Volume 11, 01-Special Issue




Design of Polarization and Frequency Reconfigurable Rectangular Patch Antenna for Cognitive Radio Applications

K.V. Chandra, Dr. Moturi. Sathyanarayana and Dr. Battula Tirumala Krishna

Pages: 1-6

Cooperative Attack Detection Framework with the Focus on Identity Forage Attack in MANET

A. Kavitha and Dr.V.S. Meenakshi

Pages: 7-20

Transitioned Column-Row sorting Filter (TCRSF) to De-noise Finger Nail Images

V. Thahira Banu and Dr.M. Renuka Devi

Pages: 21-27

MELDCA-Modified Energy-efficient and Load Distributed Clustering Algorithm for Dense Wireless Sensor Networks

J. Naveen, P.J.A. Alphonse and Sivaraj Chinnasamy

Pages: 28-38

Wideband Printed Log-Periodic Dipole Antenna

B.V. Ramana, Dr.P. Mallikarjuna Rao and Dr.M. Satyanarayana

Pages: 39-47

Different Conditional Random Field Based Contextual Hierarchical Model for Semantic Image Segmentation

T. Sreedhar and S. Sathappan

Pages: 48-57

Dimensionality Reduction of Brain Tumors and Classification Using Hybrid Ensemble Classifier

B. Vijay Kumar and Parasuraman Kumar

Pages: 58-71

Formant Frequency Estimation of Artificial Larynx Transducer Speech Using Recurrent Neural Network

K. Inbanila and E. Krishna Kumar

Pages: 72-81

Variety Identification of Indian Wheat Grains: A Simple Approach Using Image Processing

A. Anne Frank Joe and A. Gopal

Pages: 82-86

A Meta-Heuristic Online Support Vector Machines for Big Data Cyber-Security

G.A. Mylavathi and Dr.B. Srinivasan

Pages: 87-95

The Past and Future of the Agribusiness Information Policy in Korea

Dae Ho Kim

Pages: 96-97

A Study on the Participation Intention of Sharing Economic Services: Viewpoint of Creating Shard Values

Jin Ho Gil and Dae Ho Kim*

Pages: 98-103

Information Policy for Agribusiness in Korea

Dae Ho Kim

Pages: 104-110

Congestion Control Using Fuzzy based Adaptive TCP Window Adjustment

A. Ramesh Babu and P.S. Sujith Kumar

Pages: 111-120

The Impact of Working Capital Management on Profitability A Comparative Analysis between Two Industries

Bhawana Jain andf

Pages: 121-128

Facial Features Detection, Pose Estimation with Gender Classification Using Novel Methods

N. Jayakumari and Dr.K. Selvam

Pages: 129-135

Solving Equilibrium Analysis of the Bimatrix Game with Triangular Fuzzy Numbers

C. Karthi and K. Selvakumari

Pages: 136-142

Social Capital Factors Influencing Purchase Decisions in the B2B Environment ATheoretical Framework

A.R. Chitra, Dr.B. Neeraja and Dr. Kanniga Prashanth

Pages: 143-156

A Study on Moving Object Recognition for Video Surveillance Applications

G. Balamurugan and Dr.J. Jayabharathy

Pages: 157-167

A Study on Moving Object Recognition for Video Surveillance Applications

G. Balamurugan and Dr.J. Jayabharathy

Pages: 157-167

Modelling, Simulation and Economic Analysis of Hybrid Grid Connected System Using Homer Software

H. Shierly Hepsiba, Dr.T.D. Sudhakar and J. Joselin

Pages: 168-178

Multivariate Logistic Regression based Gradient Descent Firefly Optimized Round Robin Scheduling with Big Data

C.R. Durga Devi and Dr.R. Manicka Chezian

Pages: 179-192

Study and Analysis of Various Power Quality Issues in Distribution Network

J. Joselin, Dr.T.D. Sudhakar, K. Mohanadasse and H. Shierly Hepsiba

Pages: 193-204

Optimisation of Electrode Spacing in Cow Dung-Fed Microbial Fuel Cell for Enhanced and Sustained Electricity Generation

Y. Thiagarajan, R. Ashok Kumar and T.S. Sivakumaran

Pages: 205-213

Computer Aided Diagnosis of Myocardial Ischemic Beats Using ICA and WPD

H.S. Niranjana Murthy and M. Meenakshi

Pages: 214-220

An Effective Classifier for Predicting Churn in Telecommunication

J. Pamina, J. Beschi Raja, S. Sathya Bama, S. Soundarya, M.S. Sruthi, S. Kiruthika, V.J. Aiswaryadevi and G. Priyanka

Pages: 221-229

A Study on Single Server Queuing Models in Triangular Fuzzy Number

S. Revathi and K. Selvakumari

Pages: 230-234

Survey on Time –To- Digital Converter Architectures

P. Latha, Raveena Devi, V. Rajashree and Karbakaraksha

Pages: 235-240

A GPU based Deep Convolution Neural Network System to Object, Text and Colour for Android

Ritvij Saxena, B.S. Sanjay and S. Lavanya

Pages: 241-247