Volume 11, 06-Special Issue

Factors Determining Information Communication Technology Usage in Agriculture by Smallholder Farmers in Tiyo district, Arsi Zone, Oromia Region, Ethiopia

Teshitie Gemeda Geleto, Paul Mansingh, J. ,Firafis Haile

Pages: 1738-1748

Solid Waste Management: Basis for an Extension Program

Maria Cristina Lalaine M. Nerona

Pages: 1749-1757

New Dimensions of Entrepreneurship in India- Emerging avenues of Textile Industry

Nikita Puri, Dr. Hemant Verma

Pages: 1758-1763

Economic mathematical model for assessing the impact of innovation investment activities on improving competitiveness

Alexander Aleksandrovich Chursin, Alexander Viktorovich Yudin, Polina Yur'evna Grosheva, Ekaterina Vitalievna Davydova

Pages: 1764-1772

A Study Of The Effect Of Relationship Marketing And Customer Satisfaction Of Insurance Sector In Yangon

Mr. Nyi Lwin, Dr. Thin Thin Aye

Pages: 1773-1782

Title: Case Study on Using Psychometric Tests for Assessing Performance of Management Faculty with Low Performance Rating

Dr. Shraddha Kulkarni

Pages: 1783-1796

Poverty Severity In India

Dr. Amitha Shanbhogue

Pages: 1797-1800

Overview of SIMO Converter and its Control strategies

Dr.k.Subramanian , S.Sritharini

Pages: 1801-1807

A Study on Significance of Cashback Offered by Online Companies and Its Impact on Customer Preferences in Online Purchases

Alex Nero, Dr. Sreedhara Raman

Pages: 1808-1815

Silence As The Sword And Shield In The Words Of Chitra Banerjee Divakaruni


Pages: 1816-1819

Operational technical of waste management In banda aceh

Hafnidar A. Rani, Widya Soviana, Tamalkhani Syammaun, Kemala Hayati, M. Syauki

Pages: 1826-1833

A Hybrid Cultural-Hierarchical Clustering Algorithm For The Graph Coloring Problem

Mohamed Amine Basmassi, Lamia Benameur, JihaneAlami Chentoufi

Pages: 1834-1842

Academic performance and student behavior influence: Case Study

Yesenia Magdalena Garcia Delgado, María Rodríguez Gámez

Pages: 1843-1851

Characterisation of Virgin Coconut Oil Based Lamellar Liquid Crystal Incorporated with Lycopene

NR Salimin, WRW Mahamod, NA Bakar, SSSA Azziz, AM Sharif, NA Pauzan, N. Hashim

Pages: 1852-1858

Crustacean Growth Estimation From Tag- Recapture Data

Chuan Hui Foo

Pages: 1859-1867

The Determinant of Beef Prices in Bali

Ni Made Ayu Gemuh Rasa Astiti

Pages: 1868-1872

Effect of Radiation Gamma Co-60 on Sterile Male Technique Competitiveness in Inhibiting Population of Rattus argentiventer

Gusti Ngurah Sutapa, I. Wayan Supartha, I Nyoman Wijaya, I. Ketut Puja

Pages: 1873-1800

Pipe Organs: A Study of Heritage Pipe Organs in Malaysia


Pages: 1881-1884

State of Art Approach to Enhance the Lifetime and Reducing Energy Consumption in Wireless Sensor Network

Janish, Kapil Gupta

Pages: 1885-1895

Sustainable Practice Of Clothes Disposal: A Review Of Critical Literature

Arasinah Kamis, Sara Marcketti, MuhFakhrihun Na’am, Sri Indah Wahyuningsih, I Made Sudana, Delta Apriyani, Rahimah Jamaluddin

Pages: 1896-1900

Synergistic Effects of Biochar and Peat Moss on Growth of Choy Sam (Brassica Rapa L.)

Asilah Abdul Mutalib, Norsyahirah, Mohamad, Zalina Ismail, Fazhana Ismail, Shaibatul’ Islamiah Che Man, Zahidah Ab Latif, Zunura’in Zahali

Pages: 1901-1905

The Diagnostic Evaluation As A Tool To Determine Previous Students’ Knowledge

Eva Lisbeth Cedeño Romero, Carlos Alejandro Yoza Zambrano, Thamara Paola Toala Vargas, Jose Atilio Murillo Moreira

Pages: 1906-1914

The Effect of zinc on Egg Development and Viability of Schistocephalus solidus (Cestoda: Diphyllobothriidea)

Zalina Ismail, Zalina Ismail

Pages: 1915-1922

The Importance Value Index of the Flora in the Green Belt of the Sultan Azlan Shah Campus, Universitity Pendidikan Sultan Idris, Perak, Malaysia

Mohmadisa Hashim, Zahid Mat Said, Nik Mohd Farhan Nik Daud, Nasir Nayan, Yazid Saleh, Hanifah Mahat&Kadaruddin Aiyub

Pages: 1923-1937

Variability of Surface Ozone (O3) at Three Different Monitoring Stations in Perak, Malaysia

Nurul Bahiyah Abd Wahid , Noor Wahida Md Junus , Nurulsaidah Abdul Rahim , Nor Zila Abd Hamid , Halina Hanim Mustafa , Helmiah Abdul Razak , Intan Idura Mohamad Isa

Pages: 1938-1947

Iran and Indonesia Cultural: Civilization Capacities under the Light of Islamic Values

Aflatun Muchtar,Ris’an Rusli, Candra Darmawan

Pages: 1948-1957

Analysis on soft fuzzy clustering methods to cluster drugs from virtual screening paradigm as probable GSK-3 beta inhibitors against diabetes

Naga MadhaviLatha Kakarla, G.Rama Mohan Babu

Pages: 1958-1966

Assessment of Rockfall Hazard at Mountain Area

ByongheeJun, Namgyun Kim

Pages: 1967-1973

Automated Colorization Method based on Deep Learning with Stepwise Classification

Dong In Kim, Sang Hun Lee, Gang Seong Lee

Pages: 1974-1980

Classification Models for Handling Incomplete Data Using Entropy

Jong Chan Lee

Pages: 1981-1985