Volume 11, 06-Special Issue

Effect of Business Education among Regular and Distant MBA Students: A Comparative Study in Kerala

R. Silpa Raj and S. Jayashree

Pages: 1043-1049

A Study on the Role of Self Help Group in Organic Farming

Krishna Vijay and N.R. Pravitha

Pages: 1050-1054

A Study on the Waves of Demographic Factors on the Preference of Spiritual Tourism

M.S. Sreeparvathy and H. Jyothilakshmy

Pages: 1055-1059

Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Act (MGNREGA): Socio-Economic-Environmental Impact on Job Satisfaction of the Beneficiaries

O.M. Archana and Dr.A.S. Ambily

Pages: 1060-1066

Fractal Batik Inspires Young Designers in the International Scene (Research on Pixel Team of Bandung Free Institute)

R. Adjeng Mariana Febrianti, Ervina Simatupang, Ryan Kurniawan and Mohd Haizam Mohd Saudi

Pages: 1067-1074

Building A Just Traditional Kowledge Intellectual Property Rights Legal System That Realizes the Development of Indonesian Creative Economy in Facing AEC 2015

S.H. Nina Nurani and M. Si

Pages: 1075-1087

Credit Risk in Sharia Commercial Devisa Banks

Shendy Amalia, Neneng Susanti, Dede Hertina and Mohd Haizam Mohd Saudi

Pages: 1088-1095

The Influence of Organizational Culture and Organizational Commitment on Performance of Employees (Case Study: Non-Educator Employees at Widyatama University)

Yelli Eka Sumadhinata and Pipin Sukandi

Pages: 1096-1105

Autoregressive Models and Non-local Self Similarity in Sparse Representation for Image Deblurring

Y. Ravi Sankaraiah and S. Varadarajan

Pages: 1106-1112

Novel Border Alert Management System Using Raspberry PI

N. Mahesh Kumar, A. Shanmathi, Ateesh Jain, Muskan and Abhishek Reddy

Pages: 1113-1116

Fracture Mechanics and Kinetic Energy Impact on Coal under Linear Momentum Condition

Lukman Hakim Nasution, Fahrizal, Henry Nasuton, Muhidin Arifin and Anuar Ahmad

Pages: 1117-1122

Amplifier Type Active Antenna with Compact Meandered Line Passive Antenna at 2.45GHZ for Wireless Applications

Mahadik Shamala Rajaram and Dr. Uttam Laxman Bombale

Pages: 1123-1133

Optimal Clustering Technique &Secured Key Management Technique for Detecting Black Hole Attack in VANET

M. Arutselvan, T.V. Ananthan and Sumathy Eswaran

Pages: 1134-1141

Prediction of Lung Cancer Using Blue Whale Optimizer Algorithm with Neural Network Classifier

Dr.S. Senthil and B. Ayshwarya

Pages: 1142-1153

Comparative Study of the Philosophies of Jiddu Krishnamurti, Friedrich Nietzsche, Ayn Rand and Jacques Derrida

D. Bobby and Dr. Saradha Rajkumar

Pages: 1154-1157

The Importance of Participation in the Formulation of Public Policies: How Service Quality Ensures Legislative Aspirations are Fulfilled

Ineu Purwadewi Sundari, Dede Mariana and Widya Setiabudi

Pages: 1158-1175

A Study of the Effect of Infective Immigrants in the Transmission of Malaria & Dengue by Simulation

Nisha Budhwar and Sunita Daniel

Pages: 1176-1181

Identification of Key Development Agile Metrics Used to Reach Organizational Goal

Balaji Thoppae Ramamoorthy and Dr.P. Mayilvahanan

Pages: 1182-1186

A Stable and Secure One-Time-Password Generation Mechanism

Sajaad Ahmed Lone and A.H. Mir

Pages: 1187-1196

Factors Affecting the Rain Attenuation Using Augmented ITU Model

Usha Ayalasomayajula and Karunakar Godi

Pages: 1197-1203

Fuzzy based Test Case Prioritization Approach in Regression Testing

S. Sureka and P. Venkatesh

Pages: 1204-1209

Training Granular Convolution Neural Network with Depth Motion Maps along with Joint Angular Displacement Maps for Kinect based Human Action Recognition

D. Sri Hari, P.V.V. Kishore, M. Siva Kumar, M. Teja Kiran Kumar, E. Kiran Kumar and D. Anil Kumar

Pages: 1210-1219

Improvement of Transient Stability in HVAC Transmission Line with Facts Controller

S. Tamizhvanan and Dr.K. Elango

Pages: 1220-1225

Unprecedented Changes in Microwave Signals of Rain and Cloud Attenuation Data at MCF-Hassan before the Onset of Hudhud Cyclone at Visakhapatnam

Kandala. Kalyana Srinivas and Teppala. Venkata Ramana

Pages: 1226-1234

Low Power Simple Accuracy Reconfigurable Adder for DCT Schemes

H. Vijay Kumar and W. Yasmeen

Pages: 1235-1242

An Action Plan for Replacement of Ageing Distribution Transformers of Indian Power Utilities

Narasimha Pandit and Dr.R.L. Chakrasali

Pages: 1243-1248

Crime Prediction Patterns Using Hybrid K-Means Hierarchical Clustering

Geeta Chhabra, Dr. Vasudha Vashisht and Dr. Jayanthi Ranjan

Pages: 1249-1258

QOS Aware Routing Protocol for VANETS

Sridevi Hosmani and Basavaraj Mathapati

Pages: 1259-1267

Portability based Location Routing for Vehicular Ad Hoc Networks

Jyoti R Maranur and Dr. Basavaraj Mathapati

Pages: 1268-1275

A Survey on Cloud Computing Security and Privacy Issues and Challenges

Dileep Kumar Murala, Sandeep Kumar Panda and Santosh Kumar Swain

Pages: 1276-1290