Volume 11, 06-Special Issue

A Novel Hybrid Approach for Providing Data Security and Privacy from Malicious Attacks in the Cloud Environment

Dileep Kumar Murala, Sandeep Kumar Panda and Santosh Kumar Swain

Pages: 1291-1300

Reducing Redundant Transmission in a Vehicular Ad Hoc Network through Inbrocast Technique

M. Newbegin and Dr.A. Rengarajan

Pages: 1301-1307

Analysis and Improvement of Power Quality Using Unified Power Quality Conditioner in Distribution System

S. Ilankannan and Dr.R. Francis

Pages: 1308-1313

Intelligent Driving System

S. Prem, N. Udaya Prakash, S. Ramanarayanan, V. Vishal and M. Thenmozhi

Pages: 1314-1318

Computer Aided Model for Predicting Malignant Breast Tumor in Women from Unstructured Mammography Narratives

Madhu Kumari and Vijendra Singh

Pages: 1319-1331

Analysis and Design of UPQC Using ANN and ANFIS

M.R. Mohanraj and R. Prakash

Pages: 1332-1338

Attribute Table based Energy-Efficient and QoS-of Multipath Routing Protocol Using in Loss-Free Optical Burst Switching Networks

Bharathi Lakshmanan, Sangeetha Priya Nachimuthu, Sasikala Ramasamy, S. Dola Sanjay and S. Jagan Mohan Rao

Pages: 1339-1348

Implementation of MAC Protocol for Analysis of Traffic in Smart Cities

Appala Raju. Uppala, C. Venkata Narasimhulu and K. Satya Prasad

Pages: 1349-1357

CCHS: An Improved Centralized Cluster Head Selection in Wireless Sensor Networks

R. Kowsalya and Dr.B. Rosiline Jeetha

Pages: 1358-1365

Big Data Analytics Using Weighted Multi-Constraint Correlated Clustering for Grouping Users in Social Network

B. Gayathri Devi and V. Pattabiraman

Pages: 1366-1376

IoT-based Non-invasive Breath Analysis Using Bagged Decision Tree for Prediction and Classification of Diabetes Mellitus

P. Pavithra, P.B. Pankajavalli and G.S. Karthick

Pages: 1377-1382

A Developed Feature Subset Selection Using Novel Intuitionistic Fuzzy Adaptive Teaching Learning based Optimization for Autism Dataset

R. Suresh Kumar and Dr.M. Renugadevi

Pages: 1383-1393

Design and Implementation of an Area Efficient Fused Add Multiply Operator Using Clock Gating Technique

Pamula Spoorthi Victoria and Dr. Salai Thillai Thilagam

Pages: 1394-1400

A New EEG Signal Analysis Technique for Identification of Epilepsy Using VMD, NCFS and Machine Learning Classification Approach

S.K. Ebraheem Khaleelulla and Dr.P. Rajesh Kumar

Pages: 1401-1411

I\Q Mismatch Correction Technique for Multiple Digital Clock Generation Circuits Using CMOS Technology

S. Nikhat Afshan and Smt. G. Divya Praneetha

Pages: 1412-1419

SLM Technique based on Firefly Algorithm for Reduction of PAPR in OFDM Systems

Reddi Sridevi and Dr.T. Madhavi

Pages: 1420-1426

‘Innovation in Pipeline’ - Consumer and Entrepreneur Retrospectives on Start-ups in Kerala

Nandana Rajeev, Surya Sasidharan and Dr. Dayana Das

Pages: 1427-1430

Relationship Extraction from Biomedical Literature

N. Kanya, S. Geetha, S. Ramamoorthy and T. Ravi

Pages: 1431-1437

Hybrid Topology based Connectivity in HIOT to Evade Security and Connection Issues

Dr.S. Radha Rammohan and Dr.K. Selvam

Pages: 1438-1443

Predictive Model for Fruit Maturity Grading - A Review

Nirmala Gururaj and Viji Vinod

Pages: 1444-1449

Optimizing Vehicle Classification Using Bio Inspired Algorithms and Performance Analysis

M. Bhuvaneswari, Sumathy Eswaran, S.P. Rajagopalan and T. Bhuvaneswari

Pages: 1450-1458

Understanding Data Access Threats and Counter Measures in Cloud Environment: A Study

N. Keerthana and Viji Vinod

Pages: 1459-1467

Knowledge Management as a Tool for Succession Planning At Senior Management Level

R. Aarya, S.P. Anila, T.A. Aswathy, R. Malavika and K. Arun

Pages: 1468-1470

Heart Attack Detection & Heart Rate Monitoring Using IOT Techniques

W. Malini Prema Kumari and Dr.S.P. Victor

Pages: 1471-1476

Digital Text and Image Watermarking Techniques

D. Ramasundaram, R. Balamurugan and K. Raja Kumari

Pages: 1477-1482

Prediction of Toxic Metal in Indian River Water Data based on Association Rule Mining

Dr.S. Brintha Rajakumari, Dr.C. Nalini and V. Brindha

Pages: 1483-1487

Secure Identification in Social Networks

S. Selvaragini, V. Brindha and S. Anu Priya

Pages: 1488-1491

Study on Eye Cataract in Diabetes Patient Using Data Mining Technique

S. Brintha Rajakumari, K. Rajakumari and R. Bala Murugan

Pages: 1492-1494

The Different Analysis of PCA and LDA under Face Recognitions Techniques

K. Rajakumari, Dr.C. Nalini and Dr.M. Priya

Pages: 1495-1501

The Different Collections of ORL-Dataset with 3d Face Recognition

K. Rajakumari, Dr.C. Nalini and S. Surya

Pages: 1502-1509