Volume 11, 06-Special Issue

The Role of CSR in Achieving SDGs in India

R. Aarya, S.P. Anila, T.A. Aswathy, R. Malavika and K. Arun

Pages: 806-810

Distributed Data Clustering Using Ant-Fuzzy With Vector Quantization

K. Sumangala and Dr.S. Sathappan

Pages: 811-819

Simultaneous Optimization of Surface Roughness and Material Removal Rate of AISI 202 Steel Using Taguchi based Pareto ANOVA and MOORA Approaches

K. Krishna Mohan Reddy, K. Srinivasulu Reddy and M. Gopi Krishna

Pages: 820-825

Recent Developments in Extreme Learning Machine: A Review

M. Vidhya and S. Aji

Pages: 826-835

Smart Internet of Things System Based Reliable and Secure Data Transmission in Smart Energy Meter Using Multi-Model Building Predictive Control Algorithm

K. Vedavalli and Dr.N. Muruganantham

Pages: 836-849

Classification of Data for Cardiovascular Disease Prediction System Using Multi Layer Perceptron

S. Shylaja and R. Muralidharan

Pages: 850-856

Study on Characteristics of a Tadpole Graph

G. Srinivasa and S. Sujitha

Pages: 857-860

Text Clustering based on Hubness in Affine Subspace for High Dimensional Data

A. Jenneth and K. Thangavel

Pages: 861-869

IOT Monitored Solar Fed BLDC Motor Using Landsman Converter under Partial Shading Condition with Hardware Validation through HBMO Algorithm

R. Babu Ashok and B. Mahesh Kumar

Pages: 870-881

Modified Genetic Algorithm Assisted PV-SOFC based Autonomous Microgrid for Enhanced Power Quality

V.P. Vinod and N. Albert Singh

Pages: 882-891

Performance Validation of PV- Cell Configurations

Ch. Umamaheswara Rao, A. Srihari Babu, B. Murali Krishna V and P. Sudheer

Pages: 892-899

A New Combinatorial HGAPSO Algorithm based Transmission System Planning

Shilpi Sisodia, Yogendra Kumar and Arun Kumar Wadhwani

Pages: 900-909

An Enhanced SDN based Protocol for Secure Communication in the Internet of Things

N.V. Rajeesh Kumar and P. Mohan Kumar

Pages: 910-917

Medical Image Denoising Using Cuckoo Search Optimization Technique and Artificial Neural Network

B. Baron Sam, A. Lenin Fred

Pages: 918-930

Lifetime Estimation Algorithm based on Aging for Heterogeneous Wireless Network

Tarun Bala and Vivek Jaglan

Pages: 931-941

A Study on Fake News Detection Using Naïve Bayes, SVM, Neural Networks and LSTM

Prannay S Reddy, Diana Elizabeth Roy, P. Manoj, M. Keerthana and Poonam V Tijare

Pages: 942-947

Energy Aware Cross-Layer Opportunistic Routing Protocol in Flying Ad hoc Networks (FANETs): A Survey

Orchu Aruna and Dr. Tejpreet Singh

Pages: 948-954

Hybrid GAPSO based Controller for PMSG to Enhance Power Quality through LVRT in WECS Systems

Velappagari Sekhar and K. Ravi

Pages: 955-970

Voltage and Frequency based Load Dependent Analysis Model for Egyptian Power System Network

Youssef A. Mobarak, A.M. Hemeida, A. El-bahnasawy, Mohamed M. Hamada and Nithiyananthan Kannan

Pages: 971-978

Significance of Communication for Engineering Students from Rural Areas and its Remedies

Dr.P. Tamilarasan, D. Anitha and S. Karthik

Pages: 979-981

Study on User Credentials in Multi Factor Authentication Using Statistical Analysis

S. Vaithyasubramanian, D. Lalitha and A. Christy

Pages: 982-988

Engagement of Youth in Techno Enhanced Agriculture Sector

Ashutosh Kumar Rai, R. Darshan, K. Madhukar and Dr. Dayana Das

Pages: 989-993

Impact of MGNREGA on the Livelihood of Scheduled Tribe

Aiswariya K. Lal, Dyuthy P. Sarangadharan, M.S. Roshia and Dr.T.G. Manoharan

Pages: 994-998

A Study on Profitability and Sustainability of Seafood Exports in Kerala with Special Reference to Ocean Wealth Exports

R. Adarsh, M.K. Aiswarya, Jasmin Bindu, Sheetal Farheen and S. Jayashree

Pages: 999-1007

Impact of Technological Innovation on Bank Employees Stress

Anju Mohan and A. Abymon

Pages: 1008-1013

Exploring Entrepreneurship by Social Capital Development in Kerala

R. Aswathy Nair and Dr. Dayana Das

Pages: 1014-1019

Achieving SDGs through CSR – Role of Maharatna Companies

Devika Ram and K. Arun

Pages: 1020-1025

Does Text Messaging affect Youth Literacy? A Study among the Youths of Kerala

A. Anis and Aarathy K Sudhakaran

Pages: 1026-1030

Achieving SDGs through CSR: Role of CSR Activities in Navaratna Compaines

Mahima Raj and K. Arun

Pages: 1031-1037

Consciousness of Marriage Act among Married Youth: A study in Southern Kerala

G. Aranya and K. Vinod Kumar

Pages: 1038-1042