Volume 11, 06-Special Issue

Triunity: On Using Trinary Trees for Unendorsed Web Data Mining

S. Surya, Dr.A. Muthukumaravel and R. Balamurugan

Pages: 1510-1512

A Study on Employee Engagement in Cement Industry in Ariyalur District

D. Vijay Amirtharaj and Dr.B. Vimala

Pages: 1513-1521

Multiple Pedestrian Tracking with Occlusion Handling in High-density Crowds

Rohini Chavan, Sachin R. Gengaje and Shilpa P. Gaikwad

Pages: 1522-1535

Karma Yoga: The Practical Way to Integrate Spirituality in Workplace

Divya Gautam and Dr. Nitin Arora

Pages: 1536-1540

Gender Roles, Patriarchy and Marginalization in Mahesh Dattani’s Dance Like A Man

Vinita Marigold and Dr. Helen Unius Backiavathy

Pages: 1541-1543

Evaluation of System Reliability Referring EVM and VVPAT W.R.T. Its Components

Viresh Sharma and Divya Dhyani

Pages: 1544-1547

Modelling Reliability of the Probability of An Earthquake

Viresh Sharma and Divya Dhyani

Pages: 1548-1550

A Study of Agile Adoption in Project Management with Reference to Issues and Concern Across Various Industries

Himani Singh and Anindita Bhattacharjee

Pages: 1551-1563

AI As a Tool for Talent Acquisition

Nandita Singh and Prof. Dr. Nitin Arora

Pages: 1564-1568

Design of A Novel Controller to Stabilize the Dc Level of Photovoltaic System for Low Voltage Stand Alone Applications

V.S. Bibin Raj and Dr.G. Glan Devadhas

Pages: 1569-1577

A Novel Method for Melanoma Classification Using Fuzzy based HKSVM

S. Binu Sathiya, Dr.S.S. Kumar and Dr.A. Prabin

Pages: 1578-1593

Comparative Exploration of Various Control Strategies for the Temperature Control Process of CSTR System

S. Kaushik, K.N. Thirukkuralkani, K. Srinivasan and V. Rukkumani

Pages: 1594-1602

Segmentation of Melanoma Using Triclass Thresholding in Dermoscopic Images

R. Ramya Ravi, R.S. Vinod Kumar and N. Shanila

Pages: 1603-1609

Analysis of pH Neutralization Using ANFIS based Queuing Algorithm

T. Pravin Rose and Dr.G. Glan Devadhas

Pages: 1610-1617

Virtual Integrated Data Sharing Model to the Outsourced Data in the Cloud through Ring Signature and Proxy Re-encryption

G. Abarna and Dr.S. Dhanalakshmi

Pages: 1618-1622

Efficient Feature Extraction and Sparse Reduction Using Enhanced Bat Optimization with Support Vector Machine Algorithm for Facial Expression Recognition

P. Dinesh Kumar and Dr.B. Rosiline Jeetha

Pages: 1623-1635

Quantum Behavior based Sparse Encoding for Feature Reduction and Social Emotion Classification with Semantically Rich Convolutional Neural Network

M. Selvapriya and Dr.G. Maria Priscilla

Pages: 1636-1647

Human Behavior Analysis of BBC-News Comments Posted on Facebook Using Lexicon-rule based Approach

Chinju Mathew and Dr.R. Sivakumar

Pages: 1648-1655

An Evolutionary Concept based Multi Keyword Searchable Encryption Mechanism Over Encrypted Cloud Data

K. Reshma and M. Kundalakesi

Pages: 1656-1659

An Efficient Ensemble Classification Technique for Predicting the Academic Performance of Students

Dr.E. Chandra Blessie and K.R. Vineetha

Pages: 1660-1671

Experimental Investigation on Precast Wall Connections

K. Karthikeyan and M. Helen Santhi

Pages: 1672-1678

Historical Religion Dynamics: Phenomenon in Bali Island

Wayan Suryasa

Pages: 1679-1685

Feasible Data Transfer in Intranet Using Push and Pull Protocols

Kranthi Lammatha, Karthikeyan Chinnusamy and Naresh Reddy C. Malgireddy

Pages: 1686-1690

Spatiotemporal Monitoring and Modeling of Urban Sprawl Using Remote Sensing and GIS: A Case Study Al-Karkh, Baghdad, Iraq

Duaa Ali Khudair, Ayad M. Fadhil Al-Quraishi and Alauldeen A. Hassan

Pages: 1691-1698

A Comparative Analysis on Association Rule Mining Using Random Sampling in Big Data

Dr.D. Kerana Hanirex and Dr.A. Muthu Kumaravel

Pages: 1699-1703

A Usage of Homomorphic Encryption in Cloud Computing with Big Data Processing Security

S. Selvaragini and R. Karthikeyan

Pages: 1704-1714

A Study on Emerging Technology Internet of Things (IOT): An Overview of Architecture and Security Issues

Dr.D. Kerana Hanirex, Dr.K.P. Thooyamani and Dr.A. Muthu Kumaravel

Pages: 1715-1719

Augmenting Soft Skills in Engineering Students


Pages: 1720-1722

Relationship Concerning Total Quality Management (Tqm) And Organizational Performance – An Empirical Analysis

Venkataiah Chittipaka

Pages: 1723-1729

Use of Blockchain Technology (Smart Contract) for Small and Medium Enterprises Sector to increase transparency and reduce default rates

Dr. Shaista Anwar

Pages: 1730-1737