Volume 11, 06-Special Issue

Current Density, Electron Mobility And Drift Velocity Of Metals

G.E. Adesakin, T.H. Akande,O. Olubosede, O.G.Edema, A.O. Akinbolusere, E.O. Aliyu, M.A. Adekoya, A.T. Fatigun

Pages: 1986-1995

Design of Modular Neural Network with System Control

T. Rathimala, M. Kamarasan

Pages: 1996-2004

Development of a Billiard Detection Algorithm for Video Reading System in Billiards

Tae-Eun Kim

Pages: 2005-2009

Development of Modular Customized Smart Fashion Platform using FPC

Ga-Yeon Kim , Youn-Hee Kim

Pages: 2010-2016

Effectiveness of Technology Business Incubators and functions of Technology leading to the success of a Startup Business: a pragmatic analysis

Priyabrata Nayak, Jayant Kumar Panigrahi, Biswajit Das, SuhrudNeurgaonkar

Pages: 2017-2024

Emotion Prediction using Text and Speech Information

Jin-Su Kim

Pages: 2025-2029

Estimation of Ship’s Collision Potentials using AIS Data

Jin-Wan Park , Kwang-il Kim

Pages: 2030-2034

Face Retrieval method Using Regional Feature Normalization and Unique Form Clustering of Faces

Hyunho Han, Sanghun Lee

Pages: 2035-2042

Impact Analysis of Autonomous Driving Technology in Smart ICT Industry

Seong-Hoon Lee, Dong-Woo Lee

Pages: 2043-2049

Implementation of the Distraction Monitoring System based on Movement Detection

Ji-Yun Seo , Yun-Hong Noh , Do-Un Jeong

Pages: 2050-2054

Implementation of the ECG and Abnormal Heart Rate Monitoring System based on Variable Threshold

Yun-Hong Noh , Ji-YunSeo , Do-Un Jeong

Pages: 2055-2059

Development Of Bionic Arm Prosthesis: Selection Of Research Directions

Ivan Vladimirovich Krechetov,ArkadyAlekseevich Skvortsov,Ivan Aleksandrovich Poselsky

Pages: 2060-2068