Volume 11, 08-Special Issue

The Influence of Service Quality, Distribution Performance and Customer Orientation to Customer Satisfaction and Its Impact on Corporate Image (Study on Water Supply Company Tirta Siak in Riau Province)

Samsurijal Hasan, Popo Suryana

Pages: 1258-1270

Developing Project-Based Learning Tools For Science By Utilizing Used Materials

Muslimin, Muhammad Amran, Abdul Hafid

Pages: 1271-1280

The Development of Marine Resource Conservation In Indonesia

Lucky Zamzami, Akifumi Iwabuchi, Nursyirwan Effendi, Ermayanti, Hendrawati, Alfan Mik

Pages: 1281-1288

A Thematic Analysis of Employee Competencies in an Uncertain Business Environment: A Study on the Indian Infrastructure Sector

Arun Aggarwal, Amit Mittal1, Mohammod Abdula Rasheed

Pages: 1289-1301

An Exploratory Study of Teaching Learning Process in Schools ofDelhi for Implementation of Inclusive Education

Sakshi Ahuja, Dr. G N Tiwari

Pages: 1302-1309

Brain Tumor Detection Using Particle Swarm Optimization and Texture Analysis of MRI Images with Minimum Feature Set

Sakshi Bhandari, Dr. M.S. Choudhry

Pages: 1310-1320

Bullying and its Effect on Psychological Health: Challenges and Prevention

AanshikaPuri, Dr.Neelam Pandey, Dr.Navin Kumar, Dr.SakshiMehrotra

Pages: 1321-1327

Conflict and Settlement of Paer’s Customary Land Tenure in Central Lombok Indonesia

Yulias Erwin, Khudzaifah Dimyati, Absori

Pages: 1328-1333

Implementation of Balinese Typical Puppet Pictures on Ceramic Works as Effort to Preserve Cultural Traditions

Wayan Mudra

Pages: 1334-1340

Investigation of the distinguishing probability a selusoidal signal with different shape parameters depending on the time shift magnitude of the noise

Leana Jabble Taklef Sarhan, Hayder Salah Abdulameer Alkarooshi, Aqeel Lateef Khudhair Attaby

Pages: 1341-1347

Religious Tourism Area: Maintenance and Equity to Bali Mandara

AnakAgungGde Alit Geria, Made Suarta, Nyoman Suwija

Pages: 1348-1353

Micro-savings, Micro-finance and Selfempowerment – Analysis of Rural Women SHGs of Punjab

Mona Prashar ,Dr Bhupinder Pal Singh Chahal

Pages: 1354-1359

Strengthening Private Sector Participation in Public Infrastructure Projects through Concession Policies and Legislations in Nigeria: A Review

Wilson Nwankwo, Anthony Kifordu

Pages: 1360-1370

Stretch Fabrics for Sports Wear fitted to Women’s Contours – An Indian Perspective

Vijay Pal Singh, Dr. Divya Hiran

Pages: 1371-1375

Study of Hydraulic Potentials in the Province of Manabí for Electricity Generation

Jorge Lider Macias Ramos , Antonio Vázquez Pérez , Maria Shirlendy Guerrero Alcivar , Cesar Palma Villavicencio

Pages: 1376-1385

The Role of Public-Private Partnership on the Implementation of National Cybersecurity Policies: A Case of Nigeria

Anthony Kifordu, Wilson Nwankwo, Prof. Wilfred Ukpere

Pages: 1386-1392

Uncovering Principal-Agent Behavior in the Village Fund Management Technique

Subhan Purwadinata, Agus Suman, Susilo, Asfi Manzilati

Pages: 1393-1401

Empirical Study on the Internet Service in Vietnam

Ngo Cao Hoai Linh

Pages: 1402-1409

Empirical Study on the University Choice in Vietnam

Bui Huy Khoi and Dam Tri Cuong

Pages: 1410-1417

The Research on Fashion Fake Purchase Intention in Vietnam

Nguyen Thi Ngan and Bui Huy Khoi

Pages: 1418-1426

The Relationship between University Reputation and Behavioural Intention towards Sustainable Development in Vietnam

Bui Huy Khoi

Pages: 1427-1445

The Effect of Brand Image and Perceived Value on Satisfaction and Loyalty at Convenience Stores in Vietnam

Dam Tri Cuong and Bui Huy Khoi

Pages: 1446-1454

Flexible K-Medoids Clustering Technique for Big Data Analytics

C.K. Praseeda and Dr.B.L. Shivakumar

Pages: 1455-1462

A Review on Plant Leaf Disease Identification and Classification

M. Yogeshwari and R. Varalakshmi

Pages: 1463-1475

Hybrid Optimization and Support Vector Machine (SVM) Based Network Selection for Seamless Vertical Handover in Vehicular Networks (VANET)

S. Angelin Sophy and Dr.I. Laurence Aroquiaraj

Pages: 1476-1491

Enhanced Nearest Neighbor-based Clustering Algorithm and Enhanced Artificial Bee Colony (EABC) For Community Detection in Large Networks

C.S. Saradha and Dr.P. Arul

Pages: 1492-1504

Conceptualizing Efficiency in Zimbabwe: A Literature Review

David Damiyano and Nirmala Dorasamy

Pages: 1505-1526

We are Poor in Africa, All Because of Corruption

Dr. Damiyano David and Nirmala Dorasamy

Pages: 1527-1537

A Study on Semantic Web Service Algorithms

S. Anu Priya

Pages: 1538-1545

Key Change and Data Check Happen by TPA in Cloud

K. Mano Ranjani and S. Surya

Pages: 1546-1556