Volume 11, 06-Special Issue

Triple Lock Security to Patient Data in Wireless Body Area Network

Pradeep Kumar and Anand Sharma

Pages: 555-559

Systematization of Models for Development of Innovative Clusters in Russian Federation

Dmitry L. Napolskikh and Tatiana V. Yalyalieva

Pages: 560-565

Impact of Mobile Phone Radiations on Germination Rate and Early Growth of Vigna Radiata (Mung Bean)

Neha Singh and Tanu Jindal

Pages: 566-570

Effect of Hydrochloric Acid on Compressive Strength of Flyash based Geopolymer based Recycled Aggregate Concrete

L.V. Lokesh Naik, Prof. H. Sudarsana Rao and Vaishali G Ghorpade

Pages: 571-577

Study on Behaviour of Encased Composite Column Under Axial Compression

J. Leo Alex, L. Sabari Giri Vasan and A. Edwin

Pages: 578-583

Challenges to Juvenile Justice Laws in India

Praveen Vasan and Dr. Poonam Rawat

Pages: 584-593

Predicting Pricing Stock by ANN Using Genetic Algorithm

M. Tawarish and Dr.K. Satyanarayana

Pages: 594-599

International Experience of Intermodal Railways Freight Traffic as Labor Productivity Factor

Valery Nikolaevich Alferov, Alexander Georgievich Gurinovich, Maria Iosifovna Litvina and Ekaterina Aleksandrovna Lavrent'eva

Pages: 600-604

Impact of Demonetisation on Indian Insurance Sector

Mohammad Saif Ahmad

Pages: 605-611

Hypermarket Automation System with Field Assisting Robot-Storage Bot

Dr. Shaista Anwar and Anubhav Gupta

Pages: 612-615

Effect of Hydrochloric Acid on Split Tensile Strength of Fly Ash based Geopolymer Concrete with Recycled Aggregates

Uppalapati Vinay Kumar, Dr. H. Sudarsana Rao and Dr. Vaishali G. Ghorpade

Pages: 616-622

EGCOPRAS: QoS-Aware Hybrid MCDM Model for Cloud Service Selection in Multi-Cloud Environment

A.V.L.N. Sujith, Dr.A. Rama Mohan Reddy and Dr.K. Madhavi

Pages: 623-633

Enhanced Homogeneous Multicast Clustering Hierarchy with Efficient Mobile Sink Data Aggregation for Wireless Sensor Network

Jean Justus John, Anuradha and Sheryl Oliver

Pages: 634-646

An Efficient Toilet Queue based Scheduling Model for Deadline based Jobs in Multi-Node Hadoop Clusters

S. Karthikeyan, Hari Seetha and R. Manimegalai

Pages: 647-655

Dermatology Disease Detection Model Using Image Processing and Recurrent Neural Networks

R. Bakiyalakshmi, S. Umamaheswari, Anbu, Rohit and Saranraj

Pages: 656-660

Design of Biosensor for Tuberculosis Detection

N. Deepa, A. John Pravin and N. Aakash

Pages: 661-664

Smart Cooling System

S. Indirani and K. Vibha

Pages: 665-669

E-Learning Types, Opportunities and Skills

D. Pradeepa, Dr.A. Valarmady and Dr.K. Nithyanandam

Pages: 670-672

An Energy and Deadline Aware Scheduling Using Invasive Weed Optimization Algorithm for Cloud Computing

Pradeep Venuthurumilli and Dr. Sridhar Mandapati

Pages: 673-682

Design and Implementing Hybrid Semi Neural Network for Speech Recognition

S. Elavarasi and Dr.G. Suseendran

Pages: 683-694

A Hybrid Cryptographic Algorithm for Securing Data in Cloud Storage

B. Mahalakshmi and G. Suseendran

Pages: 695-704

Chassis to Prioritize the Requirements through AHP with Diminutive Comparisons

K. Glory Vijayaselvi and R. Thirumalai Selvi

Pages: 705-713

The Impact of Strategic Planning and Customer Focus on Organizational Excellence among Head Unit Officers within Fujairah Police

Saeed Alhmoudi, Osama Isaac and Amiya Bhaumik

Pages: 714-724

The Mediation Effect of Organizational Culture on the Relationship between Strategic Planning and Organizational Excellence

Saeed Alhmoudi, Osama Isaac and Amiya Bhaumik

Pages: 725-735

The Influence of Transformational Leadership and Transactional Leadership on Organizational Excellence

Saeed Alhefiti, Ali Ameen and Amiya Bhaumik

Pages: 736-747

Impact of Strategy Management and Organizational Culture on Organizational Excellence

Saeed Alhefiti, Ali Ameen and Amiya Bhaumik

Pages: 748-759

A Proficient System to Identify Heart Diseases with the Aid of Artificial Intelligence and Soft Computing Techniques

M. Thyagaraj and Dr.G. Suseendran

Pages: 760-769

An Action based Test Suite for Evaluating Multi Agent Software Systems

E. Ajith Jubilson and Dr. Ravi Sankar Sangam

Pages: 770-778

Analysis of Buying Intention for Green Products among Metro City People by Focusing Chennai City

R. Megavannan, R. Arivazhagan and Dr. Praseeda Challapalli

Pages: 779-783

Comparative Analysis of Various PWM Techniques on Novel Cascaded Multilevel Inverter

D. Karthikeyan and K. Vijayakumar

Pages: 784-805