Volume 11, 08-Special Issue

An Overview on Grid Computing and Its Architecture

Dr.D. Kerana Hanirex and S. Gomathi Shakthi

Pages: 1557-1561

An Improved Personalized Recommender System with Optimized ABC Neural Network

Bhuvaneshwari.P, Nagaraja Rao. A

Pages: 1562-1575

A Study on Applications of Internet of Underwater Things (IoUT)

A. Manimaran, D.Chandramohan

Pages: 1576-1585

Android Malware Inspection: Based On memory Forensics

V.R. Niveditha, T.V. Ananthan, D. Usha, K. Amandeep Singh, A. Pooja, M.F. Zeenath Fathima Majeed, S. Srinidhi

Pages: 1586-1591

Experimental and Numerical Investigations on Effect of Radius of Curvature on Frequency Response of Open Cylindrical Shells Subjected to Different Boundary Conditions

Anilkumar A,Rammohan Y S,B S Suresh,

Pages: 1592-1603

Fog enabled secure and privacy obfuscation for Iot services

D. Chandramohan, A. Manimaran, Ramachandra Reddy, Diwakar Tripathi

Pages: 1604-1610

Mitigating Man-in-the-Browser AttacksUsing Artificial Immune Systems

Bejoy B J,Dr.S. Janakiraman

Pages: 1611-1620

Educational values of social study On betawi art of lenong

Suswandari , Lukman Nadjamuddin

Pages: 1621-1631

Development of Efficient Cell Association and Resource Allocation Strategies for Heterogeneous D2D Communication

Deepika Rani Sona,Kalapraveen Bagadi

Pages: 1632-1643

Improved Aggregation Using Bees Colony Optimization Routing In Wireless Multimedia Sensor Networks

Ashwinth Janarthanan, Dhananjay Kumar

Pages: 1644-1651

Optimal Resource Allocation In Mobile Edge Computing Using Bees Swarm Optimisation

R.Lalith Kumar, Dr.Arul Lawrence Selvakumar

Pages: 1652-1658

A Comparative Study On Skin Cancer Detection Using Machine Learning Models

Jayalakshmi.D , Dheeba.J

Pages: 1659-1676

A Secured software Architecture for providing Data Security in Cloud

K.Venkatraman, Dr.K.Geetha, Dr.C.Rajan, Dr.S.Kalaivani

Pages: 1677-1685

Local Texture Feature based Emotion Recognition usingSemi-Supervised Learning Technique

P. Shanthi, S.Nickolas

Pages: 1686-1689

itms: accurate prediction of diabetic foot ulcer using convolution neural network

R.Athi vaishnavi,K. Mahalakshmi

Pages: 1699-1705

Women Driving in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia-Will It Facilitates Country’s Economic Development? An Empirical Analysis

Mohammad Rishad Faridi,Shaha Faisal,Asma Faisal Khan

Pages: 1706-1713

Movie Promotions through Social Media Platforms: A study on Visibility and Content Sharing Influence through eWOM among Young Moviegoers

Dr.Aravind T.S,Dr.Vinith Kumar Nair,Dr.Ansa Salim,Dr.Nahid Abdul Rouf Rajput

Pages: 1714-1721

Causes of reservoir filtration properties deterioration and restoration methods in the process of drilling and well completion

Alexander Verisokin, Alexander Nazarenko

Pages: 1724-1731

Methods and Algorithms for Solving Problems in the Automatic Recognition of License Plates

Ilyas Idrisovich Ismagilov, Askar Nailevich Mustafin, Mikhail Petrovich Shleymovich, Alexey Sergeevich Katasev, Stella Albertovna Lyasheva, Dina Vladimirovna Kataseva

Pages: 1732-1736

The Overall Equipment Effectiveness in the Organization of a Lean Manufacturing Flow

Elvira Distantovna Khisamova, Irina Arkadevna Kodolova, Kucherbaeva Aliya Airatovna

Pages: 1737-1742

Partially Unknown Environment Exploration Algorithm for a Mobile Robot

Aufar Zakiev, Roman Lavrenov, Evgeni Magid, Mikhail Svinin, Fumitoshi Matsuno

Pages: 1743-1753

Algorithm for modeling the technological process of ICE production

Emil Lutcerovich Khaziev, Lenar Ajratovich Galiullin

Pages: 1754-1757

Algorithm of clusters organization for internal combustion engine parts manufacturing

ShafikShaehovich Khuzyatov, LenarAjratovich Galiullin

Pages: 1758-1761

Of Software for Dispatch Management Systems

Rustam Asgatovich Valiev, Shafik Shaehovich Khuzyatov, Lenar Ajratovich Galiullin

Pages: 1762-1766

Automation of Computer Technology Analysis

ShamilAktasovitch Khamadeev, LenarAjratovich Galiullin

Pages: 1767-1770

Automation of ICE Production Planning

Emil Lutcerovich Khaziev, Lenar Ajratovich Galiullin

Pages: 1771-1774

Automation of Testing for Internal Combustion Engine Under Real Conditions of Driving

Evgenij Vitalevich Zubkov, Lenar Ajratovich Galiullin

Pages: 1775-1778

Automation of the Production of ICE Parts Based on Cluster Analysis

Aleksey Nikolaevich Iliukhin, Lenar Ajratovich Galiullin

Pages: 1779-1782

The Roleof Information Technologies in the Development of Creative Thinking in Gifted Children: Pro ET Contra

Elena Gorobets, Elena Mashanina, Elena Skobeltsyna, Ekaterina Oshchepkova

Pages: 1783-1786

Thesaurus of Neurolinguistic Terms: Baseline Characteristics

Denis Martyanov, Victor Gorobets, Kamil Galiullin, Elena Gorobets,Tatyana Tameryan

Pages: 1787-1790