Volume 11, Issue 8

Performance Evaluation of Language Recognition Using Different Approaches

M. Sadanandam

Pages: 1-9

A Study on 360 Degree Appraisal System in it Sector

T.S. Aarathy and Dr.D. Venkatarama Raju

Pages: 10-12

Experimental Analysis of Closed Loop Pulsating Heat Pipe with Different Working Fluids at Different Inclinations

N. Santhi Sree, N.V.V.S. Sudheer and P. Bhramara

Pages: 13-19

Speech Enhancement based on Dictionary Learning and Sparse Representation

K.N.H. Srinivas, Dr.I. Santhi Prabha and Dr.M. Venugopala Rao

Pages: 20-30

A Review of MPPT Techniques for Harvesting Maximum Power from SPV System in Partial Shaded Conditions

I.Rahul and Dr.R. Hariharan

Pages: 31-37

New Analysis of Video Encoding/Decoding Using EWT and Combination of H. 264/AVC and USPIHT

S.S. Nithin and Dr.L. Padma Suresh

Pages: 38-41

Design and Implement Smart Blind Stick

Ihab A. Satam, Mokhaled N.A. Al-Hamadani and Alaa H. Ahmed

Pages: 42-47

Analysis of DWDM Crosstalk in of DM

Dr.J. Narendra Babu, B. Babu Rajesh and C. Karthik

Pages: 48-53

Impeccable Watermarking for Digital Images

B. Lakshmana Rao, Dr.G. Roseline Nesa Kumari and Dr.S. Maruthu Peruml

Pages: 54-59

Outcome of Groove Space on Across Transverse Shrinkage in Co2 ARC Welding Process

B.N. Sathyanarayana Reddy, Hajare Vilas Shivaram, Manjit M Khade and Praveen H Yadav

Pages: 60-64

Finding Optimal Solution for Transportation Problems by Using Least Minimum Cost Method

T. Geetha and N. Anandhi

Pages: 65-73

Groundwater Contamination by Backwaters of Tungabhadra Drain

Ravipati Venkata Ramana

Pages: 74-77

Analysis and Implementation of Three and Two Switch Inter-Leaved Forward Converters

R. Lakshmi and K. Karunanithi

Pages: 78-85

Performance Enhancement of a Refrigeration System with Silicon Carbide Nanolubricant – An Experimental Approach

MD. Mansoor Ahamed, S.M. Jameel Basha and B. Durga Prasad

Pages: 86-93

A Study on Customer Satisfaction towards CRM Practices of Banks in Sivakasi

C. Anupriya and Dr.V. Bharathi

Pages: 94-99

Cooperative Intrusion Detection System to Enhance the Security in MANET

Adilakshmi Yannam and Dr.G.V.S.N.R.V. Prasad

Pages: 100-109

Performance Analysis of S&P BSE BANKEX Public Sector Banks

Dr.K. Siva Nageswararao, Dr.M. Venkataramanaiah and Dr. Challa Madhavi Latha

Pages: 110-115

Intelligent Techniques based Mechanical Engineering Tolerance Design

Thorat Sandeep Gangaram and Dr. Sanjay S Chaudhary

Pages: 116-125

Implicit Multi-Dimensionality of Information and Communication Technology in Mathematics – A Review

M. Raghavendran and Dr.A. Jahitha Begum

Pages: 126-136

Edge-truncated Square Ultra-Wide Band Antenna with Dual Notches

Mohammed Abdulmahdi Mohammedali, Haider J. Albatat, Ayad Muslim Hamzah and Lukman Audah

Pages: 137-142

A Hybrid Kernel-based Support Vector Machine Algorithm for Intrusion Detection System

Gaddam Venu Gopal and Dr. Gatram Rama Mohan Babu

Pages: 143-150

Flexible Route based Congestion Avoidance for Qos Development in Mobile Ad Hoc Network

S.J. Sangeetha and Dr.T. Rajendran

Pages: 151-159

Fast and Efficient Data Collection for Secure Route Communication based on Neighborhood Selection in Wireless Sensor Network

S. Ponnarasi and Dr.T. Rajendran

Pages: 160-167

Structural Analysis and Simulation of PLGA Microneedle Array on Skin Interactions for Biomedical Applications

S.B.V.J. Chandbadshah and Giriraj Mannayee

Pages: 168-176

Novel Design and Miniaturization of Wearable Patch Antenna Using DGS for Biomedical Applications

P. Krishna Chaitanya and Dr.M. Patchiyannan

Pages: 177-181

An Effective Key Pre-distribution for Wireless Sensor Networks

T. Venkatesh and Dr. Rekha Chakravarthi

Pages: 182-187

Weight based Approach for Improving the Accuracy of Relationship in Social Network

A. Rohini and T. Sudalai Muthu

Pages: 188-192

Secure and Life Time Extension Energy Efficient Clustering Algorithm for MANET Using Fuzzy Logic with Genetic Algorithmic Approach

A.Y. Prasad and Dr.R. Balakrishna

Pages: 193-205

Renewable Biomass as Quenchant for Micro Structural and Mechanical Properties on Aluminium Alloy

M. Maruthi Rao and N.V.V.S. Sudheer

Pages: 206-210

Feature Selection Algorithms to Classify Multichannel Uterine Magnetomyography Signals

T. Ananda Babu and Dr.P. Rajesh Kumar

Pages: 211-219