Padmapriya

Pages: 1310-1321

Digital Learning and Students Motivation: A Meta Analysis of the Findings

Merin Elizabath Harry and Dr.K.K. Anoop

Pages: 1322-1325

Image Captioning Model for Content based Image Retrieval Using Deep Learning

S. Sindu and Dr.R. Kousalya

Pages: 1326-1331

Impulsive Diagnosis of Cancer Cells in Mammogram Images Using NFe and Ensemble Classifier

N. Arivazhagan and Dr.S. Govindarajan

Pages: 1332-1341

Optimal Disturbance Rejection Method of PI Controller for Conical Tank System

E. Ahila Devi, L.R. Swathika, S. Sasireka, S. Vaishnavi and V. Vijayan

Pages: 1342-1346

Detection of Drowsiness Levels by Examining Vitals for Two Wheeler Drivers Using Supervised Machine Learning

S. Muthamil Selvan, Nimisha Asthana, Anusha Chattopadhyay and Yash Singh

Pages: 1347-1356

Navigation System for Blind People Using Ultrasonic Sensor

K. Narmatha, A. Aiswarya, Pratyush Kumar Rout and Yashraj Sharma

Pages: 1357-1360

Ameliorating Steganography Using Message Encryption and Shadow Images

J. Gowthamy, Sahil Khatri, K. Riya and Supriyank Vishwakarma

Pages: 1361-1369

Detecting Phishing Attacks Using Machine Learning

K. Sathish, D. Gousepeer, K. Kusuma and Y. Sai Ratan

Pages: 1370-1373

Re-ranking Web Images Using Click based Similarity

Vamshi Teja Yellenki, G. Nikhil Shriyans, Sai Charith Vadla, Rushikesh Dongde and Bennet Prabha

Pages: 1374-1379

Exploratory Data Analysis for Visualising Trends of Women’s Workplace Participation in the Arab World Over Two Decades

S. Muthamilselvan, Harsh Khandelwal, Dhruvraj Singh and Anant Aaradhya Sinha

Pages: 1380-1384

Cloud based ECG Signal Analysis on Heart Rate Variation Technique

S. Manishankar and E.V. Siddharth Govardhan

Pages: 1385-1392

Design of High Speed Clock and Data Recovery Circuits by Using Multilevel Half-rate Phase Detector

B. Venkatesh and Sri A. Venkata Subba Reddy

Pages: 1393-1404