Volume 11, 08-Special Issue

Conversion Of Sugar Cane Bagasse become Bioethanol Using Variations Of Yeast Types And Fermentation Temperatures With Socarification Process

Lely Meilani , Kiagus. A Roni, Atikah, Netty Herawati

Pages: 2467-2470

Improved Load Balancing In Cloud Using Glowworm Swarm Optimisation Task Scheduling and Resource Allocation

G. Manikandan, Dr.Vidyaathulasiraman

Pages: 2471-2477

Effect Of Partial Replacement Of Cement With Ground Granulated Blast Furnace Slag On The Properties Of Concrete

Dr.K.S.R.Prasad, T.S.Rambabu

Pages: 2478-2482

MEG- Krypto : A Modified Dynamic Elgammal Encryption Algorithm for Improved Cloud Security and Deduplication

SabeethaSaraswathi, Dr.N.Malarvizhi

Pages: 2483-2489

Multinomial Regression and Metaheuristic Firefly Optimization Based Handover for Seamless Data Delivery in PAN

D.Sridhar, Dr. C. Chandrasekar

Pages: 2490-2503

A Novel Architecture for the development of an e-Learning Hybrid Recommender System with Deep Learning Techniques in Big Data Environment

Srivats.S.Ramanujam, Sivaneshwar.P, J.Naren, Madhumitha.S, Dr.G.Vithya

Pages: 2504-2510

A View Of Social Entrepreneurship And The Development Of The Mosque preneur In Malaysia

Mohd Zul Izwan Aliyasak, Mohd Yahya Mohd Hussin, Fidlizan Muhammad & Azila Abdul Razak,

Pages: 2511-2516

Action Plan For Using Digital Evidences When Investigating Drug Marketing Via The Internet, Instant Messengers And Crypto markets

V. Vasyukov, Efremova O, Balashova A, Gasparyan G

Pages: 2517-2524

An Analysis Of Maik's Role To Overcome Social And Moral Issues In Kelantan Before The Second World War

Haryati Hasan, Nizamuddin Alias, Siti Noranizahhafizah Boyman,Husna Husain

Pages: 2525-2530

An Innovative Proposal For Teaching Learning: The Inverted Classroom

Elvira Judith Mero Chavez, Marcos Fernando Pazmino Campuzano, Maria Rodriguez Gamez

Pages: 2531-2540

Application of Big data Analysis in Supply Chain Management: Future Challenges

Suchismita Mishra, Srikant Pattnaik, Bibhuti Bhusan Mishra

Pages: 2541-2548

Application of Distributed Computing in Developing Architecture of Intelligent Information System for Automated Stock Exchange Trading

Kristina Reizenbuk, Tatyana Sarapulova, Semen Shchedrin, Irina Shchedrina

Pages: 2549-2555

Climate Change: An analysis in context of Indian Economy

Dr. Shuchi Gupta

Pages: 2556-2562

Criminal Prosecution and Qualification of Cybercrime in the Digital Economy

Viktor V. Pushkarev, Alexander Gaevoy, Anna Vladilenovna Skachko, Andrei Kolchurin, Denis N. Lozovsky

Pages: 2563-2566

Determine Manning Roughness Coefficient Based On The Hydraulic Roughness Rate Channel Surface

Wayan Suparta, Nadjadji Anwar, Umboro Lasmintor

Pages: 2567-2578

Determining the Factors Affecting the Selection of Private Universities and Colleges in Indian Context: A Structural Equation Modeling Approach

Manjinder Singh Dhaliwal, Amit Mittal, Arun Aggarwal, Pawan Kumar Chand

Pages: 2579-2590

Developing Superblocks and SMPs

S.Selvaragini, V.Brindha, S.AnuPriya

Pages: 2591-2596

Development And Research Of Exergy Analysis Of A Solar Thermal Installation With A Heat Pump

Yedilkhan Amirgaliyev, Murat Kunelbayev

Pages: 2597-2605

Development Of Higher Order Thinking Skills (Hots) Item For Form One In Topic Of Fraction

Mazlini Adnan,Najah Mohd Nawi,Mohd Faizal Nizam Lee AbdullahChe Nidzam Che Ahmad

Pages: 2606-2610

Efficacy Of Herbicides In Controlling Of Weeds In Green gram


Pages: 2611-2614

Employee Empowerment Practices And Work Engagement

Abhishek Sharma

Pages: 2615-2623

Entrepreneurial Learning Strategies For Vocational Student Interest In Culinary Skills Competencies

Ni Wayan Sukerti, Amat Mukhadis, Titi Mutiara Kiranawati,Hary Suswanto

Pages: 2624-2629

Factors That Influence School Delay And Its Consequences On Academic Performance

Maria Elizabeth Lucas Macias,Maria Elena MoyaMartinez, Maria Rodriguez Gamez

Pages: 2630-2639

Forecasting Need For Skilled Personnel In The Context of Digital Economy

N.Yu. Sorokina, I.V. Gorokhova, T.F. Nikitskaya, L.N. Ivanova-Shvets

Pages: 2640-2644

Geomorphological Investigation of Umthana Watershed, Meghalaya Using Geospatial Tools and Techniques

Dr. Dhanjit Deka, Debashree Bora

Pages: 2645-2655

Good Governance In The Management Of The Secondary School Surau

Abdul Munir Ismail, Abdul Hadi Borham, Mohamad Marzuki Abdul Rahim

Pages: 2656-2664

How Does E-Marketing influence Consumer’s decision? A Descriptive Review

MalvikaTomar, Dr Amit Kumar Pandey, Dr Vandana Ahuja, Dr Sanjeev Bansal

Pages: 2665-2680

Impact of Training Initiatives on the Employees Performance with Special Reference to Amazon – A Giant Online retailer in India

Dr. Shilpa Jain, Dr. Hardeep Kaur, Dr. Abhishek Tripathi

Pages: 2681-2684

Improvement of the design of the threshing machine for threshing leguminous crops

Alexey Tseplyaev, Yuri Dugin, Sergey Tronev, Vitaliy Tseplyaev, Artem Balabon, Viktor Berdyshev, Igor Tyurin, Yuri Komarov, Alexey Sharashov

Pages: 2685-2690

Increasing The Efficiency Of The Educational Process By Means Of Innovative Teaching Methods In Technical University

Pogrebnaya .A., Mikhailova S.V.

Pages: 2691-2695