Volume 11, Issue 5

On Cordial Labeling of Double Duplication of Rhombic Grid Graph

F. Remigius Perpetua Mary and L. Shobana

Pages: 1-6

An Approach for Facial Emotion Recognition Using Heuristic and Component Analysis

Maruthi Rohit Ayyagari and Gulshan Kumar

Pages: 7-14

A Smart Cloud Storage Management Using Semantic Correlation Analysis based on Conceptual Semantic Relational Distributed Clustering (CSRDC)

K. Thamizhchelvi and Dr.Y. Kalpana

Pages: 15-24

Optimal Volume Design of Small Scale PMSG Using Multi-population Particle Swarm Optimization

N.A. Prashanth and Dr.P. Sujatha

Pages: 25-32

Convex Coverage Support Vector Machine (CCSVM) Classifier and Distributed 3-D Localization in Wireless Sensor Networks (WSNs)

A. Nithya and Dr.A. Kavitha

Pages: 33-43

Housing Affordability Design Policies in Malaysia and Jordan: Environmental, Functional, Social, Political, and Economic Challenges

Mais Radhi Al-Ruwaishedi, Dr. Azimin Samsul Mohd. Tazilan and Dr. Kamarul Afizi Kosman

Pages: 44-54

An Efficient Intrusion Detection and Authentication Mechanism for Detecting Clone Attack in Wireless Sensor Networks

P. Sherubha and N. Mohanasundaram

Pages: 55-68

Over Head Transmission Line Stability Analysis by Travelling Wave based Detection in Bipolar 500 KV HVDC System

K.N. Chandra Bose and S. Poorani

Pages: 69-79

An Effectual Gradient-boosting Scheme with Reliable Cluster-based Data Transmission for Vehicular Ad Hoc Networks

S.P. Sasirekha and N. Mohana Sundaram

Pages: 80-95

A Cost-Deadline based Task Scheduling Algorithm in IaaS Cloud Computing Environment

R. Barani and S. Suguna

Pages: 96-101

A Comparative Analysis of Diverse Price Prediction Models in Context of Cloud Computing

R. Anitha and Dr.C. Vidyaraj

Pages: 102-110

An Empirical Study on Best HR Practices in Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises in Bangalore

Priya Vaz, Dr.N. Dinesh and Dr.M. Rajkumar

Pages: 111-117

A Study of Stress Impact on Physical Health of Bank Employees

Dr. Kamjula Neelima and Prof. M. Ravindar Reddy

Pages: 118-121

Innovative FinTech Business Models the Role of Financial Institutions

Dr.G. Rathnakar and Dr.G. Surendar

Pages: 122-125

Competency Mapping of Management Students - A Study in Telangana Sate

Prof. Ch. Rajesham and Dr.Ch. Srikanth Verma

Pages: 126-133

Satisfaction of Teachers in job front of Higher Education: A Reality Check in Private Institutions of Bengaluru

V.R. Srinidhi, Dr.K. Manjunatha, Dr.Y.V. Sheshadri and Prof. A.S. Chandramouli

Pages: 134-140

The Strategic Implications of Worksite Wellness Programs: A Review

A. Sai Manideep, D. Yedukondalu and Dr.M. Siva Koti Reddy Reddy

Pages: 141-144

Tribological Analysis on Mathematical Models and Experimental Values for Nano Lubricants

Suresh Babu Koppula and Dr.N.V.V.S. Sudheer

Pages: 145-152

A Survey on Financial Sustainable Globalization in the Indian Perspective

Dr.K. Phani Kumar and Harika Putta

Pages: 153-157

Experimental Investigations to Study the Corona Generated Ionic Current Environment of HVDC and HVAC Transmission Lines

M. Raja Nayak, I. Rahul and T. Santhosh Kumar

Pages: 158-165

Potent of Sales-Persons, Impact on the Channel of Distribution in Lighting Industry in Bangalore

T.K. Sateesh Kumar and Dr.S. Guru Basava Aradhya

Pages: 166-172

Electrical Energy Generation Using Magnetor

M. Raja Nayak, P. Praveen, P. Sai Teja, K. Kishore and J. Sushma

Pages: 173-176

Perception of Indian Investor towards Investment in Mutual Funds with Special Reference to MIP Funds

Thoufiqulla and Dr.D. Venkatrama Raju

Pages: 177-183

Power Signal based Multiple-Access Schemes for 5G and Beyond- Survey and its Challenges

K. Murali and Dr.S. Siva Perumal

Pages: 184-191

Damping of Inter Harmonic Oscillations Using Self Tuning Controller for FACTS Devices

M. Dilip Kumar and P. Sujatha

Pages: 192-198

Experimental Investigations on Fresh Properties of Binary and Ternary Blended Self Compacting Concrete

B.H. Abdul Razak and Dr.D.L. Venkatesh Babu

Pages: 199-205

Nitrophenyl Hydrazine Derivatives (Formation, Characterization, Physical and Polarized Optical Behavior)

Hayder Ghanim Chfat, Noorhan Ali Hamza, Nour Alhuda Abdul Abbas Bahar and Dr. Nagham Mahmood Aljamali

Pages: 206-213

Solvability and Transcritical Bifurcation of Three-Dimensional Harvesting Differential-Algebraic Prey-Predator Model with Lotka-Volterra Functional Response

Radhi Ali Zaboon and Mohammed Kadhim Mohsin Almamoori

Pages: 214-226

Sentiment Analysis on Video Using 3D-CNN and Bidirectional LSTM

Sujay Angadi and R. Venkata Siva Reddy

Pages: 227-240

Accurate Fuzzy Anomalous Rule Identification Using Classification Algorithms

S. Senthil Kumar and Dr.S. Mythili

Pages: 241-262