Volume 11, 07-Special Issue

Price Movement Using Oscillators with Special Reference To Indian Banking Scrips

K. Saranya

Pages: 473-478

A Critical Analysis of Culture Deviations Experienced by the Students During their Migration from Home Town to Foreign Country

Dr. Nirzar Kulkarni

Pages: 479-483

Engineering Education: The Key to Sustainable Development in Cameroon

Dr. Kehdinga George Fomunyam

Pages: 484-491

Visual and Tactile Design Attributes of Branded Sports Shoes

Muthu Kumar and Prof.Dr. Sibichan Mathew

Pages: 492-499

Material Defect Detection and Assessment of Surface Roughness Using Image Processing and Machine Vision System

N. Nithyanantham, Dr.K. Prathapchandran and Dr.P. Suresh

Pages: 500-509

Microstrip Patch Antenna: A Review and the Current State of the Art

Abdullahi SB. Mohammed, Shahanawaz Kamal, Mohd Fadzil Ain, Zainal Arifin Ahmad, Ubaid Ullah, Mohamadariff Othman, Roslina Hussin and Mohd Fariz Ab Rahman

Pages: 510-524

Factors that a Buyer Evaluates for Assessing the Purchase Decisions with Reference to Automobiles

Krishna Reddy and P.V. Vijay Kumar Reddy

Pages: 525-537

Implementation of Reliability Centered Maintenance in Process Industry – Issues and Difficulties

P. Deepak Prabhakar and A. Dharmaraj

Pages: 538-547

A Study on Awareness about Social Media and its Impact among College Students in Salem City

Dr.T. Sarathy and Kanagaraj

Pages: 548-551

Design and Performance of High Frequency Temperature Compensated Crystal Oscillator

Dr.S. Sujitha and Dr.G. Srinivasa

Pages: 552-561

An Investigation on the Suppression of Vortex Induced Vibration of a Cylinder Using Compound Method with Oscillating Splitter Plate

A.S. Sunil and P.S. Tide

Pages: 562-569

A Study on Relation based Testimonal Process on Test Suite Classification Using Genetic Algorithm

R. Nithya and Dr.S. Sheeja

Pages: 570-579

The Identification of Hippocampus from MRI of Human Brain Using Cluster and Filtering

S. Kavitha and Dr.T. Genish

Pages: 580-585

A Study on Customer Awareness of Fraudulent Practices in Internet Banking and its Impact on their Perception with Special Reference to Coimbatore City

R. Anand and Dr.V.M. Senthilkumar

Pages: 586-592

Learning Sparse Representation for Human Action Recognition Using Probabilistic Neural Network

B. Sai Vijeta, B.N.S. Sai Akash and R. Jebakumar

Pages: 593-599

Evaluation of Strain Hardening Exponent of Tailor Welded Sheet Metal Blanks

K.C. Sabitha, Dr.P. Ravinder Reddy, Dr.A. Krishnaiah and Dr.R. Uday Kumar

Pages: 600-605

Application of Queuing Theory in Departmental Store

R. Dhanalakshmi, S. Santhi and K. Selvakumari

Pages: 606-610

Classification of CT Scan Images for Detection of Tuberculosis Using Convolutional Neural Network

Dr.S. Devi Mahalakshmi and V. Geethanjali

Pages: 611-617

Role of Education, Information and Government Schemes in Empowering Women Entrepreneurship

D. Anchu, Bhagya V Pillai, M. Meenulal and Jyothi Lakshmy

Pages: 618-621

A Study of Micro Enterprises Promoted by Kudumbhasree through their E-commerce Portal and other Marketing Strategies

D. Anchu, Bhagya Viswan, Bhagya V Pillai, M. Meenulal and R. Ambily

Pages: 622-625

Cost of Production of Small Cardamom in Idukki District

R. Ramprabu and Dr.B. Sudha

Pages: 626-630

Deploying Intuitionistic Fuzzy Evaluation Matrix for Diagnosing Dengue

Dr.P. Saranya and Dr.V. Shanmugasundram

Pages: 631-634

A Fuzzy Statistical Quality Control Charts Using Transition Probability Matrix of Markov Processes

Dr.V. Shanmuga Sundaram

Pages: 635-645

User based Collaborative Filtering based on Minkowski Distance Measure to Support Small Medium Enterprise Ecommerce Company

Eka Angga

Pages: 646-652

The Effect Ability of Village Fund Management Apparatus, Village Government Organizational Commitments, and Community Participation on Accountability for Management of Village Funds in Sub-Districts in Indonesia

Fitri Sukmawati

Pages: 653-659

Corruption Hit the World

Karhi Nisjar Sardjudin, Achmad Fadjar and Irma Suryani

Pages: 660-663

Factors that Influence the Performance of Employees (Study in PNSD in the Regional Government of Bandung City)

Shinta Oktafien

Pages: 664-670

Understanding Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs to Measure Continuance Intention of SNSS

Cut Irna Setiawati, Anita Silvianita and Ivan Gumilar

Pages: 671-678

Effects on the Volume Ratio Profit Abilities Stock Trades

Eddy Winarso, Paulus Sugianto Yusuf and Zhilvia Zhara Lyuzhiba

Pages: 679-686

Some Preliminary Thought on Enhancing Economic Growth Sustainability in Indonesia

I. Solihin and Mohd Haizam Mohd Saudi

Pages: 687-691