Volume 11, 08-Special Issue

Corrosion Behaviour of Magnesium-Hydroxyapatite Composite in Simulated Body Fluid

R. Rejikumar and M. Sivapragash

Pages: 734-738

A Review on Fundamentals of Social Media Marketing and Its Strategies

N. Meena Zenith and R. Radhika

Pages: 739-743

A Study on the Influence of Social Media Characteristics towards Online Purchase Intention among College Students

N. Meena Zenith and R. Radhika

Pages: 744-750

An Overview on the Role of Government of India in Health Care Sector

Neethi S. Gopinadh and R. Radhika

Pages: 751-755

Appraisal on Mechanical Possessions of Crossbreed Natural Fiber Strengthened Polyamide Amalgams

P. Albert Seldon and N. Abilash

Pages: 756-764

A Review: Sources of Silica from Agro Waste and Its Extraction Methods

S. Raja, M. Ravichandran, R.S. Rimal Isaac and N. Abilash

Pages: 765-772

Development of Optimized EDM Parameters for LM25 Aluminium Composite Using Prediction Tool

R. Rajesh, N. Muhammedshafi, A. Mohammed, R. Jishnu, Shiyan Shihab and Shine B Chandran

Pages: 773-783

Adaptive Neuro Fuzzy Controllers for Automatic Generation Control of Power System

D. Menaka and Afsal Khan

Pages: 784-792

Tamil Expatriates Socio Economic Challenges in UAE

P. Lija and R. Radhika

Pages: 793-798

Problems and Prospects of Mobile Banking

M.P. Santhiya and R. Radhika

Pages: 799-804

A Study on Factors Affecting Customers in Usage of Mobile Banking

M.P. Santhiya and R. Radhika

Pages: 805-809

A Study of Human Resource Development Practices and Patient Care Quality in Health Care Services with Special Reference to Government Hospitals in Thiruvananthapuram District

Neethi S. Gopinadh and R. Radhika

Pages: 810-817

Design and Execution of Non-isolated High Gain Boost Converter with Switched Capacitor Branch for Distributed Generation Systems

P. Padmavathi and N. Sudhakar

Pages: 818-826

Retrospective Study on Weld Bead Profile Study of Various Welding Process

P. Jerold Jose, M. Dev Anand and Shibu Rishad

Pages: 827-831

The Effects of Psychological Empowerment (PE) and Perceived Organizational Support (POS) on Job Satisfaction (JS) and Organizational Commitment – Among Public Sector Employees

R.L. Vinodhini and Dr.P. Vaijayanthi

Pages: 832-836

Analyzing the Role of Employee Commitment in the Relationship between Organizational Culture and Employee Performance in Sector Steel Sector

Nazneen Begum, Uma Sankar Mishra and Ayasa Kanta Mohanty

Pages: 837-843

Do Cities Evoke Situations of Crime? : An Empirical Study

Deblina Majumder and Dr. Arpita Mitra

Pages: 844-849

Association Rule Mining for Rainfall Prediction Using Fuzzy Context-free Grammar

S. Saranyadevi, R. Murugeswari and S. Bathrinath

Pages: 850-858

An Empirical Study on the Use and User’s Perception of Narrative Disclosures in Corporate Annual Report

Ajay Kumar Khatua

Pages: 859-871

Preferred Claims of Creditors in Cross-Border Bankruptcy

Yury Alexandrovich Svirin, Alexandr Anatolievich Mokhov, Vladimir Aleksandrovich Gureev, Svetlana Evgenyevna Titor and Sergej Nikolaevich Shestov

Pages: 872-878

Social Portrait of Project Organizations: Methodological Aspects of Conflict Relations Diagnostics

Alina Vladimirovna Makhiyanova, Dinara Marselevna Shakirova, Albert Ashadovich Mavlyudov, Irina Igorevna Chechetkina and Leyla Vagizovna Rakhmatullina

Pages: 879-883

An Enquiry in to the Frame and Factorial Relationship in Environmental Reporting Practices of Indian Pharmaceutical Industry

Ajay Kumar Khatua, Dr. Lokanath Mishra, Dr. Ganesh Dash, Dr. Uma Sankar Mishra and Dr. Jyoti Ranjan Das

Pages: 884-894

Morphology as a Heritage of CityCase Study in SaiGon - Cho Lon Period 1859 – 1975

L.E. Thanh Son

Pages: 895-903

Understanding Fresher’s Perspective on Business Analytics as a Necessary Tool for Employability

Dr. Vijit Chaturvedi, Natasha Tageja, Divya Sethi and Gp Capt Vinod

Pages: 904-911

Electronic Signature as a Means of Innovation in the Digital Economy

Konstantin Nikolayevitch Kurkov, Aleksandr V. Melnichuk, Elena Vladimirovna Duplij, Natalia Fedorovna Bondaletova and Yevgeniy Valer'yevich Bondaletov

Pages: 912-921

A Classification and An Analysis of the Countries of Africa based on a Set of Key Socio-economic Indicators

Elvira Churilova, Nadezhda Kiseleva and Oksana Sitnikova

Pages: 922-934

Forecasting Financial and Economic Indicators of Enterprise Performance based on Trend-seasonal Models

Valeriy Yaroslavovich Trofimets, Aleksandr Mikhaylovich Batkovskiy, Kamil Narzavatovich Mingaliev and Igor Vyacheslavovich Bulava

Pages: 935-947

Identifying the Factors Responsible for Attrition in Technical based Programmes in Nigeria

N.J. Peter, C.A. Ayedun and C.O. Iroham

Pages: 948-959

Modelling of Human Behaviour As A Tool of Enhancement the Consumer Focus of Service Providers

Yana Sergeevna Kuryshova, Natalya Sergeevna Shcherbakova, Natalya Yuryevna Sopilko, Nataliya Vital’evna Bondarchuk, Elena Ivanovna Kubasova and Olga Victorovna Dyatlova

Pages: 960-968

Participation of Muslim Women in LOK Sabha Since 1952

Mabrur Ahmed and Dr. Neelam Pandey

Pages: 969-974