Volume 11, 08-Special Issue

Determination Of Location Of Wind Turbine At The Educational Institute

P.B.Joshi, P.S.Shete ,Punit Fulzele

Pages: 3447-3455

Taguchi Approach to Optimize Surface Roughness for Turning AISI 4340 Steel

Prashant D. Kamble,Atul C. Waghmare,R.D. Askhedkar,R.D. Askhedkar,Shilpa B. Sahare

Pages: 3456-3463

Highlights of literature on pressure ulcer preventive mattresses, support surfaces and overlays

SurajkatakwarB.E,arad Chaudhary,SaurabhChirdeB.E,Moh’dIrshad Qureshi

Pages: 3464-3468

Product Decal Recognition using OCR Technique: Frugal Approach

Nilesh Narkhede,S.S. Khedkar,RB Chadage,Pavan Bajaj

Pages: 3469-3474

Analysis Of Bandhara For Existing Bridge (Bridge Cum Bandhara)

Puja C. Khangar,S.P. Raut,Manoj Patil

Pages: 3475-3481

Review Paper on Dental Crown Holder

Rakesh Adakane,Punit Fulzale,Anup Lavhale ,Omkar Kakde,Pavan Bajaj

Pages: 3482-3487

PLC Based Automatic Power Factor Correction for MCB Manufacturing Plant

Saurabh P. Pingale,S.G.Kadwane,Nitin M.Joshi,Waqar Naqvi

Pages: 3488-3495

Basic Study Of The Importance Of Energy Approach In Sustainable Architecture

Faqan Aliyev , Seyruz asadli, Nikrouz Forouzandeh Ghojehbeiglou and Farhad Aliyev

Pages: 3496-3501