Volume 11, 02-Special Issue

Performance Evaluation Of Entropy Based Graph Network Intrusion Detection System (E-Ids)

*Durgesh Srivastava, Rajeshwar Singh, Vikram Singh

Pages: 1-10

Design of Data Analytics Model for Analyzing Diverse Patterns on Social Networks

*Gnanasambandan P,Poonkuzhali S

Pages: 11-22

EFDC-KTM: An Efficient Framework Modeling For Document Clustering Using Keyword Based Text-Mining Approach

*Jalaja G, Kavitha C

Pages: 23-29

A Pragmatic Study on Heuristic Algorithms for Prediction and Analysis of Crime Using Social Media Data

*Boppuru Rudra Prathap, Rameha K

Pages: 30-36

Power degradation and performance analysis of 100 kW grid-connected PV solar systems in Nigeria

*Najib Hamisu Umar, Birinchi Bora, Chandan Banerjee

Pages: 37-43

Shape Based 2d Object Recognition for Partially Occluded Objects

*Priya.L, Usha S, Poornimathi K

Pages: 44-50

Studies Done on The Impact of Lightweight Documentation in Scrum Methodology When Used in Various Software Industries

*Rakhi Venugopal, Dr. John T Abraham

Pages: 51-56

Multiagent Using Solving the Job Scheduling Problem in the Industry 4.0

*R Shalini, Dr. A.Kumaravel

Pages: 57-68

An Approach For Predicting Employee Sustainability Using Machine Learning

*Shubhangi Urkude

Pages: 69-77

Analysis Of Unequal Grid Spacing In Grounding Grid Design By Two Novel Techniques And Comparison Of Both

*Soni M, Dr. Abraham George

Pages: 78-87

Efficient Human Iris Recognition Using Adaptive Central Force Optimization Based Anfis Classification

*Suleiman Salihu Jauro, Raghav Yadav

Pages: 88-104

Adaptive Hexagonal Search Algorithm based Motion Estimation for Video Encoding

*G. Senbagavalli, S. Prakash,Dr. Manjunath R

Pages: 105-114

Efficient Steganography Process Of Hiding Text Contents In Bit Map Image Using LSB Based AES Algorithm

*Dr. T.Rama prabha, S.Anitha

Pages: 115-127

Optimized Random Forest Techniques To Improve The Resource Allocation Scheme In Cognitive Radio Networks

M.Kannan *, Dr.B.Rosiline Jeetha

Pages: 128-133

Identification of Autism Spectrum Disorder using a Multi-Label Approach

V. Pream Sudha*, Dr. M.S.Vijaya

Pages: 134-141

Despeckling of Prostate Ultrasound Images using Computational Optimization Approaches

J.Ramesh*, R.Manavalan

Pages: 142-156

A Review Of Recent Trends In Big Data Analytics Using Healthcare

*Magesh G, P Swarnalatha

Pages: 157-167

Secured Packet Transfer using HASME for AODV Protocol to Detect Black hole and Gray hole Attack

G.Sabeena gnanaselvi*, Dr.T.V.Ananthan , Dr.Sumathy Eswaran

Pages: 168-177

A New Model Of Denoising And Segmentation Based On Toggle Wavelet Transform And Nano Tree Segmentation

A.Subhashini*, Dr. S.P. Victor

Pages: 178-184

Work-Life Balance: The Impact Of Work-Related Variables

*R.Dhaneesh, S.Sivakami, Y.C. Mohan

Pages: 185-191

Protecting Location Information For Privacy Preservation And Subtituting Open-Bts In An Eco-Friendly Vanet Architecture

*Vijay Kumar Tripathi, Dr. S. Venkateswari

Pages: 192-200

Review on the Moderating Effects Of Per-ceived Organizational Support and Organizational Politics between Emo-tional Intelligence and Job Performance

Vinita Kumari , * Dr.S Vasantha

Pages: 201-205

A Study on Work Life Balance Of Women Executives In Banking Industry In Chennai

K .Majini Jes Bella,Dr. M Chandran

Pages: 206-211

An Empirical Study On Work Life Balance Of Women Executives In Telecom Sector In Chennai City

K Majini Jes Bella ,*Dr. M Chandran

Pages: 212-218

A Conceptual Model On Cross-Selling And Cross Buying In Banking Sector

Sapna Kumari,*Dr. P. Shalini

Pages: 219-224

Influence of Trust, Security and Privacy on Mobile Payment Adoption


Pages: 225-230

The Relationship Of ROA And EPS In The Indian Industries Shares

Angelin Kiruba, *Dr. S. Vasantha

Pages: 231-238

Proposed Hybrid Security Algorithm for Wireless Sensors Network Security

Haider K. Hoomod*,Ali Jameel Al-Mousawi,JolanRokanNaif

Pages: 239-246

A Review Analysis on Recommendation System

*Rajeswari Nakka , Dr. G.V.S.N.R.V.Prasad, Dr.R.Kiran Kumar

Pages: 247-252

A Lightweight Data Preserving model using Ensemble Signature Scheme to the outsourced health files in cloud

* K.Ketzial Jebaseeli, Dr.V.G.Rani

Pages: 253-261