Volume 11, 06-Special Issue

Author Profiling: Age Prediction of Blog Authors and Identifying Blog Sentiment

Amanveer Singh Khera and Dr.R. Sivakumar

Pages: 1-7

Optimization of DC-DC Boost Converter Assimilated with PV Array with ANN

Monu Malik and Ratna Dahiya

Pages: 8-17

Adaptive Divergence Weight Firefly Algorithm (ADWFA) with Improved K-Means Algorithm and Adaptive Neuro Fuzzy Inference System (ANFIS) for Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus Prediction

M. Ashok Kumar and Dr.I. Laurence Aroquiaraj

Pages: 18-31

A Collaborated Rule-based Classifier for Malicious Node Detection in MANET

D. Shona and Dr.M. Senthil Kumar

Pages: 32-48

Implementation of Hybrid Machine Learning Approach for Intrusion Detection System

P.J. Pavan and Dr.R. Sivakumar

Pages: 49-55

Design and Development of a Duct based Forced Air Incubator to Maintain Optimum Incubation Temperature for Efficient Hatching of Chicken Eggs

C. Stanly Felix and Venkat Subramaniam

Pages: 56-61

Palmprint Authentication Using Fuzzy Vault with Discrete Wavelet Transform

V. Sujitha and Dr.D. Chitra

Pages: 62-69

A Novel Approach for Video Compression Using IWT, Improved ARS-ST and Adaptive Huffman Coding

N. Sardar Basha and A. Rajesh

Pages: 70-77

Instrument Validation to Measure Thinking Skills in a Physics Course

Silvia Espinoza-Suarez, Elisa Montoya, Sonia Castro-Cuba-Sayco, Klinge Villalba-Condori and Jari Lavonen

Pages: 78-86

A Supply Chain Inventory Model for Deteriorating Items with Variable Lead Time and Varying Demand under Shortages

Vipin Kumar Tyagi, Ruchi Goel, Manindar Singh and Sunil Kumar

Pages: 87-96

A Code based Light-weight Authentication Scheme for IoT in Fog Computing Environment

Kumar Sekhar Roy and Hemanta Kumar Kalita

Pages: 97-107

An EPQ Deteriorating Inventory Model for Seasonal Products with Volume Flexibility Under Finite Horizon

Jitendra Kumar, Anuradha Tanwar, Sunil Kumar, Amit Kumar Rana and Neha Saxena

Pages: 108-119

Social Representations on Writing the Final Research Paper of the Mining Engineering Career in Students and Teachers of a Semipresential Programme

Teresa Ramos Quispe, Klinge Orlando Villalba-Condori and Dennis Arias Chávez

Pages: 120-130

Family based Efficient Routing Protocol (FERP) for Lifetime Improvement in Heterogeneous Wireless Sensor Networks

Nandoori Srikanth and Muktyala Siva Ganga Prasad

Pages: 131-140

Enhanced Visual Attendance System by Face Recognition USING K-Nearest Neighbor Algorithm

Dr.T. Rajeshkumar, U. Samsudeen, S. Sangeetha and U. Sudha Rani

Pages: 141-147

Emotion Detection Using Facial Landmarks

B. Dwarakanath, S.K. Surya, A.R. Nandu Krishna and P. Lava Kumar

Pages: 148-155

Human Detection and Tracking

I. Juvanna, Amanda Maureen Mathias, Aman Rai and Aman Rai

Pages: 156-169

Comparing and Evaluating Machine Learning Algorithms for Predicting Customer Churn In Telecommunication Industry

A. Isabella Amali, Dr.R. Arunkumar and Dr.S. Mohan

Pages: 170-178

Hand Gesture Control Wheelchair for Disable People Using MEMS Technology

M. Anisha, N. Karthika Laxmi, B. Archana Devi and R. Ramya

Pages: 179-186

ANN Approach for Modelling and Simulation of Grid Connected Solar Photovoltaic System with Reactive Power Compensator

S. Satheesh Kumar, A. Benuel Sathish Raj, R. Mercilin and J. Blesslin Janet

Pages: 187-192

Prevention of Bedsore in Physically Disabled Patients

M. Anisha, G. Vishnuvarthanan, K. Janani, S. Mercy Golda and M. Poornima Devi

Pages: 193-199

Optimal Facts Device Integration for Security Enhancement of Power Grids Using Lion Optimization Algorithm

K. Kavitha

Pages: 200-217

Equivalent Static Analysis Considering the Accidental Case During the Launching of Precast Bridge Segments

Akash Parashar and Hariom Khungar

Pages: 218-223

Effective Use of Columns in Cantilever Retaining Walls

Anuj Gupta and P.D. Pachpor

Pages: 224-228

Seismic Strengthening of Soft Storey Structures Using Damper

Sandesh G. Jharbade and H.P. Khungar

Pages: 229-236

Ready Reckoner for Load Capacity of Moment Connection in Pre-engineered Steel Buildings

Shubham A. Mishra, Dr.S.P. Siddh and Dr.R.V. Meghrajani

Pages: 237-242

Comparative Study of LG Sand RC Framed Building Under Severe Seismic Zone

Vinay G. Popli, Varsha R. Harne, Palak S. Agrawal and Parag Belsare

Pages: 243-248

An Optimal Histogram based Recommendation System for Fashion Retail E-commerce

R.P. Jaia Priyankka, Dr.S. Arivalagan and Dr.R. Madhan Mohan

Pages: 249-259

Deterministic Code Allocation with Relative Indexing Sequence Technique for Data Compression in Wireless Sensor Networks

H. Anwer Basha, Dr.S. Arivalagan and Dr.R. Aunkumar

Pages: 260-270

Constructing PV Array and Power Calculation Using ANFIS Controller based MTPP

Madhavi Dasari and Dr.V.S. Bharath

Pages: 271-280