Volume 11, 02-Special Issue

Aspect Level Sentiment Analysis in Deep learning technique using CNN

P. Shanmuga Sundari* , Dr.M. Subaji

Pages: 262-270

Opting Web Services Based On Selective Trust, Quality and Associative Branching In Cloud Service Recommendations

*Dileep V K, R V Siva Balan

Pages: 271-279

Image Processing Based Fire Detection and Alerting System for Crowd Monitoring

*S. Jothi Shri, S. Jothilakshmi

Pages: 280-286

Target Cost and its Role in Cost Reduction and Product Development )And Applied in Engineering Industrial Companies(

*Khaleel Radhi Hasan Alzlzly

Pages: 287-297

Lossless Image Compression for Low Memory Using Dynamic Partial Reconfiguration in Asynchronous FPGA

Lekashri S*, Sakthivel P

Pages: 298-307

Comparison of Multimodal Image Fusion In Brain Tumor Detection by ABC Optimization and Genetic Algorithm

*S.L.Jany Shabu, Dr. C. Jayakumar

Pages: 308-317

Accurate Prediction of the Rainfall Using Convolutional Neural Network and Parameters Optimization Using Improved Particle Swarm Optimization

*J. Refonaa ,Dr . M. Lakshmi

Pages: 318-328

Analyzing Qualitative Characteristics of Computerized Electronic Accounting Information and Its Impact on Improving the Quality of Information Costing

*Dr. Abbas H. Mahlhal, Ali H. Mahawesh, Ayad H. Abdel Bari

Pages: 329-343

Computerized Situated Agent as Mediator in Centralized Computing Market

Ali Obied*. Muatamed Abed Hajer, Ali Hussein Hasan

Pages: 344-350

Breast Cancer Prediction using Dimensionality Reduction UMAP with Machine Learning Algorithms

P. Srihari*, D. Lalitha Bhaskari

Pages: 351-362

CS Pattern Cracker Algorithm: To Unlock an Android Mobile Phone Pattern Lock without Data Loss for Forensic Examination

V Balaji Chandrasekhar M*, T. Srinivasa Rao

Pages: 363-374

Power Flow Analysis Incoporating SVC in Radisl Distribution Power System

Yahiaoui Merzoug *, Bouanane Abdelkrim

Pages: 375-381

Hostis Humani ET Mashinae: Adversarial Camouflage Generation

A.N. Alfimtsev*, S.A. Sakulin , D.A. Loktev , A.O. Kovalenko , V.V. Devyatkov

Pages: 382-392

Experimental Investigation in Order to Determine Deviation of Dimensions of the Sand Casting Moulds, Which Were Printed with the Help of the Additive Devices, from the 3D-Model Depending on the Drop Dimension of the Binding Agent, as well as Depending on

Peter I. Galinov*, Aleksandr G. Netkachev

Pages: 393-411

Efficiency and Environmental Safety of Innovative Biotechnological Production Systems in Agriculture

O. G. Vysotskiy*, A.I. Grishenkov , A.M. Khlopyanikov , G. V. Khlopyanikova , A.M. Lobanovsky

Pages: 412-418

Dynamic Control System for Identity as Reflection of Socio-Cultural Context

Kornienko O.Yu

Pages: 419-424

Analysis of Millimeter-Wave Deflector Structures based on Ferroelectric Ceramic Materials

A.G. Altynnikov*, R.A. Platonov , S.V. Ptashnik , P.M. Trofimov

Pages: 425-430

Improving the Process of Hose-Sprinkler for Irrigation of Small Areas

Genadiy V. Olgarenko*, Anatoly I. Ryazantsev , Anatoly A. Terpigorev , Sergey S. Turapin , Alexey Antipov

Pages: 431-438

Effect of a Flat Mirror Surface on the form of Photometric Body of Leds

Albert A. Ashryatov*, Dinara K. Churakova2

Pages: 439-445

Classical and Bayesian Estimation of Parameters for The Beta Exponentiated Gompertz Distribution with Real Data Application

Hanaa H. Abu-Zinadah*, Nouf M. Hajar

Pages: 446-454

Developing Algorithm to Obtain the Maximum Flow in a Network Flow Problem

Protima Dash *, Md. Mosfiqur Rahman2 , M. Sharmin Akter

Pages: 455-459

Surface Presentation Methods in Geometric Models of Light Devices

Vitaly V. Baynev, Sergey A. Fedosin

Pages: 460-464

Features OD Free-Form Optics Design and Manufacture in Lighting Industry

Irina I. Bayneva

Pages: 465-467

Evaluating Factors Associated with the Implementation of the Model of Service-Oriented Architecture in Qarz Al-Hasaneh Mehr Iran and Resalat Qarz Alhasaneh Banks

Mohammad Ali Darvishzadeh, Sanjar Salajeghe*, Masoud Pourkiani, Saeed Sayadi, Vahid Amirzadeh

Pages: 468-475

Factors of Development of the Banking System of Russia and Accounting of their Coherence when Forecasting its Short-Term Prospects

Fiapshev A.B.*, Afanasyeva O.N.

Pages: 476-488

Implementation and Optimization of Ray Tracing Algorithm in an Optical System

Baynev Vitaly V*, Fedosin Sergey A.

Pages: 489-493

Satellite Images Segmentation Based on Histogram and Active Contour Algorithm

Asmaa Sadiq Abdul Jabar*, Noor khalid Ibraheem, Nada Thanoon Ahmed

Pages: 494-505

Hostis Humani ET Mashinae: Adversarial Camouflage Generation

A.N. Alfimtsev*, S.A. Sakulin, D.A. Loktev, A.O. Kovalenko, V.V. Devyatkov

Pages: 506-516

Design of the Dynamic System of “Homo Economicus” and Development of Modern Social Processes based on the Evolutionary Models

Naumenko T.V

Pages: 517-522

Satellite Images Segmentation Based on Histogram and Active Contour Algorithm

*Asmaa Sadiq Abdul Jabar , Noor khalid Ibraheem , Nada Thanoon Ahmed

Pages: 523-533