Volume 11, Issue 7

Skill for Employability among MBA Students. The Gap between Skill and Employability- A study Conducted among MBA Students and Employers

S.K. Manju Das and Dr.R. Velmurugan

Pages: 1-7

Psychological Approach towards Specially Abled People in the Field of Entrepreneurship

Jawahar Philimis, Dr.N. Santhosh Kumar and Anderleen Diana Philimis

Pages: 8-14

Ultra Low Power Acive High Pass Gm-C Filter for Low Frequency Applications

P.S. Sushma, Dr.S.Y. Kulkarni and Sharil Nivitha Rodrigues

Pages: 15-23

Behavioral Difficulties of Child Labour - A Comparative Study of School Going and Working Children in Delhi Slums

Daman Ahuja and Dr.B. Kalpana

Pages: 24-31

Text based Machine Learning Using Discriminative Classifiers

Rongon Chatterjee, Vasundhara Acharya, Krishna Prakasha and R. Vijaya Arjunan

Pages: 32-41

Optimization of Turning Process Parameters of Al7075 Hybrid MMC’s Composite Using TOPSIS Method

V. Venkata Reddy, M. Gopi Krishna and K. Srinivasulu Reddy

Pages: 42-49

Influence of ZnO Nanoparticlesas a Fuel Additive on Performance, Combustion and Emission Characteristics of an SI Engine Using Ethanol-Gasolineblends

Vinay Kumar Domakonda and Shaik Farooq

Pages: 50-57

Automatic Generation Control with Adaptive Optimization for Multi-Objective Problem by Renewable Resources

M.J. Chandrashekar and Dr.R. Jayapal

Pages: 73-85

Performance Metrics of State Dependent Service Queue for Heterogeneous Customer

R. Sakthi and V. Vidhya

Pages: 86-93

LCWOA based Hybrid Task Scheduling Approach in Cloud Computing Environment

N. Manikandan and A. Pravin

Pages: 94-108

3D Intraoral Scanner based on Piezo Laser Mechanism with Digital Image Processing

P.S. Nethravathi, G. Vidya Bai, K.E. Prakash and Gopalakrishna Bhat Kakunje

Pages: 109-113

Microfinance & SHG as a Catalyst for Women’e Economic Empowerment: A Case Study of Anantpur District, Andhra Pradesh

N.B. Sikivahan and Prof. Dr.V.M. Ponniah

Pages: 114-118

Consumer's Intention to Continuous Use of Mobile Food Delivery Aggregator App

Densingh Joshua Israel and Dr.R. Velu

Pages: 119-128

Predicting Share Price: Simulation Analysis

M. Ramu and Dr.M. Sivakoti Reddy

Pages: 129-136

Trends in Select Pharma Companies on Employee Engagement Practices

G. Mallika, Dr.P. Lakshmi Narayanamma and D. Sudhirbabu

Pages: 137-144

An Efficient Novel Approach Paradigms for Auto-tagging of Short Messages Using Multi Label Generation

P. Praveen Yadav, A. Vishnuvardhan Reddy, C.V. Chakradhar and K. Swathi

Pages: 145-150

Supervised Learning Method for Image Restoration of Natural Images

D. Khalandar Basha and Dr.T. Venkateswarlu

Pages: 151-157

A Novel Methodology for Ball Detection and Trajectory Tracking Using Frame Difference and Mean Shift Algorithm

G. Simi Margarat and S. Sivasubramanian

Pages: 158-171

Relationship between the BSE SENSEX Index and the Indices BSE SENSEX 250 SmallCap and BSE SENSEX 250 LargeCap

Ganesh Kumar R, Ashlin Nimo J R

Pages: 172-176

Steganography Technique Based on WPT and ElGamal Encryption with Confusion for Robust Medical Image

S.Jeevitha,N.Amutha Prabha

Pages: 177-192

Performance Analysis of Polar-Code based OFDM-IDMA System for M2M Communication using Taguchi Method

Hemlata Marne,Prachi Mukherji

Pages: 193-204

Implementation of BLDC Motor with PID, Fuzzy and ANFIS Controllers

C. Kala Krishna,C. Leela Krishna

Pages: 205-211

Asymmetric Single Phase Impedance Source Cascaded Multilevel Inverter by using Variable Frequency Pulse width Modulation

Rajnish Kumar Sharma,G. Irusapparajan,D.Periyaazhagar

Pages: 212-218

Novel Approach to Handle High Volume Low Recurring Chain Events in Aerospace Industry

Savitha.C,Vijaya Kumar Malali,Lathish Kumar

Pages: 219-225

The Role of Detachment in a Fulfilling Marriage: Anasaktias a Predictor of Marital Quality and Meaning in Life in Indian Couples

Garima Tuli,Priyanka Tiwari,Navin Kumar,Sakshi Mehrotra

Pages: 226-235

Integration of the PQ4R-TPS Strategy in Biology Learning to Retention of Indonesian Students

HennySetiawati,Aloysius Duran Corebima

Pages: 236-244

An Automated Framework for Software Reusability Prediction Using Time Series based Software Metrics

Sampath Korra, D. Vasumathi and A. Vinayababu

Pages: 236-246

An Automated Framework for Pre-fall Detections of Arrhythmia in Cardiomyopathy Patients

P. Megana Santhoshi and Mythili Thirugnanam

Pages: 247-258

Utilization Regional Assets In The Framework Of Regional Fiscal Potential

Jumali, Bambang Supriyono, Choirul Sale, Tjahjanulin Domai, Meithiana Indrasari

Pages: 249-256

A Study on PC-Asymptotically almost Automorphic Solution of Impulsive Fredholm-Volterra Integro-differential Equation with Fractional Order

J. Grayna, V. Kavitha and Soumya George

Pages: 259-270