Volume 11, 07-Special Issue

Mobile Tourist Recommendation Systems Based on Tourist Trip Design Problem for Indonesia Domestic Tourist, an Exploratory Study

Indri Hapsari and Sari Dewi

Pages: 692-701

Inventory Management in Healthcare Supply Chain under Uncertainty and Emergency: A Literature Review

Irwan Syahrir, Suparno and Iwan Vanany

Pages: 702-708

Design and Analysis of Small and Medium Enterprises in Bandung City

Keni Kaniawati, Yenny Maya Dora, Nina Nurani and Alfiana

Pages: 709-715

The Influence of Return on Equity, Return on Investment, and Economic Value Added to Stock Return

Mochamad Kohar Mudzakar and Astry Arianti

Pages: 716-721

Effect of Cooperative Remuneration against Creative (A Survey on KKB. Wahana Raharja Pt. Dirgantara Indonesia (Persero)

Paulus Sugianto Yusuf and Syafdinal

Pages: 722-730

Compensation Effect on the Performance of Employees Pt. Bank Woori Saudara 1906 Tbk Bandung

Pipin Sukandi, Melati Aprilia and Putri Liana

Pages: 731-739

‘MO’ As a Particle: Means Unexpected in Japanese (Structure and Meaning Research)

Raden Novitasari and Dinda Gayatri Ranadireksa

Pages: 740-745

The Effects of Fluctuation Real Exchange Rates on the Bilateral Trade Balance between Indonesia – China: Observation Condition of Marshall - Lerner and the J-Curve Phenomenon Approach

R. Roosaleh Laksono, R. Ait Novatiani and Obsatar Sinaga

Pages: 746-749

Optimization in Cooperative Spectrum Sensing in Cognitive Radio Using Jaya Algorithm

Prof. A.A. Vithalani and Prof. C.H. Vithalani

Pages: 750-756

Speed and Flux Control of 3-Phase Induction Motor with MMC Topology by Using DTC Technique

Sriramulu Naik Mudhavath and Dr. Gudapati Sambasiva Rao

Pages: 757-765

Vertically Integrated Utility Power System Structures for Egyptian Scenario and Electricity Act

Youssef A. Mobarak and Nithiyananthan Kannan

Pages: 766-772

IOT based Automation System for Distribution Substation and Power Theft Control

G.N. Divyaraj, T.M. Aruna, M.S. Satyanarayana and K. Asha

Pages: 773-777

A New Replication Strategy to Achieve Fault Tolerance in Hadoop Distributed File System

V. Vadivu and Dr.N. Kavitha

Pages: 778-787

Design & Implementation of LCL Filter in Small Wind Turbine Systems

V. Meenakshi and S. Paramasivam

Pages: 788-794

Fuzzy based Dynamic Clustering and Data Collection Framework for Mobile Wireless Sensor Networks

G. Lakshmi Vara Prasad and Dr.C. Nalini

Pages: 795-810

Thermal Durability Analysis of PA6-GF30 and PA66-GF30 Air Intake Manifold

P. Arjunraj, M. Subramanian, P.D. Jeyakumar and M. Bharathiraja

Pages: 811-819

A Study on Customer’s Satisfaction for Rural Wire Line Broad Band (RWLBB) Under Universal Service Obligation Fund (USOF): A Case of Madhya Pradesh (M.P) Region, India

Sachin Sharma and Dr. Priyanka Verma

Pages: 820-833

Marketing in the Age of Intelligent Virtual Assistant (IVA): Generation-Z Perceptions

Dr.M. Giridhar Kumar and Dr. Nagaraju Kolla

Pages: 834-839

Rohingya Issue: Un and International Response

Nipan Haloi

Pages: 840-845

An Efficient Approach to Identify an Optimal Feature Selection Method Using Improved Principle Component Analysis in Supervised Learning Process

D. Hemavathi and H. Srimathi

Pages: 846-857

Real Time Scenario based Support Vector Regression for Monitoring Voltage Stability through Error Minimization Using Particle Swarm Intelligence

A. Nageswara Rao and P. Vijayapriya

Pages: 858-871

Character Education Value Transformation of Pujawali Ngusabha Kadasa in Ulun Danu Batur Temple

Ni Made Sukrawati

Pages: 872-879

A Study on the Usage of Social Media Sites Among College Students in Tamilnadu

N. Meena Zenith and R. Radhika

Pages: 880-885

Software Defined Networking Controller (SDNC): Survey

V.T. Noora and Vinila Jinny

Pages: 886-890

Study of Reduced Switch Count Multilevel Inverters with Modulation Techniques and Applications

P.V.S. Aditya and A. Ananthichristy

Pages: 891-900

A Survey on Recommender System based on Machine Learning Concepts and Semantic Analysis

B. Devipriya and Dr.Y. Kalpana

Pages: 901-908

Analysis of IoT based Real Time Traffic Monitoring System Using M/G/1 Queuing Approach

Charushila Raskar and Dr. Shikha Nema

Pages: 909-916

Design of Broad Band Class E Power Amplifier

S. Muthukumar and M.C. John Wiselin

Pages: 917-928

Multi-Authority based Data Fragment Technique for Secure Storage and Sharing in Cloud Computing

S. Rajeswari and Dr.R. Kalaiselvi

Pages: 929-935

A Security Replica for Protecting the Seclusion of Medical Big Data in a Healthcare Cloud Using Facility of Fog Computing with Multi-Level Security

L. Arulmozhiselvan and Dr.E. Uma

Pages: 936-942