Volume 11, 03-Special Issue

Using Arbitrage Pricing Theory (APT) Model in Companies Listed on Pharmaceutical Industries Period 2012-2017

Sakina Ichsani and Neneng Susanti

Pages: 481-487

The Third Party Fund and Non - Performing Financing (NPF) Effect on Murabahah Financing in Islamic Commercial Banks in Indonesia 2015-2017

Sendi Gusnandar Arnan, Sherly Setiawati, Nuryaman and Ignatius Oki Dewa Brata

Pages: 488-496

Analysis of Capital Structure and Liquidity to Profitability in Property and Real Estate Company Listed in Indonesian Stock Exchange Period 2011-2016

Silviana and W. Ayahti

Pages: 497-503

Yield to Maturity: Inflation, Interest Rates, Profitability, Leverage, Maturity and Sukuk Sukuk Rating

Siti Komariah

Pages: 504-512

Realization of Expansive Monetary Policy in Pressing Inflation in Indonesia Period 2005.07-2016.07

Sugiartiningsih and Wasifah Hanim

Pages: 513-522

Does the Value Added Can Predict the Performance of the Property and Real Estate Industry in Indonesia

Suskim Riantani

Pages: 523-526

Predicting Operating Cash Flows in LQ45 index via Ability of Profit, Operating Cash Flows and the Quality of Earnings

Tetty Lasniroha Sarumpaet and Agatha Rinta Suhardi

Pages: 527-530

The Evolution of Warfare: The Effect of Foreign Intervention on the Changing Nature of the Syrian War 2011-2018

Teuku Taufiqulhadi, Obsatar Sinaga, Arry Bainus and Widya Setiabudi Sumadinata

Pages: 531-534

The Application of TSLS (Two Stage Least Square) in Simulant Equation among Food Security, Human Development Index, and Poverty in Indonesia

Tria Apriliana, Nila Dewi Wahyuningsih and Sugiartiningsih

Pages: 535-540

Job Involvement as a Reinforcement of the Relationship between Good Corporate Governance on Managerial Performance

Veronica Christina, Sunardi S. Brahmana and Dewi Susilowati

Pages: 541-548

Influence of Transformational Leadership and Employee Engagement to Organizational Citizenship Behavior (OCB) and also the Effect to Division Effectiveness at PT. X

Vina S. Marinda, Mohd Haizam Mohd Saudi and Obsatar Sinaga

Pages: 549-556

Correlation Floods, Natural Disasters to NPL INSMEs Indonesia

Vincentia Wahju Widajatun

Pages: 557-560

Rice Field Narrative in the Visual Frame


Pages: 561-565

ARE basic Infrastructures have Good Impact on Poverty Reduction? An Indonesian Panel Data Analysis

Wasifah Hanim, Sugiartiningsih and Ghulam Muhammad Qamri

Pages: 566-573

The Influences of Tourism Experience and Destination Image on the Intention of Local Tourists to Revisit to Ciletuh - Palabuhanratu Geopark

Riski Taufik Hidayah

Pages: 574-579

Role of Techno Park for create Technopreneurship in Education Industry Case Study: Bandung Techno Park

Ni Putu Nurwita Pratami Wijaya and Mohd Haizam Mohd Saudi

Pages: 580-584

Young Investor Interest in Indonesian Capital Market

Neneng Susanti, Sakina Ichsani and Devy M. Puspitasari

Pages: 585-591

Testing of Carhart Four Factors Asset Pricing Model at Index LQ 45: Year 2012 - 2016

Neneng Susanti and Sakina Ichsani

Pages: 592-599

Design and Development of Supply Chain Management Applications SMEs Web-Based

Yani Iriani, Esa Fauzi and Anita Juraid

Pages: 600-610

The Influence of Employee Job Satisfaction towards Employee Engagement: A Study in Functional Unit Human Capital Management PT. Telekomunikasi, Indonesia

Nabilah Ramadhan and S.M.B. Dani Hermawan Hanuranto

Pages: 611-615

Effect of Debt to Equity Ratio (DER) and Total Assets Turnover (TATO) on Return On Equity (ROE) (Study at PT Ciputra Development TBK for the Period 2003-2017)

Muhammad Ali and Mohd Haizam Mohd Saudi

Pages: 616-622

Effect of Debt to Asset Ratio and Return on Investment to Stock Price

Mochamad Kohar Mudzakar

Pages: 623-629

Dynamic Relations between Macroeconomic Variables and the Bank Performance in Indonesia: An Application of Vector Error Correction Model

Lia Amaliawiati, Mohd Haizam Mohd Saudi and Obsatar Sinaga

Pages: 630-638

Development Strategy of Small and Medium Enterprises of Trade Sector in Bandung City

Kenikaniawati, Adjeng Mariana, Nurul Hermina and Gallang Perdhana Dalimunthe

Pages: 639-644

Enterprise Architecture Model for an Employee Cooperative Republic of Indonesia

Sri Lestari and Desi Sintiani

Pages: 645-657

Design of Hospital Performance Research Model Using Balanced Scorecard Approach in RS. Al Islam Bandung

Ingrid Larasati Agustina

Pages: 658-673

Description Calculation of Production Costs and Cost of Goods Sold for the Cattle Ranchers in North Bandung Regency, Indonesia

Irene Sukma Lestari Barus, Syakieb Arsalan, Acep Edison, Fitri Sukmawati, Silviana and Ratna Komala Putri

Pages: 674-683

The Effect of Leverage and Good Corporate Governance on Profitability in Banking Companies Listed in Indonesia Stock Exchange in the 2014-2016 Period

John Henry Wijaya, Mohd Haizam Mohd Saudi and Obsatar Sinaga

Pages: 684-688

The Effect of Systematic Economic Risk and Funding Policy to Stock Return on Jakarta Islamic Index

Abdul Rozak, Artarina D.A. Samoedra, H. Ayuningtyas Yuli and Sakina Ichsani

Pages: 689-694

Thailand's Rural Development Policy Faces Asean Economic Communities

Abdul Rozak Muslim, Obsatar Sinaga and Arry Bainus

Pages: 695-699