Volume 11, 02-Special Issue

Enhanced Performance of Inset Fed Microstrip Patch Antenna Arrays Using CPW Feed for Millimeter Wave Wireless Communication

Md. Farid Shah,A. Dinamani Singh,Moirangthem Edison Singh

Pages: 1895-1902

A Multi Factor User Authentication Scheme for Three Party Authentication Key Exchange Protocol in Cloud Computing Environment

Sagarika Behera

Pages: 1903-1911

System Verilog Based Verification for Serial Peripheral Interface Protocol to Get Maximum Coverage

Dr.Sharmila K P,Anindita Mukherjee

Pages: 1912-1921

Time Complexity Analysis and Comparison of SHA Algorithms

S.Sivakumar,Dr.A.Arul Lawrence Selvakumar

Pages: 1922-1927

An Efficient Pilot Scheduling Mechanism for Mitigating the Contamination in A MIMOOFDM Systems

L. Swetha Rani,Suraiya Tarannum

Pages: 1928-1939

On Intuitionistic Fuzzy Automata Based On Semirings With Respect ToT-Norm

Apil Uddin Ahmed,Saifur Rahman,Bijan Davvaz

Pages: 1940-1952

A Unique Adventure - Unity Based 3D Game

S.K.Aruna,Assistant Professor,K.Sindhanaiselvan,M.Kumaresan

Pages: 1953-1959

An Advanced Variable Temperature Refrigerator for Preservation And Management Of Food Items

Aruna S K,Merin Thomas,Kirubakran David

Pages: 1960-1966

Rainfall Prediction Based Crop Analysis using LSTM in Coastal Andhra Pradesh Region

P. Chandrashaker Reddy,A.Suresh Babu

Pages: 1967-1979

Ontologies in Semantic Web: A Comprehensive Analysis

Clara Kanmani A,Pamela Vinitha

Pages: 1980-1986

Hybrid Optimized Cluster Head Selection Using Krill Herd- Tabu Search Algorithm For Wireless Sensor Network

P.T.Karthick,C. Palanisamy

Pages: 1987-1995

Reducing Energy Consumption by Implementing Bit Synchronization Algorithm with Fuzzy Logic Controller in a Wireless Sensor Network

Janish, Kapil Gupta

Pages: 1996-2004

Risk management of agroindustry biodiesel raw materials based on Elaeisguineensisjacq. : Model Simulation Technique

I Gusti Bagus Udayana,I KetutArnawa,Yuli Wibowo

Pages: 2005-2014

Segmentation Retinal Fundus Images Across Blood Vessels


Pages: 2015-2021

Role of Work Life Balance and its outcome in higher education using Structural Equation Model


Pages: 2022-2033

The Relationship Between Emotional Intelligence, Perceived Stress and Academic Achievement Among Hospitality and Tourism Student

Sachin George Varghese

Pages: 2034-2040

Workplace Spirituality and Spiritual Leadership -It’s Impact on Organisational Growth


Pages: 2041-2043

Village Tourism: A Sustainable Rural Development Model forKuttanad, Kerala

SudeerBabu A,Fathima Hakkim,Abhijith J,Arun K

Pages: 2044-2048

Modeling and Analysis of Activity Based Travel Demand In “Y” Sized Cities Of Developing Countries

Jayesh Juremalani,Krupesh A. Chauhan

Pages: 2049-2054

Face and Fingerprint Recognition in Real Time System

Sri Ranjaane J,Mathivanan B

Pages: 2055-2059

Performance analysis of Joint Turbo coding for Overloaded MIMO-OFDM Systems

Rajanidevi. M,Satish Kumar,Sridhar.Madhela

Pages: 2060-2066

Recurrent Neural Networks in Deep Learning for Intrusion Detection

Sreeja P,Jeyapriya A

Pages: 2067-2074

Analyzing the Influence Of Metropolitan Physical Environment On Walkability In Indian Context For The Pockets Having Recreational Character Using TOPSIS Method- A Case Study Of Vadodara City

Ar. Dharmesh R,Dr. Krupesh A

Pages: 2075-2081

Barriers to Green Logistics in India

Akarsh C,Banerji S

Pages: 2082-2086

Impact of Companies Act 2013: Moving Towards MDGS Through CSR

T. P. Vishnu Priya,Yiaza Fernandez,Arun K

Pages: 2087-2093

Intention to Buy Fresh Milk

Sreedev S,Banerji S

Pages: 2094-2102

Detection of Car-Following Behavior from Malicious Environment

Pranali Manapure,Manoj Chandak

Pages: 2103-2110

Improved ACE Method for Reducing PAPR In OFDM System

Pranav Kashyap,Khushal Thakur

Pages: 2111-2116

Impact of Demonetization on Women Empowerment: A Study on SHGs in Kerala

Archana K R,Dileep G Menon

Pages: 2117-2121

Career Intention of Hospitality students: Critical Role of Industrial Training

Shreelatha R,Dr. GithaHeggde

Pages: 2122-2127