Volume 11, 08-Special Issue

Bases Of Sistemotekhnichesky Design And Development Of The Automated Control System For Turn For Bank

Alexey Gennadievich Isavnin, Irina Ilyinichna Eremina, Denis Mikhailovich Lysanov, Izida Ildarovna Ishmuradova

Pages: 2215-2220

Emission Of Heavy Metals From Black Metal Forging Production Waste

Ilnar Abuzarovich Nasyrov, Aigul Albertovna Minvaleeva, Gennady Vitalevich Mavrin, Damir Afgatovich Kharlyamov

Pages: 2221-2228

Development Of Bionic Arm Prosthesis: Selection Of Research Directions

Ivan Vladimirovich Krechetov,Arkady Alekseevich Skvortsov,Ivan Aleksandrovich Poselsky

Pages: 2229-2237

The Main Features Of Digital Economy Development In Russia (By The Example Of The Formalized Assessment Of Demand For Block chain Technology)

Marat Rashitovich Safiullin, Leonid Alekseevich Elshin, Aliya Aidarovna Abdukaeva , Kazan Federal University

Pages: 2238-2244

Comprehensive Web-Based Corpora Of Dictionaries: Informational Features And User Options

Kamil R. Galiullin, Marina N. Priemysheva, Rezeda N. Karimullina, Guzel N. Karimullina

Pages: 2245-2250

Psychometric Predictors Of Personal Qualities For Students Of Service And Tourism Department Based On Info From Social Networks

Fail Gafarov, Zulfira Enikeeva, Galim Vakhitov, Konstantin Nikolaev

Pages: 2251-2255

Educational Institution’s Software Audit

Anis Fuatovich Galimyanov, Alina Ilyasovna Muzafarova

Pages: 2256-2262

"Cloud Democracy": Synergetic Potential Of Practopia

GlebDmitrievichLeontyev, Ludmila Stanislavovna Leontieva

Pages: 2263-2266

Features Of New Media Texts In The Modern Internet Journalism

Ramis Rassyhovich Gazizov,Madina Bulatovna Bulatova

Pages: 2267-2272

Fault Diagnostic Method For Ic Engines

Lenar Ajratovich Galiullin, Ilnar Ajratovich Galiullin

Pages: 2273-2279

MATLAB/Simulink Study and Implemetataion of SMC for Two-Level Cascaded Positive output Boost Converter

R. Saktheeswaran,D. Murali ,K. Ramash Kumar

Pages: 2280-2292

The Effect Of Perceived Task Uncertainty (PTU) Toward Relationship Between Characteristics Targeting Of Budgeting With ManagementPerformance

Petrus Peleng Roreng , Luther P.Tangdialla , Djusniaty Rasinan

Pages: 2293-2300

Robust Lane Identification by Using EW-CSA Based DCNN

Suvarna Shirke,Udayakumar Ramanathan

Pages: 2301-2307

Perception Of Farmers In Langa Leso Village Towards Subsidies

Christina Jeane Tandirerung, Chalarce Totanan, Yuldi Mile, Marsuddin, Natalia Paranoan

Pages: 2308-2314

Radon Transform over Hough Transform and Daugman’s Rubber Sheet Model over Modified Fourier Descriptor Method for Identification of an Iris from Long Distance

Swati D. Shirke,C. Rajabhushnam

Pages: 2315-2328

Revealing The Meaning Of Profit Of Woven Fabric Weavers In Mellangkena Padang Village, Mamasa Regency, South Sulawesi, Indonesia

Mira Labi Bandhaso, Christina Jeane Tandirerung, Natalia Paranoan

Pages: 2329-2336

Financial Technology: Smes Answer The Opportunities And Challenges Of Industrial Revolution 4.0

Sita Yubelina Sabandar

Pages: 2337-2348

Design and Analysis Of An Ultra-L ow Power Single Electron Transistor Based Binary Multiplier

Aarthy M,Sriadibhatla Sridevi

Pages: 2346-2365

Early Detection of Lung Cancer using Optimized Convolutional Neural Network of Deep Learning Technique

Dr.R.Punithavathi, Mrs.M.Sharmila

Pages: 2366-2373

Attack detection on multi mobile agent based data aggregation using TS fuzzy model in WSN

Mohamed Yousin Mohamed Alzarroug,Wilson Jeberson

Pages: 2374-2390

Optimization Of Load Balancing Using Hybrid Aco

A Daniel , Dr.N.Krishnaraj

Pages: 2391-2396

A Survey on Various Load Balancing Algorithm to Improve the Task Scheduling in Cloud Computing Environment

A.Daniel, P. Rajakumar, Dr.N.V. Kousik, N.Yuvaraj, S.Jayasri

Pages: 2397-2406

An Improved Univariate Feature Selection Model for Classification of Microarray Data

D.M. Deepak Raj,R. Mohanasundaram

Pages: 2407-2418

Implementation of Tax Consultant Monitoring Information System to Increase Client Satisfaction with E-CRM

Eso Hernawan, AgusKusnawan, Andy, Riki, Ricky Lihardi

Pages: 2419-2428

Mathematical Literacy In Spiritual Leadership

Kusno, Marsigit, ADardiri

Pages: 2429-2433

The discourse of National Identity in Indonesian High School History Textbooks for Curriculum 2013

Hieronymus Purwanta,Akhmad Arif Musadad, Sriyanto Sriyanto

Pages: 2434-2441

Review of Bus Mastering DMA through PCI express

Santosh Kumar.B

Pages: 2442-2445

Effect Of River Water Quality Standards Of Coagulant Dose Komering Alumununium Sulphate Water Conditions At The Time Tide Water And Low Water

Muhammad Iqbal, Legiso, Heni Junia

Pages: 2446-2451

Analytical Hierarchy Process to Determine the Prioritized Factors in Improving Employee Performance

Rini Sovia, Randy Permana, Heri Yanto, Jasmir

Pages: 2452-2458

A Novel Non-Linear Frequency Waveform with Costas Sequence

N. Adithya Valli,D. Elizabath Rani

Pages: 2459-2466