Volume 11, 02-Special Issue

Maximization of Energy Efficiency in Wireless Network using Massive MIMO

Ragunathan Surender,Perumal Dananjayan

Pages: 534-542

Eliptic Curve Cryptography Based Anonymous Authentication Scheme for Wireless Body Area Networks

T.Santhi Vandana,S.Venkateshwarlu

Pages: 543-550

Deviation Controlled Soft Thresholding Technique in Curvelet Domain to Supress Speckle Noise in SAR Images

ShivakumaraSwamy P M,Vani K

Pages: 551-559

Study on Tribological Characterization of RRA Treated Aluminium 7075 Alloy

Sunil Kumar K,P L Srinivasa Murthy

Pages: 560-569

Optimal Multi-level Thresholding for Satellite Image Segmentation Using ALO Algorithm

K.Jayanthi, L.R.Sudha,R.Ashok Bakkiyaraj

Pages: 570-586

A Novel Deep Q-Reinforcement Learning Model for building Efficient Agriculture Autonomous Robots

Prashanth M V,Vijaya Kumar M V

Pages: 587-594

Developing a Scalable and Reconfigurable RTOS Based Low Power Mine Monitoring Sensor Based System Controlled Over Internet


Pages: 595-601

Internet Based Modern Health Care Monitoring System Using Body Sensor Network

B.Raja, Associate Professor,Ayesha Firdous,A.MohammedIshak,M.Anand

Pages: 602-608

Design and Implementation of Visible and Invisible Watermarking


Pages: 609-615

Recent Developments for Diabetes Monitoring Using Non-Invasive Methods

G.Kavitha,K.Senthil Kumar

Pages: 616-618

Investigation of Lung Cancer using GLCM with CT Scan Images

Durgadevi G,Menaka A

Pages: 619-625

Designing of Digits Recognition Technique Using Neural Network

Santosh Deshpande,Mukul Kulkarni

Pages: 626-629

Study of Traits of Individual Investors to Determine their Investment Pattern

Swapnaja Patwardhan,Vivek Katdare,Manish Joshi

Pages: 630-636

IT System Alert Classification and Prediction of Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) using Machine Learning Algorithms

Santosh Deshpande,Rahul Gaikwad

Pages: 637-649

Evolutions in CRM: Use of Technology in Strengthening Customer Relationship

Jayashree S. Patil,Ravindra M. Patil

Pages: 650-655

Enabling ICT for Voluntary Organizations

Ashwini Patil,R. M. Patil

Pages: 656-661

Comparative Study of Fog, Cloud and Edge Computing

Venugopal S. Narsingoju,Aslam Y. Suriya

Pages: 662-667

Impact of Investment Management on Individual Investor: An Empirical Study

Swapnaja Patwardhan,Ravindra Vaidya

Pages: 668-673

A Review of Role of Data Mining Techniques in Portfolio Management

Swapnaja Patwardhan,Darshana Yadav,Shilpa Parlikar,

Pages: 674-681

Challenges Hindering the Adoption of Pricing Policies of Financial Products and Services in the Banking Sector of Yemen

Murad Thomran,Ali Saleh Alshebami

Pages: 682-688

Performance Analysis of Modified Shunt Active Line Conditioner (MSALC) Using Kalman Filter trained by Neural Network

Muralikrishnan gopalakrishnan,Nalin Kant Mohanty

Pages: 689-698

Attribute based Access Control Policies with Trust (ABAC-T) Mechanism in Pervasive Computing

Abirami.G,Revathi Venkataraman,

Pages: 699-706

Brain Computer Interface for Evaluation of Mild Cognitive Impairment using Eye Blink

K.Yasoda,Annapurani.K,K.Gayathri Devi,P.Kumari,

Pages: 707-717

Prediction of Electricity Consumption in India

Satyam Verma ,Siddhant Sharma,Poovammal E

Pages: 718-735

Review of various types of power efficient Analog-to-Digital Converters

S.M.Sivaraman,M.Janaki Rani ,M. Anand

Pages: 736-744

Implementation of Energy Efficient Adders using Advanced Power Optimization Techniques

T. Suguna,M.Janaki Rani,M. Anand

Pages: 745-756

Low Leakage FinFET Ring Oscillator for Bio-Medical Energy Harvesting Applications

Mrs. Jeneetha Jebanazer,M.Janaki Rani,M. Anand

Pages: 757-764

Research Survey on Issues and Challenges in Underwater Optical and Acoustic Communication

M. Lenin Kumar,M.Janaki Rani,M. Anand,

Pages: 765-776

Comparative Investigation of Grid– Connected PV Inverter Performance under Voltage Unbalance

B. K. Kimaiyo,C. Sirisamphanwong,S. Somkun,

Pages: 777-785

FPGA Implementation of Coin Detection using MATLAB and VERILOG

S. Elakkiya,K.S.Thivya,M. Janani,M. Anand

Pages: 786-793