Volume 11, 01-Special Issue

Highly Accurate DWT-NSCT based Forest Fire Detection (DWT-NSCT-FFD) from Still Images Using Extreme Learning Machine (ELM) Classifier

M. Senthil Vadivu and Dr.M.N. Vijayalakshmi

Pages: 772-785

An Expert Agent based Cloud Service Discovery Using Elliptic Curve Cryptography Authentication

B.S. Murugan, S. Dhanasekaran, R. Sundarrajan, P. Vijayakarthik and V. Vasudevan

Pages: 786-789

Contextual Information Retrieval in Digital Library and Research Over Current Search Engines

Yellepeddi Vijayalakshmi, Dr.P. Manimegalai, Dr.G.K.D. Prasanna Venkatesan and Dr. Suvanam Sasidhar Babu

Pages: 790-793

A Comparative Study of Various Artificial Neural Network Classifiers for EEG Based Autism Spectrum Disorder Diagnosis

Laxmi Raja and B. Arun Kumar

Pages: 794-801

Investigation of Nozzle Geometry Effect on Grooved Tubes for Heat Transfer Estimation

S. Saran Kumar

Pages: 802-811

Extracting the User’s Interests from Web Log Data Using Short-Period Term Algorithm

K. Srinivasa Rao, Dr.A. Ramesh Babu and Dr.M. Krishna Murthy

Pages: 812-817

A Multi Level Lightweight Method to Find Malfunctioning Nodes inWSN

G. Nagendra Babu, Dr.K.M. Mehata and Dr.M. Krishnamurthy

Pages: 818-823

HDFS I/O Operations Performance Optimization

Purnachandra Rao Bobbepalli and Dr. Nagamalleswara Rao Nallamothu

Pages: 824-836

Estimation of Sea Clutter Spectral Intensity Using STFT

Gurumurthy Vemula and Kakarla Subba Rao

Pages: 837-845

Clock Gated Low Power FFT Architecture for Software Defined Radio

Pujari Sridhar and Dr.C.R. Byrareddy

Pages: 846-853

Survey of Improved Route Maintenance Techniques in MANET

C. Sangamesh Jalade and Dr.B. Nagaraj Patil

Pages: 854-861

Automatic Multiple Sclerosis Detection using Fuzzy Detection Algorithm

N. Hema Rajini

Pages: 862-869

A Novel Energy Detection of Spectrum based on Noise Measurement a Review

A. Sai Suneel and Dr.S. Shiyamala

Pages: 870-873

Empirical Wavelet Transform for the Analysis of Radar Echo Signals

G. Madhavilatha, Dr.S. Varadarajan and Dr.P. Satish Kumar

Pages: 874-879

Implement the Harmonic Search Algorithm with Optimum Location of Capacitors Sizing and Dispatchable DGs to Control the Reactive Power on Inter Connected Bus System

M. Suneetha, R. Srinivasa Rao and B. Subramanyam

Pages: 880-889

Transient Stability Enhancement of PV/Wind/Grid Connected Hybrid Network by Fuzzy based Thyristor Midpoint DBFCL

N. Balavenkata Muni, Dr. Nagaraju Mandadi and Dr.S. Sasikumar

Pages: 890-904

Electrical Power System Transmission Line Design by Using HPFC in Restructured Power System

I. Luke John Baktha Singh, I. Sobha Rani, P. Mahamood Khan and A. Sai Anusha

Pages: 905-910

GA-SVM Approach to Predict the Mechanical Properties of Steel

Dr.N. Sandhya, Dr.M. Raja Sekar and Chennakesava Rao Bandaru

Pages: 911-916

Perception for Adoption of International Financial Reporting Standards for Small and Medium Sized Entities in India

Shivani Kampani and M.L. Vadera

Pages: 917-922

Fuzzified Control of Deaerator System in Power Plant & Comparative Analysis with Pid Control Scheme

A. Anie Selva Jothi, B. Ajith Singh, J. Jeyapadmini and S. Sheebarani

Pages: 923-931

Implementation of a Novel Control Technique in Landsman Converter Using PSO Optimization

A. Riyaz Rahiman and M.C. John Wiselin

Pages: 932-941

Enhanced Noise Curtailing In Long Haul Multi Service 5g Cellular Optical Hybrid Networks

Asish B Mathews and Dr.G. Glan Devadhas

Pages: 942-948

Self-Adaptive Differential Evolution Optimization Technique for the Solution of Economic/Environmental Dispatch Problem

T. Manoj Kumar and N. Albert Singh

Pages: 949-955

Forensic Accounting: an Open window to keep watch on White Collar Crime – an Evidence from Kingdom of Bahrain

Dr. Atul Bansal

Pages: 956-965

Boosting Using Ensemble for Improving the Accuracy of E-mail Spam Classification

Prakash V. Parande and Dr.M.K. Banga

Pages: 973-981

Control of Direct Current Motor Using Intelligent PID Controller

Manjeet Kaur and Janak Kumar B. Patel

Pages: 982-988

A Comparison of Methods Used to Convert Sign Languages to Relative Formal Languages

M.N. Sowjanya and S.N. Thimmaraju

Pages: 989-996

A Hybrid Approach in Random Forest Classification with Genetic Algorithm and Ant Colony Optimization

Varun Malik and Dr. Sanjay Singla

Pages: 997-1003

Computation of Moisture Uptake based Irrigation Schedules to Counter Ill Effects of Saline Irrigation on Agricultural Productivity

Arunava Poddar, Navsal Kumar and Vijay Shankar

Pages: 1004-1013

Analysis of Efficiency and Effectiveness of the Indian Banking Sector Application of Data Envelopment Analysis

Pooja Gupta and Bindya Kohli

Pages: 1014-1022