Volume 11, 06-Special Issue

Grid based Fault Tolerant Wireless Sensor Network with Mobile Sink

Suvaj S Parathanam and N. Radhika

Pages: 281-284

Design of Wearable Haptic Gloves: Virtual Environment Technology

Ch. Renu Madhavi, Abhinav Bijapur, Purnachandra Bhat, Sagar C Angad and Vidhyashree

Pages: 285-290

Design and Simulation of Super Lift Luo Boost Converter based Solar Inverter for Residential Application

M.J. Raghunath, S. Harshitha, T. KavyaShree, K. Karthi and R. Rajesh

Pages: 291-298

Predict Toxicity Level in Agriculture Pesticide Using K-Mean Algorithm

K.P. Abiramy, G.R. Suhashitha and V. Kanchana

Pages: 299-305

Spectral Clustering and Bounded-load Consistent Hashing for Data Placement in Heterogeneous Geo-distributed Systems

T.V. Rohini and Dr.M.V. Ramakrishna

Pages: 306-315

Design Trends and Future Perspectives for Blood Fractionation: A Review of Advance Techniques

M.S. Sabri, Noaman M. Noaman and Naseer Sabri

Pages: 316-327

An Energy Efficient Clustering and Adaptive Path Selection based Routing in Wireless Sensor Network

K. Palaniyappan and Dr.D. Suresh

Pages: 328-338

Personalized and Securede-Learning System based on Clustering

Dr.S. Suguna and V. Sundara Vadivelu

Pages: 339-350

User Classification and Optimized Recommendation System based on User Profile Generation Using Web Usage Mining

J.I. Christy Eunaicy and S. Suguna

Pages: 351-364

A Study on Customers’ Satisfaction towards Bancassurance in Specific Areas of Andhra Pradhesh

K. Pushpa Latha, Dr.V. Mallikarjuna and Dr.T. Narayana Reddy

Pages: 365-371

A Novel AdaBoost Approach for Cloud Type Classification

Naved Alam, Saloni Agarwal, Mansi Gautam, Animesh Srivasata and Rahul Nijhawan

Pages: 372-376

Trapezoidal Approximation of Neutrosophic Numbers on Transportation Problems

M. Jagadeeswari and V. Lakshmana Gomathi Nayagam

Pages: 377-394

An Empirical Approach for Analyzing Wind Energy Turbines and their Affecting Factors

Yuan Suo, Jia Guo, Peizhen Tong, Jaeim Shin and Chenshun Hong

Pages: 399-413

Analysis on Data Storage Methods in Cloud Computing

G. Monika and Dr.Y. Kalpana

Pages: 414-419

MATLAB/Simulink and CST Software based Efficiency Improved Square Patch Microstrip Antenna with PSO Algorithm

B. Gireesha and Dr. Layak Ali

Pages: 420-428

Load Balancing and Sleep Scheduling Using Data Aggregation Tree in Wireless Networks

M. Hemalatha and Dr.S. Mohanapriya

Pages: 429-438

Dynamic Slot Assignment for Multi-hop Energy Harvesting Cognitive Radio Ad Hoc Networks (MEH-CRAHN)

Dr.A. Ch. Sudhir, Dr.P. Sankara Rao and Dr.T. Vidya Vathi

Pages: 439-446

Time Series Data Classification with the Aid of Improved Support Vector Machine (ISVM)

D. Senthil and G. Suseendran

Pages: 447-455

Can Correctional Education Program in Juvenile Home Incite Infallible Mental Health to the in Mates

Dr. Rethy B Menon and Avinash R Prasad

Pages: 456-462

Will Efficacious Design Thinking Help in Appraisal of Nascent Aspirants: A Comparative Study on ATAL Tinkering Labs for Developing STEM among High School Students of Kerala and Karnataka, India

Parvathy and Dr.Rethy B Menon

Pages: 463-471

A Case Study on Effectiveness of Blended Teaching Approach for Enhancing Achievement in Physics among Dropout Students

Dr. Rethy B. Menon and B.R. Venkatesh Prasad

Pages: 472-480

Relationship between Life Style and Puberty of Girls with Reference to High School Students of Mysuru City

Dr. Rethy B Menon and Deepu

Pages: 481-487

Role of Self Help Groups in Socio-Economic Development of Women with Special Reference to Mysuru District

N. Ramya and Vidya D Avadhani

Pages: 488-497

Image Optimization:Storing and Retrieval of Images Using Evolutionary Algorithm

Sanjay Singh and Sandeep Gupta

Pages: 498-508

Stimulants and Deterrents Determining the Consumer Behaviour towards the Purchase of Protection Policies of Leading Insurance Companies in India

R. Geetha and Harshith

Pages: 509-517

An Efficient Anomaly Detection Technique based on Optimal Deep Learning in Big Data

Priyanka Dahiya

Pages: 518-524

Machine Learning: Object Recognition Web Platform

CFE Lisroset Anitya Kumar Gupta, Srishti Gupta and Vikas Pandey

Pages: 525-532

Cloud Sanctuary through Effectual Access Control and Cryptographic Model

Tanvi Agrawal, Ambuj Kumar Agrawal and S.K. Singh

Pages: 533-537

An Effective Approach to Convert Hindi Speech to Sign Language

Pooja Gupta, Dr. Shahnaj Fatima and Dr. Ambuj Agarwal

Pages: 538-543

Accuracy Enhancement of the Base Classifier Using Clustering and Ensemble Method for Breast Cancer Detection

Somil Jain and Puneet Kumar

Pages: 544-554