Volume 11, 03-Special Issue

Influence of Creativity and Service Quality on Customer Value and its Implications for the Chronicle's Kebaya Customer Loyalty Inspired Designers to Advance the Indonesian Cultural Garb in the International Sphere (A Study on the Female Kebaya Customer in

Adjeng Mariana Febrianti and Mohd Haizam Mohd Saudi

Pages: 954-962

The Effects of Publication of Framework of Competitive Improvement in Global Market through Creativity, Innovation and Price of Songket Fabrics: A Study on Smes in Desa Sidemen, Klungkung & Karangasem District, Bali

R. Adjeng Mariana Febrianti and Rizky Ferrari Octavian

Pages: 963-972

Analysis of Factors Affecting Carbon Emission Disclosure (An Empirical Study at Companies Registered with Sustainability Reporting Award 2015)

R. Wedi Rusmawan Kusumah, Daniel T.H. Manurung, Sari Dewi Oktari and Fitria Husnatarina

Pages: 973-980

Environmental Uncertainty, Quality of Management Accounting Information Systems and Quality of Management Accounting Information

Rima Rachmawati and Mohd Haizam Mohd Saudi

Pages: 981-986

The Influences of Asset Turn Over and Net Working Capital to the Return on Investment (Survey on State Employee Cooperatives (KPRI) in Bandung City)

Rudy Lizwaril Sjaiful, Mohd Haizam Mohd Saudi and Hammad Farhi Mohd Saudi

Pages: 987-994

The Influence of Electronic Word of Mouth and Brand Image on Buying Decision

S.A. Pratminingsih, Eriana Astuty and V. Mardiansyah

Pages: 995-1002

Exploring the Linkage between Knowledge Management and Organizational Culture: A Study of Literature

S. Mardiana and J.H. Tjakratmadja

Pages: 1003-1012

Macroeconomic Effect to Stock Returns in Property and Real Estate Companies

Sakina Ichsani, Vincentia Wahju Widajatun, Devy Mawarnie and Dede Hertina

Pages: 1013-1020

The Influence of Human Resources Performance on the Organizational Performance in the Regional Organization Device: A Study on OPD Sukabumi District, Indonesia

Siska Ayudia Adiyanti

Pages: 1021-1025

Effect of Health and Safety Management System Work to Performance Employees in Limited Company KSS Bandung

Wien Dyahrini and Ervina C. Simatupang

Pages: 1026-1031

Transition Strategies of Change Management towards Successful Implementation of Data Warehouse in Higher Education in Indonesia

Ade R Iskandar, Ari Purno, Heri Heriyono and Sy Yuliani

Pages: 1032-1040

Intellectual Capital on Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises (MSMES): Case Study of the Industrial Center of Textile Products in Cigondewah Bandung Indonesia

Y. Astuti and D. Rahadian

Pages: 1041-1048

Word of Mouth Implications of Service Quality Mediated Student Satisfaction: A Study on a Private University in Bandung

Yenny Maya Dora, Anissa Lisdayanti and Tita Borshalina

Pages: 1049-1055

Optimal Design Choice and Investigation of Single Sided Linear Induction Motor

Sijitha Issac and Dr.K. Balachander

Pages: 1056-1066

A Single Stage ZVS PFC Converter with Minimized Losses and High Power Factor

G. Ravivarman and Dr.A. Amudha

Pages: 1067-1072

A Performance Analysis of the Doubly-Fed Induction Generator under Unbalanced Grid Voltage Conditions

M.N. Kalaivani and Dr.K. Balachander

Pages: 1073-1083

Investigation and Approximation of GPR in Multilayered Soil Structure

R.T. Senthilkumar and K. Selvakumar

Pages: 1084-1092

A Review of Categorization in Step-Up DC–DC Converter with Voltage Boost Techniques and Applications

G. Saritha and Dr.D. Kirubakaran

Pages: 1093-1105

Improving the Performance of MPSOC based Reconfiguration of Smart Grid Architecture with Fault Tolerance

Dr.D. Vijayakumar, Dr.S. Vijayarajan, M. Palpandian and Dr.S. Mothilal

Pages: 1106-1113

Detection and Prediction of Cyber Crimes in Financial Sector by Applying Data Mining Techniques

M. Ganesan and P. Mayilvahanan

Pages: 1114-1118

Implementation of Increased Throughput With New Approache Using Distributed Network Neighborhood

M. Alexander and Dr.R. Santhi

Pages: 1119-1129

A Survey: On Data Similarity Identification for Cloud Storage Environment

S. Borgia Annie Catherine and Dr.S. Prasanna

Pages: 1130-1133

An Effective Multiuser Scheduling in Energy-Harvesting Cognitive Radio Systems

Dinokumar Kongkham and Dr.M. Sundararajan

Pages: 1134-1139

Conflict Management Styles of Managers: A Gender Perspective

Smarty P. Mukundan

Pages: 1140-1143

A Study on Metacognition and Analyzing Metacognitive Behaviour among MBA Students in A B School

Dr.B. Latha Lavanya

Pages: 1144-1157

Sleep Apnea Monitoring Using Sensors and Edge Computing

M. Gnanasundari@abarna and Dr.B. Bensujitha

Pages: 1158-1164

Consumer Gratification towards the Usage of M Commerce

M. Kunthavi Nappinnai and Dr.S. Ayyappan

Pages: 1165-1170

Impact of Demographic Factors on m Commerce Adoption among the Consumers with Special Reference to Coimbatore District

M. Kunthavi Nappinnai and Dr.S. Ayyappan

Pages: 1171-1175

Service Quality of B-Schools - A Gap Analysis of Post Graduate Management Institutes

Dr. Fezeena Khadir and Akanksha Dayma

Pages: 1176-1184

Service Quality of Retail Cafes - A Gap Analysis of Coffee Hangouts

Dr. Fezeena Khadir and Naeema Neefa

Pages: 1185-1191