Volume 11, 08-Special Issue

The Model Of The Incoming Resource Flow Of The Social System For Digitalization Of Management

Mikhail Vladimirovich Samosudov

Pages: 2892-2900

The Use Of Ozone-Safe Environmentally Friendly Heat Pumps To Increase The Efficiency Of Thermoelectric Energy Converters

Nikulin I.S., Sergeev S.V.,Kungurtsev S.A., Kungurtsev M.S., Nikulicheva T.B., Nikulichev V.B., Erina T.A., Titenko A.A.

Pages: 2901-2904

Three-Dimensional Flow Analysis In “Non- Homogeneous” Axial Compressor Stages

Yuri Galerkin*, Yuri Popov, AleksandrDrozdov, VasiliySemenovskiy, Kristina Soldatova, Andrei Bezborodov

Pages: 2905-2915

Vibration Molding Of Perovskite-Structured Piezoelectric Material

Arkady Alekseevich Skvortsov, Sergey Grigoryevich Ponomarev, Alexander Alexandrovich Vasin, Alexander Vladimirovich Reznichenko

Pages: 2916-2921

Internet of Things and Big Data Analysis in Smart Cities

Amol Madhav Bapat, Neeraj Kumar, Anjuri Agrawal, Sheetal Pikle

Pages: 2922-2925

Determination Of Technological Residual Stresses In The Surface Layer Of Parts With Thin-Walled Elements During Turning

Nikitin A.V, TarikovI.Ya, Vasilkov D.V.

Pages: 2926-2932

Performance Maximization Strategy Of Micro, Small & Medium Enterprises Through The Implementation Of Quality Of Work Life And Job Involvement

RahayuPuji Suci, AdyaHermawati, Suwarta, Dwi Anggarani

Pages: 2933-2942

Teacher: Dedication Work

Rita Prima Bendriyanti, Citra Dewi

Pages: 2943-2948

Harmonization of Cybercrime Arrangements in Criminal Law

Agus Salim, Karel Roni Pakambanan, Liberthin Palullungan

Pages: 2949-2953

The Role Of Local Regulations In Realizing The Welfare Of Communities In Sikka District

Liberthin Palullungan, Falentinus Fogon, Agus Salim

Pages: 2954-2960

Design of Low-Power, Area Efficient 2-4 and 4-16 Mixed-Logic Line Decoders

K.Mariya Priyadarshini, Vipul Agarwal, R.S. Ernest Ravindran, T.Hareesh, B.Harsha, G.V. Kalayan

Pages: 2961-2971

Design of Information Systems for Measuring the Performance of Small and Medium Industries to Improve Competitiveness

Ika Ratna Indra Astutik, Wiwik Sulistyowati, Isnaini Rodiyah

Pages: 2972-2978

Condition Assessment, Structure Analysis of Administrative building in Ramdeobaba college of Engineering Nagpur

Shubham.P.Ghutke,V. G.Meshram,DilipMase,Kumar Bijyendra Sourav

Pages: 2979-2985

The Finite Element Analysis Of The Human Rib Cage

A. P. Edlabadkar,S. S. Chaudhari,ShitalTelrandhe

Pages: 2986-2991

Design And Fabrication Of Water Surface Garbage Cleaner Machine Using Non Conventional Energy

Alok Narkhede, Rakesh Adakane,Roshan Umate

Pages: 2992-3001

Parametric Studid Of Structural Stability Of Arch Bridge With Reference To Hydrualic Calculation

Y. Karnuke, Er. ChetanPawar, A. V. Patil, Manoj Patil

Pages: 3002-3005

CMOS implementation for Low Power Analog Multiplier

AnkitaTijare, PravinDakhole, RoshanUmate

Pages: 3006-3012

Construction and Design of a Camera Stabilizer Based on a Gyroscope and Accelerometer Sensor

Kaustubh Dapurkar,Swati Borkar,Kartik Raut,Rupam Muley,Sahil Bagde & Sandip Desai,Roshan Umate

Pages: 3013-3018

Design of Two Unequal Arm U-Shaped Antenna with Ring Resonator for Wireless and Medical Applications.

Alisha Shahare,Sachin S. Khade,ShitalTelrandhe

Pages: 3019-3027

Implementation of Smart E-Gram Sabha in Villages

G.M. Dhopavkar,A.Patne, Om Borole,M. M. Kshirsagar,M. Takalikar,R. Wajgi,PavanBajaj

Pages: 3028-3035

Kite Shaped patch antenna for WLAN, Wi- Max and Medical Applications

Sachin S. Khade, Aditya Chinchole,Chitra Bawankar,Vaidehi Magare,P.K. Dakhole,Punit Fulzele

Pages: 3036-3043

An Analytical Study of E-Assesment System


Pages: 3044-3047

Dynamic Cardinality Count Technique for Reduction of Candidate Set Generation in Association Rule Mining

S. W. Shende ,S. S. Chavhan,Sonali Choudhary

Pages: 3048-3052

Google Earth Engine used to detect land cover change: Maharashtra as a use case

Akshay Ajgaonkar, Purva Pawade, Saniksha Joshi, R.C. Dharmik, T.P. Girish Kumar,Lovely Kumari

Pages: 3053-3063

Empirical Analysis of Various Machine Learning Techniques with Big Data for Different healthcare Applications

P. G.Jaiswal,S. G. Bhirud,Sonali Choudhary

Pages: 3064-3070

CMOS Amplifiers Design for Neural Recording System

Shraddha S. Gugulothu,Reena S. Choudhary,Shital Telrandhe

Pages: 3071-3076

Travel Recommendation System from User’s POI

Aparna S. Jaiswal,Sonali Choudhary

Pages: 3077-3081

A Novel approach to Word Sense Disambiguation for Marathi Sentence Using Supervised Methodology


Pages: 3082-3087

User’s Preferences Based Hotel Recommendation System

Roshan Bhanuse,Ganesh Yenurkar,Shital Telrandhe

Pages: 3088-3093

A Hybrid Fractal Image Compression based on Correlation Coefficient and Particle Swarm Optimization

Rupali S. Balpande,Atish S. Khobragade,Abhishek Joshi

Pages: 3094-3101