Volume 11, 12-Special Issue

Using Lee Model Codes to derive the Scaling Laws and performance of Dense Plasma Focus machines working in deuterium gas

Arwinder Singh, Lee Sing, Saw Sor Heoh

Pages: 1-8

How influential the structural of oil components on the world commodity price?

Siok Kun Sek, Kıvanç Halil Ariç

Pages: 9-15

Effects of LTNE and periodicity of sinusoidal conditions on the conjugate natural convection in a square porous cavity

Ammar I. Alsabery, Ishak Hashim, Ali J. Chamkha

Pages: 16-23

Examining the EKC Model for African Continent

Abdulrahman Malik, Ahmed R. M. Alsayed

Pages: 24-29

Evaluation on the Credit Risk Efficiency of Companies in M a laysia with Enhanc ed Da- ta Envelopment Analysis Model

Agnes Lai Jing Xin, Lam Weng Hoe, Lam Weng Siew

Pages: 30-38

Optimization and Comparison of Bank Financial Management in Malaysia with Goal Programming Model

Chen Jia Wai, Lam Weng Siew, Lam Weng Hoe

Pages: 39-46

Analysis Stock Price Index Using Residual Income Model in Jakarta Islamic Index

Sugiyarto, Muhammad Randa, Suliadi Sufahani

Pages: 47-51

A Study to Determine the Survival Time of Breast Cancer Patients Using Accelerated Failure Time (AFT) Model

Lavenyah Jakanathan, Ahmed R.M. Alsayed, Siok Kun Sek

Pages: 52-57

PLS Model of Continued Intention to Use Facebook: A study on Undergraduate Students

Bahtiar Jamili Zaini, Rosnalini Mansor, Norhayati Yusof, Nor Intan Saniah Sulaiman, Gooi Rhu Bee

Pages: 58-67

Slack Based Interval Dea Model With Undesirable Output To Measure Rice Farmers Efficiency In Kedah, Malaysia

Sahubar Ali Mohd. Nadhar Khan , Razamin Ramli , MD Azizul Baten

Pages: 68-74

Application of Discrete Wavelet Transformation with Artificial Neural Network in Kelantan Water Level Prediction

Eng Chuen Loh, Shuhaida binti Ismail, Aida Mustafa, Shazlyn Milleanna Shaharudin

Pages: 82-88

Comparison of ARIMA and Artificial Neural Network in Forecasting of Stock Price in Bursa Malaysia

Kah Chun Chai, Maria Elena Binti Nor

Pages: 89-97

Effect of Selective Parameters Values Towards Microalgae Growth by An Advanced Hybrid Mathematical Model

N A M Aris, S S Jamaian, U A F M Sadiq, N M Mustaffa, N M Sunar, F H Zulkifli

Pages: 107-118

Numerical Performance of Half-Sweep SOR Iteration with the Grünwald Implicit Finite Difference for Time-Fractional Parabolic Equations

Fatihah Anas Muhiddin, Jumat Sulaiman, Andang Sunarto

Pages: 119-125

Portfolio Diversification Strategy on Large Cap Stocks in Tokyo Stock Exchange

Muhammad Jaffar Sadiq Abdullah, Norizarina Ishak

Pages: 126-136

New Model Averaging on Household Income to Examine Poverty In Malaysia

Siti Aisyah Mohd Padzil, Khuneswari Gopal Pillay, Rohayu Mohd Salleh, Sya Sya Avtar, Azme Khamis

Pages: 137-144

 –Diagonally Implicit Block Backward Differentiation Method for Solving Stiff Ordinary Differential Equations

Hazizah Mohd Ijam, Zarina Bibi Ibrahim, Zanariah Abdul Majid, Norazak Senu, Khairil Iskandar Othman

Pages: 145-154

Convergence Analysis of Stiff Ordinary Differential Equations Solver via Singly Diagonally Implicit 2-Point Block Multistep Formula

Saufianim Jana Aksah, Zarina Bibi Ibrahim, Khairil Iskandar Othman

Pages: 155-163

Modeling Dynamical Interactions between Susceptible and Infected Vector Population for Leptospirosis Disease

N Yuvanesvari Narayanan, Ummu Atiqah Mohd Roslan

Pages: 164-170

Stability Analysis for the Dynamics of New Sea Turtle-Human Interaction Model

Ummu Atiqah Mohd Roslan, Muhammad Shahrulnizam Othman Jailani, Mohd Uzair Rusli

Pages: 171-177

Comparison of Multiple Imputation and EM algorithm on Predicting Children’s Weight at School Entry using Penalized Regression: Ridge, Lasso and Elastic Net

Khuneswari Gopal Pillay, Sya Sya Avtar, John H. McColl, Charlotte Wright

Pages: 178-185

Participation of Government, Community, Public Sector, and Mass Media Towards Waste Bank on Recycling Activity using Regression Analysis

Hayati Mukti Asih

Pages: 186-192

A Mathematical Formulation to Design a House Pop-Up Card Using Paper Folding Technique

Nur Lina Abdullah, Norul Fadhilah Ismail, Nik Nadhilah Nik Mohd Yusof, Izreen Aqila Sezali, Nor Zahanim Mod Zubir, Siti Azureen Mad Safri

Pages: 193-200

Analysis Of Hotel Guests’ Behavior On Food Waste

Siti Mahsanah Budijati, Achmad Ramdhoni

Pages: 201-208

Model for Determining Temporary Landfil Facility Locations with Maximal Covering by Considering Capacity, Region and Hotels (Case Study at the Sector of TPS Malioboro-Kranggan Yogyakarta)

Triarni Yuni Purtri Utami, Annie Purwani, Utaminingsih Linarti

Pages: 209-213

Chi-square method for Checking Consistency in Analytic Hierarchy Process (AHP)

Wan Rosanisah Wan Mohd, Lazim Abdullah

Pages: 214-220

Numerical Solution for Application Problems by Third Order 1 point Block Backward Differentiation Formula with Off Step Point

Amiratul Ashikin Nasarudin, Zarina Bibi Ibrahim,Nor Ain Azeany Mohd Nasir

Pages: 221-227

Generalised Additive Model of DIR Based On Region, Monsoon and State in Peninsular Malaysia

Norziha Che Him, Yusliandy Yusof, Nor Azah Samat

Pages: 228-234

Multi-Valued Neutrosophic Linguistic Soft Set And Its Application In Multi-Criteria Decision-Making

Nor Liyana Amalini Mohd Kamal, Lazim Abdullah, Ilyani Abdullah

Pages: 235-243

New General University Course Timetabling Model Towards Real Problems: A Comparison

Nur Aidya Hanum Aizam, Nurul Liyana Abdul Aziz, Zahidah Mohd Zaulir

Pages: 244-257