Volume 11, 08-Special Issue

An Analysis of Strength Properties of Different Admixtures Used in Geopolymer Concrete

Jotesh Gupta,Vanita Aggarwal

Pages: 1973-1978

Novel Floating Point Adder for High Speed DSP Applications Implementation of

Dr. R. Prakash Rao, B. Indira Priyadarshini, N.A.S. Keerthi, K. Praveen

Pages: 1979-1985

The changes on occupational health and safety paradigms

Carlos Alberto Litardo Velasquez, Rosa MariuxiLitardo Velasquez, Wilmer Fabricio Garcia Castro,Luzmila Elizabeth Burbano Mera

Pages: 1986-1994

The Study on Alignment of 2D Camera based on Photogrammetry for DIC

Wonseop Kim , Seokmoo Hong

Pages: 1995-2005

Usability evaluation of social curation travel App for accommodation

Joon-woo Park, Kyung-il Doo

Pages: 2006-2012

User Authentication Method Offering Untraceability in Wireless Sensor Network

Jae-young Lee

Pages: 2013-2018

Using an optical fiber emitter capable of detecting fine dust concentration Solar street light for bicycle roads

HeeChul, Kim

Pages: 2019-2025

Utilization of Self-Driving Scooters and Docking-Charging Systems

JeongahHan, WonshikNa

Pages: 2026-2031

Web Crawling-based Global Product Sourcing Model

Yeong-HwiAhn , Koo-Rack Park, Jae-Woong Kim, Dong-Hyun Kim

Pages: 2032-2039

Web-based Writing Software for an Interactive Cross-Device Smartboard

Mikyeong Moon

Pages: 2040-2045

Which Components Social Capital Influences Marketing? The Case of Local Food Processing Micro Small Medium Entreprises in Payakumbuh City, Indonesia

Elviati , Yonariza , Endrizal Ridwan , Hasnah

Pages: 2046-2055

The Evaluation of Land Use Suitability based on Agroecological Zoning (AEZ), Gopgopan- AekSikorsikkorsik Sub-Watershed, Indonesia

TionerPurba, Erwin MasrulHarahap, ChairaniHanum, Rahmawaty

Pages: 2056-2062

Domestic Innovations in the Russian Quail Breeding

A.V. Golubev,I.I. Golubov

Pages: 2063-2067

Experience Of Geodesic Observations In Almaty Geodynamic Polygon

Nurpeisova M., Kartbayeva K., Huayang D., Omirzhanova Z., Aimenov A., Kapassova A.

Pages: 2068-2074

Geodynamic Processes Modeling On Oil- Gas Deposits

Nurpeisova M.1, Kenesbaeva A.2, Levin E.3,Baltiyeva A.4, Nizamova M., Аitkazinova S.

Pages: 2075-2083

Functional Bakery Products In Dietary Nutrition

Svetlana N. Butova, Georgiy G. Dubtsov, Madina R. Tsaloeva, Galina N. Dubtsova, Irina U. Kusova, Lyudmila A. Ivanova

Pages: 2084-2089

Decomposition Approach For Correcting Inconsistency Systems Of Equations With The Matrix Block Structure

Le NhatDuy

Pages: 2090-2096

Further Results on Edge Sum Labelings of Trees

P. Shankaran

Pages: 2097-2100

The Model Of The Information Interaction In The Distributed System Of The Geodynamic Monitoring Based On The Theory Of Semi-Markov Processes

O.R. Kuzichkin, A.V.Grecheneva, V.T. Eremenko, I.V. Loginov, A.V. Eremenko, N.V. Dorofeev

Pages: 2101-2109

Study Of Hydraulic Fracturing Method For Production From A Shale Gas Reservoir

Sepideh Ahmadian Nader

Pages: 2110-2122

Methodology For Assessing The Investment Attractiveness Of Introducing Renewable Energy In Remote And Isolated Settlements

Mariya Golubitskaya, Viktor Krasnov, Dmitriy Spitsov

Pages: 2123-2132

Importance Performance Analysis on Expectancy and Reality Levels of Tourists and Employees of the Micro, Small & Medium Enterprises of Tourism Sector


Pages: 2133-2149

Camouflaged Foreground Object Detection With Conventional Methods

Chennamsetty Pulla Rao, Dr. A Guruva Reddy, Dr. C.B. Rama Rao

Pages: 2150-2161

Extraction of best acoustic features from patients With parkinson’s disease

Qutaiba Humadi Mohammed,Dr. E.Sreenivasa Reddy

Pages: 2162-2174

Arrays of Intellectual Capital among SMEs in Saudi Arabia

Dr. Mohammad Naushad

Pages: 2175-2180

A Study On The Motives Of Omani Teachers’ Income Distribution Towards Different Investment Avenues

Dr Ansa Salim,Archana S,Mohamed Riyas

Pages: 2181-2188

A Survey Of Workload Management In Big Data Storage

Velmurugan Lingamuthu,Sasikumar Perumal,Manoharan Subramanian

Pages: 2189-2192

Demystifying theEnvironmental Perspectives on Sustainable Marketing in Saudi Arabia

Dr. Saji George,Dr. Ansa Salim

Pages: 2193-2202

Improved Support Vector Machine Based Classification of Disease Ontology for Clinical Decision Support System

Hema D,VasanthaKalyani David

Pages: 2203-2208

The Liquidity Problem: A case of Café Coffee Day Enterprise

DevarapalliSuman,Dr. SasikanthTripathy,Dr. Abdul Rahman Shaik

Pages: 2209-2214