Volume 11, 08-Special Issue

Crimes from the Perspective of Shaykh Abdul Rauf Bin Ali Al-Fansuri Al-Singkili in Manuskrip Mir'At Al-Tullab: A Perfect Introduction

Razif Mohamed Salleh,Azizi Abu Bakar,Mohd Syukri Yeoh Abdullah,Alyasak bin Berhan,Shahrul Hilmi bin Othman,Asma Hakimah Ab. Halim,Zaharom Ridzwan,Rabiatul Adawiyah Bt Mohd Kamal,Amani Ali

Pages: 233-239

Munākahāt (Marriage) from the Perspective Shaykh Abdul Rauf Bin Ali Al- Fansūri Al-Singkīli in Mushrip Mir'At Al- Tipullāb: One Introduction

Alyasak Berhan,Azizi Abu Bakar,Mohd Syukri Yeoh Abdullah,Shahrul Hilmi Othman,Razif Mohamed Salleh,Zaharom Ridzwan,Asma Hakimah Ab. Halim,Rabiatul Adawiyah Mohd Kamal,Amani Ali

Pages: 240-244

Muamalat in Mir'at Al-Thullab: One Introduction

Shahrul Hilmi Othman,Azizi Abu Bakar,Mohd Syukri Yeoh Abdullah,Razif Mohamed Salleh,Alyasak Berhan,Ros Mahwati Ahmad Zakaria,Muammar Ghaddafi Hanafiah,Rabiatul Adawiyah Mohd Kamal,Amani Ali

Pages: 245-250

Islamic Home Finance Products Vis-À-Vis Failed Residential Projects in Malaysia: Reality, Issues and Prospects

Nuarrual Hilal Md. Dahlan

Pages: 251-264

The Entrepreneurial Readiness on Mushroom-Based Business among Rural Community in Kedah

Shamsul Huda Abd Rani,Mohd Hisyam Ibrahim,Abd Rahman Jaaffar,Awanis Ku Ishak,Norita Deraman

Pages: 265-269

Efficiency and Prediction of Financial Distress

Lim Hai Sze,Nik Intan Norhan Abd Hamid

Pages: 270-274

The Barriers Factors and Driving Forces ForbimImplementationin Malaysian AEC Companies

Farah Salwati Ibrahim,Nur Diyana Shariff,Muneera Esa,Rahimi A. Rahman

Pages: 275-281

Promotion and Service as Strategic Marketing Tools towards Islamic House Financing

Noriza Abd Aziz,Azizi Abu Bakar,Mohamad Yazid Isa,Ibrahim Abdul Aziz

Pages: 282-285

The Physiochemical Phycoremediation of Domestic Wastewater by using Alginate- Immobilized Microalgae (Botryococcus Sp.)

N.M. Sunar,H.M. Matias-Peralta,N. H. A. Hamid,H. Harun,S. M. Kasmirin,N. Hamidon,R. Ali,M.S. Muhamad,A. Khalid,A.T.S. Azhar

Pages: 286-290

Classifying Digital Natives and Digital Immigrants as the Museum Visitors: A Conceptual Framework

Mohd Nasiruddin Abdul Aziz,Siti Norlizaiha Harun,Mohd Khairi Baharom,Mohd Khairulnizam Ramlie,Ahmad Sofiyuddin Mohd Shuib

Pages: 291-300

The Design Model of Academic Graduate Certificate Verification in Form of Unified Model Language

Azham Hussain,Rabea Abdulrahman Mohammed,Fazillah Mohmad Kamal,Idyawati Hussein

Pages: 301-305

Improving Career Exploration through Experiential Learning of Students with Impaired Hearing at a Special School

Edi Purwanta

Pages: 306-310

Teacher Educator Agency: Dealing with Organization Culture while Designing the Curriculum of Initial Teacher Education

Priadi Surya

Pages: 311-314

Satisfiable Integer Programming Algorithm on Distributed Inter Process Communication (SIP-DIPC)

Mohd Hakim Abdul Hamid,Nur Azman Abu,Siti Nurul Mahfuzah Mohamad,Ariff Idris,Zahriladha Zakaria,Zuraidah Sulaiman

Pages: 315-322

Integration of various information security control systems

Minzov A.S., Tokareva N.A., Cheremisina E.N.

Pages: 323-328

Novation Management Methodology in Design of Regional Sustainable Development Systems with the Use of Universal Measurable Values

Ekaterina F. SHAMAEVA

Pages: 329-338

Correction of InconsistentSystems of Equations with the Matrix Block Structure

Le Nhat Duy

Pages: 339-344

A Data-deletion-based Trapezoidal Fuzzy Regression Model and Its Application to Outlier Detection

Pingping Gao

Pages: 345-356

A Linear Model of Age Structured Population Projections of Bangladesh

Masuma Parvin, Mosammat Arifa Akter, Ronobir Sarker

Pages: 357-363

The Implementation Method of the Control System for Tap Switching of a Power Adjustment Transformer with a Semiconductor Switch

Dmitry Matveyev, Sergey Nesterov, Valery Tetyushkin, Gennady Tutaev

Pages: 364-377

Methodological Basis for Selection of the Forecasting Methods

Albert Bikmullin,Boris Pavlov, Zufar Khusainov, Gaziz Mingaleev

Pages: 378-383

Application of the Multi Criterial Ranking Method for the Integration of a Regional GIS into a Geotechnical Monitoring System

O.R. Kuzichkin, V.T. Eremenko, I.V. Loginov, A.V. Grecheneva, A.V. Eremenko, A.A. Obozov

Pages: 384-394

New Types of Categories of Complete Lattices

Hassan J. Al Hwaeer

Pages: 395-399

Communication and computing software: features of standardization for IFR financial statements

Natalia Prodanova, Liudmila Trofimova, LarisaDemidova, Olga Savchina, Olga Kabanova, Tariq Mohammad

Pages: 400-405

Perspective of developing software for financial reporting under IFRS in the system of national governance

Natalia Prodanova, Liudmila Trofimova, Svetlana Pozdeeva, Tatiana Melekhina, Aligadzhi Rustanov, Irina Guryanova

Pages: 406-410

The role of IT tools when introducing integrated reporting in corporate communication

Natalia Prodanova, Nataliya Plaskova, Liudmila Popova, Irina Maslova, Irina Dmitrieva, Valentina Sitnikova, Julia Kharakoz

Pages: 411-415

Public sector entities’ reporting and Accounting information system

Liudmila Trofimova, Natalia Prodanova1*, Lyudmila Korshunova, Natalia Savina, Natalia Ulianova, Tatiana Karpova, Lyubov Shilova

Pages: 416-424

Modeling of ic engines

Lenar Ajratovich Galiullin, Ilnar Ajratovich Galiullin

Pages: 425-431

Testing System for ICEngine Based on Artificial Intelligence

Lenar Ajratovich Galiullin, Rustam Asgatovich Valiev, Ilnar Ajratovich Galiullin

Pages: 432-437

Bilateral assessments of the solution of the direct problem of chemical kinetics of polymerization processes

Olga Anatolievna Medvedeva, Svetlana Anatol’evna Mustafina,Igor Vladimirovish Grigor’ev, Sofiya Il’shatovna Mustafina

Pages: 438-445