Volume 11, 02-Special Issue

A Study About the Differences in Work Values and Attitudes Amongst Various Generations Of Employees at the Place of Work – A Review of Empirical Evidence

RajshekharPhilkhana,Dr. K.G. Raja,

Pages: 2128-2134

A Novel Estimation and Tracking of Channel for MIMO-OFDM Systems

Gadda Archana Devi,MoparthyGurunadhaBabu

Pages: 2135-2144

Effect of Career Planning and Career Development on Employee Retention with Mediating Role of Succession Planning


Pages: 2145-2152

Altering Consumption Habits of Youth: Advertising Impact Assessment in Nagpur City

Dr. Nirzar M. Kulkarni,Dr. Saket N Bansod

Pages: 2153-2166

Workforce Diversity- Marking An Impression On The Communication And Productivity Of The Organisation

M. Sudha Paulin,DR. B. Aiswarya

Pages: 2167-2172

A Content Analysis of Hotel Websites in Jordan

Narayan Prabhu,Naresh Nayak,Anusha Pai

Pages: 2173-2180

A Study on Green Banking Practices in India and its Initiations by Indian Banks

Saikumari.V, Sunitha.V, Nandini.A

Pages: 2181-2184

Antecedents and Consequences of Contract Out Services of Various Star Category Hotels in Bengaluru

Naresh Nayak,Narayan Prabhu,Senthilkumaran.P,Ragini Arora

Pages: 2185-2196

Modeling Blood Flow in 3D Soft Tissues for the Simulation of Virtual Surgery


Pages: 2197-2206

Effect of Psyllium (Plantago Ovata) On Healthy Weight Reduction Among Adults

Namratha N Pai,Maanasa,Divya Prabhu

Pages: 2207-2218

Fuzzy Logic Controller for Damping of Low Frequency Oscillations UsingInterline Power Flow Controller of AC Transmission System

Ch.Venkata Krishna Reddy,G.Tulasi Ram Das,K.KrishnaVeni

Pages: 2219-2231

Factors Influencing Travelers Preference Towards Online Travel Agents Over Hotel Websites

Naresh Nayak,Sudhakar D Nayak,Mahadhriti Singh Chundawat,HanumantSinh,Puran Singh,RushabDorkadi

Pages: 2232-2243

Feeder Phase Balancing Using Single Phase Distributed Generations Considering Voltage Dependency of Loads

Sujeet Mishra,Abhishek Kumar,Rakesh Kumar Misra,Devender Singh

Pages: 2244-2253

Effect of Waste Marble Powder as Filler Material on Fresh and Hardened Properties of Self-Compacting Concrete

Peerzada Danish,Dr. G. Mohan Ganesh

Pages: 2254-2260

Feeder Phase Balancing using Single Phase Distributed Generations ConsideFeeder Phase Balancing using Single Phase Distributed Generations Considering Voltage Dependency of Loadsring Voltage Dependency of Loads

Sujeet Mishr,Abhishek Kumar,Rakesh Kumar Misra,Devender Singh

Pages: 2261-2274

Matched Wavelets for Differential Protection of Power Transformers Using Differential Evolution

Arpita Roy,Devender Singh,Rakesh Kumar Misra

Pages: 2275-2285

IoT Based Sign Language Interpretation System

Golda Jeyasheeli P,Annapoorani

Pages: 2286-2292

A Review on Reducing CO2 Emission in Environment to Improve Human Health by CO2 Sequestration Process

K.N.Balan,N.Prakash,Yashvanth,CH Sai Abhishek,Cheri V Dinesh kumar,Kanuri Dundivinayakasai,

Pages: 2293-2297

Performance & Analysis of Intracardic Masses Segmentation in Echocardiography Based on Sparse Representation Classifier

Dr.M. Anto Bennet,V.Vishnu Priya,S.Lokesh,N.Sathya,D.JenoFransis

Pages: 2298-2304

Numerical Approximation of Some Nonlinear Partial Differential Equations by Laplace Decomposition Method

Amitha Manmohan Rao,Arundhati Suresh Warke

Pages: 2305-2311

An Architecture FrameworkAnd Methodology For Big Data Analytics In Health Care

P.Ravikumaran,Dr. K. Vimala Devi

Pages: 2312-2317

Intelligent Multi Agent Reinforcement QLearning for the Best Practice Recommendations of E-Learning System


Pages: 2312-2318

A Study on the Effect of Social Media Factors on Product Innovation Through Business Performance

Sreenivasan Jayashree,ChinnasamyAgamudainambi,BentolhodaAbdollahbeigi,Farhang Salehi

Pages: 2318-2324

Testing the IQEMS - Integrated Quality and Environmental Management System Model – A Game Changer for an Accelerated Growth Trajectory

Sreenivasan Jayashree,Chinnasamy Agamudainambi Malarvizhi

Pages: 2325-2331

Temperature Control Using ACOand PSO Based PD

Greeshma M C,Bhagyalakshmi R,Jaganatha Pandian B,

Pages: 2332-2340

Load Frequency Control of Multi Area Power System Using Particle Swarm Optimization Algorithm

Talari Praveen Kumar,R.Kiranmayi,

Pages: 2341-2350

The Efficient Image Mining Technique for Image Classification using Histogram feature Selection

SarakulaDevanam Priya, K.Ravi Kumar,B.N.Jagadish

Pages: 2351-2363

Innovating the Different Trends and aggregating the retweet count from the live Twitter Streams

J Jayakrishna, D.T.V. Dharmajee Rao

Pages: 2364-2372

Jour of Adv Research in Dynamical & Control Systems, Vol. 11,Special Issue-02, 2019


Pages: 2373-2379

Secure Data Transmission Method for Wireless Multi-Hop Integrated Network

SamuthiraPandi.V,Martin Leo Manickam.J

Pages: 2380-2386